Vanessa Hudgens Returns To Pilates After Girl's Weekend in Miami

Vanessa Hudgens Returns To Pilates After Girl's Weekend in Miami

Vanessa Hudgens lets her braids loose after a pilates class on Tuesday morning (May 20) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress just returned from a weekend in Miami, Fla., where she was seen celebrating Ashley Tisdale‘s last days as a single lady.

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“Yacht life selfie #nofilter #bluewaters,” Vanessa captioned with one last pic from the bachelorette bash, where she enjoyed the sunny weather with Shelley Buckner and Kim Hidalgo.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Reef flip flops.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens heading to pilates…

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  • xx

    shes really fit and healthy (i heard that shes vegan?) but i honestly preferred her with extra weight. it sounds weird but despite her feeling down at the time, she had an awesome figure to me – like the perfect hips, ass and boobs ratio which i strive for. now shes lost it :(

  • tina

    With weight my opinion is what you as a person are happy with I’d what’s best for you. She was tiny before the weight gain for GS and the comments were horrific before she lost the weight. What matters most is hoe she feels comfortable.

  • tina

    Sorry should be is best for you. Stupid auto correct.

  • xx

    @tina: those comments were horrible i think she looked fab. there was a sense of self awareness and inner-understanding that she gained which is more important than weight gain but of course this is the society we live in. celebrities weights is highly valued. she still looks great now tho i just hope she will just maintain her health (and i say this only cuz i noticed a bit of a bony gap between her boobs that she never had before)

  • tina

    I don’t see it but if you say so. Like I said she’s not overly thin to me. People still complain she doesn’t have a “thigh gap” which I think is ridiculous. If she had started with the weight she had when she did the movie and went through drastic measures to lose it maybe I could agree with you but all she did was go back to her former weight the healthy way. No quick lost either it took well over six months.

  • xx
    i dunno you can kinda see it here but maybe its because she got small boobs? (i mean that in the nicest of ways lol)
    thigh gaps are dumb, its just physically and mentally not right to think that a gap, between your thighs, will make u attractive and solve all life problems.

  • tina

    Sorry but no. She looks healthy. You are looking for something that’s not there. When she gets to the point where you can count her ribs get back with me.

  • xx

    @tina: chill a lil bit. i wasnt “searching” for it like with a magnifying glass or some sh*t. i say this as a person that has dealt with anorexia and a friends who have as well. its not like im trying to put her down.

  • Nostradamus

    I predict she will not do well.

    Her catty tricks and selfishness will play out. When on vacation if she was behind the girls next photo she had sprinted in front, making it appear as if she was the one the photographers where there for. It is obvious that she NEEDS attention and the most.

    I don’t see kids coming fast because of her need for the most attention in the room. If they do come she will use them as pawns to get attention for herself.
    Interesting, though, that she states that she filmed Gimme Shelter as she was going through a bad break up. Which if true would mean she hasn’t worked in years. So why do the photographers come when she calls? Maybe a girl like this dangles a carrot?

  • Haters Suck!

    Amazing how someone behind a computer who has never met Vanessa in their life knows more about Vanessa then her closest friends and family do. How all the people she’s worked with from directors and co stars say she’s a very sweet, kind, hard working person. But what do they know they’ve only spent large amounts of time with her. Your the expert.

  • kelly martineau

    She allways does that with her lips in pitchures and the red carpet. Austin should knock her up and get her pregant so she have something to do. She’s not even looking for work. Pretty soon she’ll be a nobody in hollywood.

  • muse

    @kelly martineau: Once again your comment is ridiculous. If your idea of work ethic is someone who has to spend every waking moment working, then I pity you.
    Yes, she hasn’t done much lately and I honestly think she doesn’t have to JUST to satisfy your sick need to put her down, but I highly doubt you’re one to talk about not working and wasting time when you come here with the intention of being rude and negative about someone you obviously don’t like. How much work do you get done if you have the free time to come here and be a b*tch? Grow up.
    She has projects for the future and who cares if she’s not working and she’s living her life the way she wants, hanging with friends and family and staying healthy and fit?! God forbid she live her life. You’re ignorant and flat out path*tic if you think what you write is relevant.

  • Nostradamus

    I predict …when her sister finds a man or job there will be no posts under Vanessa Hudgens.

    The comments r too teenybopper like n angry to b from anyone else.

  • tina

    @xx: Sorry about your struggles. I see her eating healthy and working out. Not too long ago people were making comments about her eating saying things like “she’s always putting something in her mouth” She enjoys eating so she knows to balance that out she has to workout. Something she has said in her interviews.