Zac Efron Sure Knows How to Mend Our Hearts!

Zac Efron Sure Knows How to Mend Our Hearts!

Zac Efron looks like a hip surfer in his board shirts and paradise tee while stopping by the Children Mending Hearts Fundraiser on Saturday afternoon (June 14) at a private residence in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 26-year-old actor joined his BFF Ryan Rottman for the “Empathy Rocks: A Spring Into Summer Bash” event.

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Zac sent his dad David a super sweet message via Twitter the next day for Father’s Day.

“To the best man I’ve ever known, Thank you for everything you’ve taught me. Your Son, Z,” he tweeted for all his followers to see.

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lauren901 @ 11:04 am on 06/16/2014

i dont know about bff’s jared,
but ok

First @ 11:05 am on 06/16/2014

Relapse in 3….2….

Lorraine @ 11:06 am on 06/16/2014

Oh yeah BFF. In other news, Jared that title is lame. Stop letting interns handle this things or at least those that are biased because this looks so bad, and so shallow

marie @ 11:08 am on 06/16/2014

I don’t know why people are mad because Zac hangs with Ryan sometimes, also I don’t think they are BFF.

I personally think that the toxic friends that he means in the past was Mohammed Al Turki and some others. I don’t really think he was talking about the all “ninjas” maybe he cut part of them but maybe he is still friend with Ryan and not with the rest.

katty @ 11:09 am on 06/16/2014

@marie: I agree with you. I wish Robert Pattz stop hanging with Mohammed too.

lauren901 @ 11:10 am on 06/16/2014

clearly you dont know how recovery works. but ok. good luck to you.

lauren901 @ 11:11 am on 06/16/2014

i agree with you to a point. but at the end of the day we dont know all of zac’s friends and etc, we only see based on twitter and instagram and etc. yes ryan is iffy and his past but it seems zac and ryan have been friends for a long time and clearly if zac wanted ryan out of his life he would have done that a long time ago.

lauren901 @ 11:13 am on 06/16/2014

people are mad well fans are mad because they think that zac should just dump all his friends after he got help and etc, and seeing how he is friends with ryan makes them upset.

marie @ 11:14 am on 06/16/2014

@lauren901: exactly. We can’t control his life. He can do whatever he wants. I’m pretty sure he is very smart. So I’m ok with this. People just need to calm the f*** down.

marie @ 11:15 am on 06/16/2014

@lauren901: and they need to know that if they are fans is because of his job. not for his personal life.

Ok @ 11:18 am on 06/16/2014

Zac I love you but you are a bonehead to hang out again with this guy. don’t throw all your hard work down the drain.

lauren901 @ 11:23 am on 06/16/2014

i know.
but some fans are just over worried for him i guess, idk. its been freak-out mode for like a day or two and are even madder how hes hanging with michele rod and idk bout mo but there are annoyed with him reconnecting with old friends or w.e

Ok @ 12:29 pm on 06/16/2014

Zac you are not mending my heart but breaking it hanging with this guy again.

Ok @ 12:32 pm on 06/16/2014

Some of us are freaking because we know this guy was bad news for Zac the last time around. I hope Zac is fine and can resist temptation but Ryan still goes out drinking. He even posts jokes about it.

marie @ 2:21 pm on 06/16/2014

I also hear that Crawford is in Rehab? is it true?

Ok @ 2:35 pm on 06/16/2014

Zac nice to see that you have a good heart when it comes to charities.

Lauren901 @ 2:57 pm on 06/16/2014

When did you hear that? If so then good for him,

OMG @ 4:02 pm on 06/16/2014

Too bad Zac is back with his drug dealer . I thought he got rid of him ages ago. that is so sad and I heard he was already partying it up acting crazy Saturday night . hmmm Ryans back , Zac partying again =
relapse and disaster.

OMG @ 4:05 pm on 06/16/2014

@Ok: Ryan still parties hard, that is why so many fans were happy Zac got him out of his life , so sorry to see him back. I do have to say Crawford is in rehab good for him now he has to say away from Ryan and Zac now.

lauren901 @ 4:19 pm on 06/16/2014

um that is not his drug dealer at all thats his friend ryan?? and how do you even know crawford is in rehab if even true? did you just make that up? and fyi we dont know if ryan was ever out of zac’s life at all? so just because ryan wasn’t posting anything or zac doesnt mean they kept in contact at all??? really? did you even forget that zac was at a charity event at all? clearly your comment and name was to start trouble.

lauren901 @ 4:22 pm on 06/16/2014

also another fyi we dont know the extent of that person’s fan pic on instagram so if anything zac was really partying hard witch he honestly hasnt in months or acting crazy we would heard about it, so endless you actually have some kind of proof of any of this then you clearly are just takin things out of your head to comment and get a stir.

Ok @ 4:24 pm on 06/16/2014

@OMG I was one of those who was very happy when Zac dropped that group of friends. I can’t comment on a party because I really don’t know.
I don’t know if Crawford is in rehab. or not but I wish him well if he is. (I heard he was sick.) However I don’t know that for a fact.
I am just hoping Zac stays strong and avoids temptation. My prayers are with him and I wish him well..

lauren901 @ 4:26 pm on 06/16/2014

apparently ”omg” knows ryans life so its ok because he knows ryan and etc.

marie @ 4:29 pm on 06/16/2014

@Lauren901: I’m not really sure but I saw a comment a while ago in Ryan’s instagram someone asked about how is Crawford doing and his reply was “he is away from partying in R ” so I thought “R” means rehab? also I has not seen any pic of him recently

lauren901 @ 4:31 pm on 06/16/2014

oh.that could be mean anything tho, but what pic of ryans was it on? but if true who knows. also R could mean relaxing or resting for a while.but just dont assume it means rehab tho because thats how rumors get started and people like omg commenting on how they know everything.

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