Bella Thorne Teases 'Call It Whatever' Video - Watch Now!

Bella Thorne Teases 'Call It Whatever' Video - Watch Now!

Bella Thorne gave her fans a fresh new look at her upcoming music video for “Call It Whatever”.

The 16-year-old actress/singer posted the first look at the vid on Instagram, writing with it, “New #CallItWhatever teaser!! Video premiere 5.29! :) <3"

Bella also spoke with Billboard about the track, saying, “‘Call It Whatever’ is my youngest-sounding song. This song is definitely for my younger audience. I don’t want to eliminate them, but my album is geared a little bit older. I have some more indie type of songs, some hip-hop, some with an 80s feel, and I have dance music on there.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Bella’s video?

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  • lindsay

    looks like cher loyd’s “want you back” video and bella thorne can’t sing. I’m sorry- she’s talented as a dancer, but not all disney stars need to sing and act…

  • Brooke

    What a joke!!!!

    Get in line behind Selena, Zendaya, Stefanie Scott, Olivia Holt, and Dove Cameron.

  • Linda


    It seems the Disney girls are in need of a reality check

  • Kim


    U forgot to mention laura marano

  • diane

    Looks great! Love it

  • http://Brianamorris13 Briana

    I actually think its pretty good, and its more than any of you are doing. They have the talent and worked for where they are, not a lot of us can say that. So you guys say the girls need a reality check, how about you get a reality check and realize that if you think its easy doing what they do, where they are, and considering how old they are. It’s not, they get enough stress as it is. I’m an actor and singer too and I know the stresses of what they go through on a smaller level. So step off. If you don’t like them, fine, but find another place to put all that ugly hate. Give them a break, they didn’t do anything to you.

  • mjs

    Lindsay : it looks like cher lloyd’s whant u back video cauz it was shot at the same place, the pink motel

  • mjs

    briana : ok she’s working a lot, but the music isn’t fantastic, you can notice that when u have a little music knowledge. So yes she’s working hard, but she should be working only as an actress

  • http://Brianamorris13 Briana

    @mjs: I never said her music was fantastic i said it was good. I have quite a lot of music knowledge thank you very much.

  • Thai

    You know she is trying hard to be what she really wants to be and you should know that well .

  • justin

    if it makes u feel any better she said in her interview that this is the youngest sounding song and that there is a ballad and more hip hop on the album. she looks cute here. let’s hold off judgement til we see more.

  • Brenda

    Not sure what the fuss is all about, in a few years she’ll be a nobody just like all the others


    I want to be on a Disney Channel so I can be a singer too. If she can, anyone can

  • Sarah


    FYI, any real musician knows this is kids stuff, not real music.

  • dinah

    @Brenda: i don’t agree. she has way too many movies coming out and getting really great reviews in her film work. will she continue in music? maybe not but her films go through 2016. she’s building quite the resume. i am not sure there is another “disney” star that worked on at least 7 films in the past year.

  • fatima

    @Brenda: Curious about her reach and potential? Check out the stats on the twitter and FB interactions. I never see it that high.

  • Linda


    There’s a big difference btwn having natural talent and having to work hard to achieve something that’s higher than you. It’s very annoying when you see Disney girls trying to sing when it’s obvious they just want to stick to status quo. If you really want to see who is a going to be a successful musician, watch who sings the national anthem. Only a good singer good hot the high notes.

    Note: Selena Gomez has never been asked to sing the national anthem bc she could never hit the high notes

  • Tzipporah

    Maybe she can’t sing but she sure is pretty! But I did notice that mostly all Disney females sing too. The true ones are Laura Morano, Selena, Miley (even if she is crazy) and Demi oh and Dove Cameron. But she can dance and act and she is pretty. A lot of girls look up to her. Hating on her is just going to make her stronger. You guys are wasting your time. Are you jealous or something just let her be. Thanks Briana

  • Kyra


    Jealous, plzzzz

  • Reyna


    What does that have to do with her singing??????

  • Rosalie

    blehhh. Sorry but this song sucks.

  • Althea Lecompte

    Bella Looks Gorgeous and beautiful in the New Look in the Video.

  • biker mike

    and she just is not that good looking, she needs a nose job bad, notice they avoid profile shots of her,