Win FREE Passes To See Little Mix on The Today Show!

Win FREE Passes To See Little Mix on The Today Show!

Exciting News Mixers!

Little Mix are coming state side for a performance on The Today Show on Tuesday, June 17 in New York City, and JJJ has just scored two FREE passes for our readers!

The ladies — Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, Jade Thirlwall, and Perrie Edwards — will be at Rockefeller Center for the Toyota Concert Series ahead of their upcoming North American tour, which kicks off later this fall.

And JJJ has TWO passes — that means ONE for you and ONE for a friend!

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Gina @ 10:21 pm on 06/05/2014

Ha, they have to give away tickets to get people to come see them. How sad. I bet they still won’t be able to get a full crowd. One Direction never had this problem.

Sam @ 11:32 pm on 06/05/2014

@Gina You should get your facts straight. They have played to sold out arenas and you should listen to radios they sell One Directions tickets on there too. Every artist does that and there are millions of people who would love to see Little Mix.

Itzel Navarro @ 10:58 am on 06/06/2014

Little Mix is the best girl band since the Spice Girls

Gina @ 11:16 am on 06/06/2014

@Sam: Ha, I do have my facts straight honey. They may have sold out small little venues, definitely not massive arena’s & they NEVER will. They use thier connection to One Direction to get promotion and fans & it still doesn’t work. They are more known in the UK than in the US but even the UK doesn’t fully support them, If they just stood on thier own two feet instead of piggybacking on One Direction’s success (via Perrie’s FAKE relationship with Zayn) maybe then would they be able to make a name for themselves. The next Spice Girls they are NOT.

Sam @ 11:46 am on 06/06/2014

@Gina I’m not sure what world your living in because you don’t have your facts straight. I will agree with you that they are not the next Spice Girls because they are LITTLE MIX not anybody else. By the way Little Mix do stand on their own two feet because guess who won the UK X Factor Little Mix not Little Mix AND One Direction. Fans of Little Mix are called mixers NOT directioners granted there are fans of both of them. People don’t just go buy Little Mix albums because of one of them being engaged to a member of One Direction. People like Little Mix for Little Mix not just Little Mix and Zayn. So, honey I’d advise you to walk away because you never had to comment on this if you didn’t like Little Mix.

dee @ 2:03 pm on 06/06/2014

@Gina: “(via Perrie’s FAKE relationship with Zayn) ” lmao he has her tattooed on his arm. they are engaged. please build a bridge and get over it.

jared @ 2:34 pm on 06/06/2014

@Sam: guess who helped them win x factor, here’s a hint his name starts with zayn and it ends with malik and guess who voted oh yeah directioners

Sam @ 4:38 pm on 06/06/2014

@jared Yeah because they were in a relationship the whole entire season. If everybody likes One Direction so much though that they helped Little Mix win (which they didn’t) how come they didn’t win?

jared @ 5:36 pm on 06/06/2014

@Sam: because they gained a whole lot of fans AFTER xfactor……..

Sam @ 5:45 pm on 06/06/2014

@jared which also happened to Little Mix.

jared @ 5:45 pm on 06/06/2014

@Sam: Jennifer Hudson is huge yet she didn’t win american idol

jared @ 5:45 pm on 06/06/2014

@Sam: of that was the case they wouldn’t be flopping now would they?

Sam @ 5:46 pm on 06/06/2014

@jared But if she was in a relationship with a big name people would always think it’s because of that relationship

Sam @ 5:47 pm on 06/06/2014

@jared who’s flopping

jared @ 5:54 pm on 06/06/2014

@Sam: your girls are, GRL are more successful then them and they just started

Sam @ 5:59 pm on 06/06/2014

@jared I wonder why I’ve never heard of them until they do a collaboration with Pitbull

Gina @ 7:46 pm on 06/06/2014

@Sam: I’m not gonna walk away from anything, honey. The only reason Little MIx won xfactor is because One Direction was forced to promote the hell out of them; there are youtube videos and old tweets to prove it. One Direction fans will do just about anything the boys ask them. Looks like you still don’t have your facts straight, honey. Everytime Zayn is asked about his supposed engagement he looks depressed and unenthusiastic.

Gina @ 7:48 pm on 06/06/2014

@dee: Honey, get over yourself. And regarding the tattoo, gimme a break. That tattoo barely looks like her, we all know Zayn likes to draw & loves comic books, he could have easily created this random character to tattoo on his arm and everyone is determined to say it was Perrie.

Sam @ 10:16 pm on 06/06/2014

@Gina Your right I became a mixer because of One Direction. I bought their album since Zayn from One Direction promoted it. I voted for Little Mix because of One Direction. I did it all because the boys asked and they did it. Ha. Seriously are you kidding me you can’t use One Direction as an excuse for your whole life. Last time I checked you have free will nobody can make you do anything. I did all of that because I love LITTLE MIX NOT for One Direction. Your living in a different world if you still think you got your facts straight. By the way get over Perrie and Zayn’s relationship it’s not fake.

Anyax @ 7:07 am on 06/07/2014

who the hell cares about one direction? This is about little mix, a girl group who literally brought back girl groups in this decade. Name one girl group that’s had as much success as little mix world wide since destiny’s child….you can’t. “one direction” have told people to vote for many different acts every year, they tell people to buy so many different peoples albums and singles. Yet whenever Zayn chooses to be like hey buy my fiancées album bc it’s good everyone flips ****. When little mix says to buy the 1D album no one cares. Girl groups are so much harder to break a country with because society prides superficial traits. Little Mix have done what no group had done in over a decade. They just recently played a show to a sold out 02 crowd. Not all artists have it easy. They can’t just release a single and hve America fall in love with it. They’re gonna work hard and make I great music and they’re gonna show off their vocal skills until they do have a viral hit. Don’t bash on an artist for working hard. Most artists work for years to acheive the fame Little Mix have.

Gina @ 11:04 am on 06/07/2014

@Sam: Listen you silly silly child, you need to get over yourself. I’m not saying that Little MIx has no talent because they do, which is why Perrie needs to stop mentioning Zayn in every interview in order to get attention. Little Mix owes much of thier fame to One Direction. There are many talented musicians out there who are just as talented & even more talented than Little Mix but they don’t get the same attention because none of them is “dating” a member of one of the biggest bands in the world right now. Stop living in a fantasy world and acknowledge the facts. Oh, and trust me, I am over Perrie and Zayn’s ‘relationship’ because I never gave a damn about that lie in the first place. Everytime Little MIx has a song to promote or tickets to sell, Zayn pops up in order to generate attention for the band. Open your eyes & see the patterns.

Sam @ 2:23 pm on 06/07/2014

@Gina I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but every time an interviewer brings up something about Zayn they all get annoyed. None of them try to bring up Zayn in the interviews. Mixers including me are just getting tired of every interview having to be about their wedding. We care about that, but not every time because we want to hear about Little Mix.

Gina @ 10:22 pm on 06/07/2014

@Sam: Little Mix’s management team has the power to tell the interviewer what questions they are allowed to ask beforehand, the very fact that they allow this question to be asked implies that they want to remind everyone that Little Mix is connected to One Direction. Perrie seems thrilled to talk about Zayn and the supposed wedding everytime she is asked. The other girls should be annoyed because this is giving Perrie extra attention & people are starting to think that she is the lead singer which she is not. Its not fair to the other girls, I feels sorry for them.

Nailea escobar @ 11:01 pm on 06/09/2014

Little mix is just amazing and are the best. Their voices are amazing they sound like angels and me and my best friend really want to meet them

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