Adam Levine Signs The Voice's Christina Grimmie To Own Label - See Her Thank You Message

Adam Levine Signs The Voice's Christina Grimmie To Own Label - See Her Thank You Message

Christina Grimmie may have not won The Voice, but either way, the fans are still getting an album — thanks to her Voice coach Adam Levine.

The 20-year-old singer, who placed third overall during season six, was at ease when the winner (Josh Kaufman) was announced all because of Adam‘s tweet: “Id like to congratulate @TheRealGrimmie on winning a record deal. Either as the winner of the Voice, or with me on my label!”

“It actually took off a lot of pressure, but at the same time when I was up on the stage at the end of the night, I just had this unusual calm about me,” Christina told Parade afterwards. “I wasn’t nervous. I was just thinking, whatever happens is supposed to happen, and it’s all good from here on out.”

Christina added on her Facebook later on, “THANK YOU ADAM LEVIINNNEEE!!!!! For wanting to sign me to yur label….bc after 5 years on YouTube, not a single label out there would sign me. And he has known me for only a couple months n wud you look at that. Adam BELIEVES in me, as did my Team Grimmie all these years. Also UHMM thank yu to my managers BRIAN AND MANDYYY who believed in me for 4 years now, SERIOUSLY GUYS WE HAVE ARRIVED!!! It’s music makin time!!!!! This moment. RIGHT NOW..IS THWJEKALWOJEBRJELAKAHDJAKAJDHKAKDJDKAKA THANK YU JESUS!!!!!!!! SO BLESSED TONIGHT!!!!!”

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  • Suspect

    So a few labels wouldn’t sign her? It takes time. Adam probably wouldn’t have signed her if she never did The Voice either, but he knows now that it will take little effort and next to no money to market her because of The Voice exposure. Christina had SO MANY opportunities though, half of the stuff she has done already would make 90% of the contestants on the show this season feel like a star. Her resume of appearances and work out-ranks many people on The Voice over the years. Finding a label doesn’t make you succeed…look at Macklemore. Eh, in the end, this doesn’t affect me because I’ll never buy her music but I do wonder, since Adam ‘believes in her’ and she lost, if he will sign Delvin, Kat, and the rest of his top 5 team mates …he believed in them too…and they lost too. They could all “go all the way” in his eyes. What about James from last year? Is Adam going to have a whole losing team of “amazing” singers that he “believes in 100%” from all 6 seasons…or just Christina? She’s ok in a Carley Rae Jepsen way, but not the best singer who’s been on his team, so what gives Adam? It just proves that he researched her while she was on his team and knows she already had a strong following and really didn’t “need” to win the show, but she’ll still make him money.

  • Nicole so

    @Suspect: i agree, Adam always picks favourites and its rude to his other contestants, like i felt so bad for kat and for will on season 5. Signing christina implies that he only believes in her to be successful.i hate it.

  • carmelle simone

    She might have won if she didn’t have an attitude and could really sing…just sayin’

  • LOL

    Her past album sucked, like her covers are generally not bad, but her original songs are so boring and generic i rather listen to Selena Gomez even though she’s a fake singer

  • Suspect

    @Nicole so: I think he puts all of his eggs in one basket and that’s why a lot of them fail. He put the most focus on Tessanne and James, more on James, but when he found out that America didn’t flock to him like he did then he pushed Tessanne while ignoring the rest. He does that a lot and this year, even though Delvin has an INCREDIBLE voice for a guy who is an amateur (Kat is amazing too, but she’s also had fame training and exposure), he put all attention on Kat and Christina. But when America got rid of Kat and bursted his bubble, he acted as if he’s been Team Christina the whole time. Sometimes I feel like he makes the show all about him and not about genuinely helping his team. Look at how quickly he tossed Josh out…and look who won. Usher coaches, he doesn’t toot their horn with “I can hear you on the radio tomorrow”. Usher also has his team sing songs that work with their voice, not just songs he thinks America will download or his own favorite songs. IDK. I guess I always feel like it’s more important to Adam to win then to actually see his team succeed individually.

  • guest

    Buy a Grimmie album? Not a chance. Heard more than enough of her on The Voice.

  • gUEST

    Listen, its not even that big of a deal, You guys are over reacting. She got a record deal, stop hating and be happy for her. Just because Adam signed her doesn’t mean he didn’t/doesn’t believe in Delvin, or Kat, or anyone else that he has had on his team. She got the record deal and there is nothing WE can do about it. I’m happy for her. If you aren’t move on from it because I guarantee that being hateful gets you no where in life. In the end Grimmie has a chance and she is going to take it.

