Emma Watson Rocks a Cap & Gown for Adorable Pre-Graduation Picture!

Emma Watson Rocks a Cap & Gown for Adorable Pre-Graduation Picture!

Emma Watson is all set to graduate from Brown University today in a picture she posted on her Twitter on Sunday afternoon (May 25).

The 24-year-old actress was all dressed up in her cap and gown ready to walk across the stage and accept her degree in English Literature. Congrats, Emma!

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Earlier that same week, Emma kept it chic in cropped jeans while heading to breakfast with her boyfriend Matthew Janney in New York City’s Upper East Side.

Recently, Emma made her way out of JFK Airport while talking on her cell phone.

Bigger photo inside…

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  • Danielle

    Congrats! She looks lovely as usual!

  • BiBuckbeak


  • gabby

    Congrats Emma U ROCK!!!!

  • Mel_M

    Congrats Emma! I think the lit degree will be useful in understanding what makes great drama. Should be helpful in decisions about roles and maybe, someday, even directing.

  • Stephanie walker

    Congratulations Emma. You look stunning and I wish you all the best in your future. Now you’ve got a degree you should write a book, I would be the first to purchase it.

  • Zingo

    Dear Emma,

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  • Emms

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  • Emms

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