Alexandra Daddario on Another 'Percy Jackson' Movie: 'I'd Love To Make Another One'

Alexandra Daddario on Another 'Percy Jackson' Movie: 'I'd Love To Make Another One'

It’s almost a never ending battle — should there be or shouldn’t there be another Percy Jackson movie?

Logan Lerman, who played the title character in both The Lightning Thief and Sea of Monsters adaptions, has voiced that he kind of has to do the movies, but added that he’d do it gladly.

But what about the other stars?

Alexandra Daddario, who plays Annabeth Chase, is on board for more, but is also in the same boat as Logan.

She told the Press Association (via Yahoo), “I haven’t heard anything about it. There could definitely be one, but I would be surprised. I would love to make one if they’d want me to.”

Alexandra added, “The first Percy Jackson film was a time of great joy and fulfillment and I felt like I’d taken a huge step forward in my career.”

DO YOU WANT to see another Percy Jackson movie?

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  • Lola

    Of course I would want to see another Percy Jackson film!! I was so sad to hear that they might not continue :( BRING BACK PERCY JACKSON!!!

  • Cece

    Yes I agree. When I heard the news that there wasn’t going to be another Percy Jackson movie boy I wanted to kill them. Both Logan and Alex would love to make another one and the movie has a lot of fans. I honestly don’t see why not. Hopes up and fingers crossed

  • nymphadora

    I hate the movies, they changed the whole freaking book. And it was a shame because the book was f*cking fantastic! Even the author hates it. The only good thing from the movie was the cast.

  • E. V. canares

    Kinda hard to see Alexandra Daddario doing another one after getting full on naked and having a pretty graphic sex scene with Woody Harrelson in HBO’s True Detective. Not to mention posing naked in Vanity Fair. Plus, now that it’s out that she’s 28 years old now, some might feel a re-casting might be in order if the series continues. Chloe Grace Moretz?

  • Virginia McGee

    I’m an odd man out kind of person, I like young people’s fiction even though I’m in my 50′s. Yes I’d like another Percy Jackson movie, they’re fun!