  • Suspect

    @gUEST: People can expression dislike, confusion, irritation, etc. without expressing “hate”. NO ONE who commented before you, myself included, expressed HATE towards Christina. Comments are a place to leave your thoughts and that’s all we did …and in ways in which we didn’t HATE on Christina. That’s such a powerful word, so if you’re going to use it then use it when it’s justified. I know there’s nothing I can do about it, I was just expressing thoughts because maybe just maybe someone will stumble across these posts connected to Adam and maybe just maybe he might consider signing the others. You never know. The power of the internet and social media has achieved a lot. She’d be stupid not to take that chance, I agree, but she can be appreciative without being fake humble. But, anyway, there’s no hate here so don’t go there.

  • Tess

    I’m really happy for her! :D

  • Michele

    I don’t know why people can’t just be happy for Christina. Adam getting slammed for not believing in all his contested is ridiculous. He did and he always stated he did. It was the people voting who didn’t because they all got voted off. Do people forget Kat who was in the bottom three and was saved twice by the twitter votes. As for Delvin someone said Adam threw away Josh but I saw an interview and Adam stated he stands by his decision that when Josh battled Delvin that he felt Delvin won that battle but things changed and Delvin did not go on to win the voice but he was happy for Josh and thought he was a great singer and a good person. So I find it funny people slamming Adam when all I hear coming out of his mouth is supportive and kind words but a lot of what I read from people are mean unkind and so negative towards two people you all THINK you know and have NEVER done a dam thing to you personally. Please grow up and get a life.

  • mila

    People saying that she can’t sing is ridiculous. Did you really whatch the voice? I didn’t know her work before. First time I saw her was on the voice and I was blown away with her voice. She was THE voice. One of the best that was ever on the show. Real voice with low and high that could fit with any song. And she never had an attittude. She was always nice and humble. I’m a fan of her voice now. Don’t know if I’m gonna like her own material. I’ll have to wait and see. Hope is not too teen.

  • Marisa

    Christina Grimmie is good people and has an amazing voice theres good singers and theres great and in my eyes shes a great singer. Keep in mind on blind auditions those 4 chairs instantly turned around, not only did Adam see that shes going to be a successful artist so did the other judges. Im proud of her and all the hard work shes done, she never stoped believing in herself. Its your time to shine and so deserve it!

  • KarenK

    @Michele: Saying something is less effective than actions. He took action with Grimmie, not with the others. That shows that he thinks she’s the only viable one from his team. Grimmie is good at covers because less face it, her covers are some of the most popular songs around, but on her own with her own songs, she’s not all that. She’s been signed before and not much came of it or she wouldn’t have been on The Voice.

  • Meg

    @KarenK: Totally agree with you, but the rest of these people are part of her fanbase so they will stick up for her regardless even if they’re wrong. Actions definitely speak louder than words and all Adam spews in nonsense because he’s often talking about how much he wants to beat Blake. He often makes a comment saying that he doesn’t want to say a contestant on an opposing team is good because he doesn’t want them to win. Adam and Blake, but mostly Adam, say stuff in variations of that in nearly every episode. Usher, Shakira, Cee-Lo and Christina do not. Even Blake said it less this season. Adam only cares about Adam.

  • Meg

    @KarenK: Labels didn’t sign her before because she’s not that good. She has a mediocre shower singing voice and nearly every single person on this season could out-sing her if given songs that America would download (and if they had a previous fanbase to vote like Grimmie did before she auditioned). Grimmie is literally a dime a dozen with every other poptart on the radio. I mean Sisaundra had stronger vocals than even the coaches and America voted her off because no one wants to download a Tina Turner song, but they’ll download Drake. Young America is like that. If you took away the voting process, Christina would have been kicked off much earlier in the season.

  • a

    Christina screechs and screams her songs. lol she’s not all that. & there was a reason that a label didn’t want to sign her… SHE’S NOT A STAR. whatever next album she produces is gonna flop just like her other ones. her original songs suck a**

  • Karoliny

    You all would like to scream like her…. Just saying ;)

  • liz

    i think she has technical talent, but the tone of her voice isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. there was nothing distinctive or unique about her style as a vocalist. i didn’t really get a sense of who she is/could be despite watching her for weeks on the Voice.

