Jedward Answers Fan Questions in JJJ Exclusive Q&A - Find Out if They Answered Your Question Here!

Jedward Answers Fan Questions in JJJ Exclusive Q&A - Find Out if They Answered Your Question Here!

This past week, Jedward took over JJJ‘s social media for the day and they made a video to answer all the questions you asked them on Twitter!

In the video, the twin singers revealed what you can expect from their new album, their biggest accomplishments, and which country they’re dying to tour in.

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“We’re really excited about it, we’re really excited about getting out there,” John Grimes said about their fourth album.

Edward added on, “They’re all written by us so it comes from the heart.”

Check out the full video below for more questions and answers!

Jedward Answers JJJ Fan Questions! (Exclusive)
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