  • Michele

    @KarenK: So he is suppose to sign everyone on his team to his label ? I believe like all the other coaches their only obligation is to help their team during the show but I know that they sometimes help beyond the show which Adam is doing with Christina and he did with another player. It is in the end a singing contest and there can be only one winner. I get you and others might not like Christina’s voice so it is your right not to buy her music but I just don’t understand all the anger towards her or Adam.

  • Michele

    @Meg: the word fan usually means you like that person so of course her fan base will stick up for her, their opinion is just different then yours. As far as Adam being only about Adam well if that was the case I guess he wouldn’t have signed Christina or Tony to his label. And I don’t know what show you were watching but Adam over and over again praised Josh and Jake whom were both competing against Christina.

  • OMG

    Christina really deserved it, she worked really hard to be where she is right now.
    Its just obvious if she didnt have talent, she wouldnt gotten 3rd place in the voice
    And wouldnt gotten that far. So haters like @Liz, @Karoliny, @a, @meg, more. STOP HATING! Even if your giving your opinion, dont make people FAIL. All Christina wants to do is make her dream come true. Imagine if you had the same circumstance and other people start posting bad comments about you like “She just won because of her fan base, not because of her talent” “She screams instead of singing” Just STOP! This is considered cyberbullying! JUST STOP!

  • justsayin

    Grimmie has a voice much like Beyonce, Adam was right to sign her she deserves success and has brilliant vision as an artist and performer. I feel bad for her and Adam if they are reading these comments. These are real people you are saying suck. They have feelings too. I’m betting if you were standing in front of them you’d all be nothing but praise.

  • scottr

    Random thought. Maybe part of the reason Christina lost was due to Adam’s pushing her to those two bad song choices to where she needed to be saved. I think he knew that which is why he offered the contract. When she made the choices, she rocked in the top 10 on itunes.

  • Joanie

    I’ll be the 1st one in line to buy her album when it arrives. Don’t know what’s up with all these jealous haters….pay no attention. She has a ton of talent, and also seems like a real sweetheart, Her parents must be unbelievably proud of her. The only thing more fun than watching her sing was watching her parents beaming in the audience. Sadly, maybe none of you have as yet done anything even close to what she’s accomplished. So stop spewing negativity and get busy!

  • Maria

    I have no idea what some of you are on, but this girl has an awesome voice..Did some of you hear her sing the Drake song…She song it the best I have ever heard..She is a good soul singer…She’ll definitely sell records..Just keep your eyes and ears open..She’s going to be the next Baby Mariah…Christina, if you are reading any of these negative comments, just ignore them..Adam Levine isn’t in the habit of signing someone who can’t sing..You go Christina…I have already downloaded your songs from the Voice..

  • WTF96

    Are you guys for real??? Josh, &Christina, are the only reasons why we watched the voice this season. Since the blind auditions those 2 rocked. Christina was awesome in the blind auditions. I knew nothing of her before the voice and if I know nothing else, that’s enough. The girl can sing! She never came out with an attitude like some ppl on here say or a “fake humble attitude”. Seriously, where did u guys get that from? (Pls enlighten us). Adam on the other hand will never win with you ppl. He signed her so ppl talk crap… If he didn’t sign her, ppl would still talk crap. Smdh!! He did a great thing for a talented person and I for one am very happy that he did. Buy her album? No doubt!! Should Adam sign delvin, Kat or anyone else that has been on his team? Well, when the ppl complaining give him $$ to play around with then why the heck not… But since the complainers dnt have $ invested in it they should all ctfd!!! Oh, before I get “corrected” about the things I’m saying just remember…one of you stated that we are commenting with our opinions.
    Adam n Christina, Good luck!!! There ARE ppl who are tone deaf and want to see you guys fail!! TEAM GRIMMIE

  • Nathan

    She is a great singer and has had a lot of experience of singing.Dont hate her since she got a record deal.All the fans love her and that’s what matters.Adam picked her because he knows she can make it because of the incredible talent she has.She is a unique singer with her own voice,unlike other pop sensations.she has worked hard over the past few years.What if you worked hard over the past years and people say u sucked.Actually she is pretty awesome ,and I think all her fans agree with me.So grow up and face the fact that she is good

  • xoxomanilyn

    you guys are just do pathetic!… grimmie already signed island records!.. and i know she’s gonna rock the music industry!.. she doesn’t even care all of you who hated her!.. because she knows that she has a lot of frands who always there for her, support her, and love her and also christina has faith in god!.. just so you know!! :P