What Happened Tonight on 'Chasing Life'? Plus, See A Clip of Next Week's Episode

What Happened Tonight on 'Chasing Life'? Plus, See A Clip of Next Week's Episode

If we had to choose the best best friends on television right now, we would so be favoring Italia Ricci and Aisha Dee as April and Beth on Chasing Life.

During tonight’s (June 17) episode, after April (Ricci) told BFF Beth (Dee) about her diagnosis, and after a good cry, Beth went right to work researching and downloading all sorts of things about cancer and leukemia. Best best friend!

While trying to tell her boss about the cancer, April let is pass just as she teamed up with Raquel (Shi Ne Nielson) on a political piece — but Raquel was the kind of journalist you fear running into and working with. The one who will sabotage you so her star shines a bit brighter. But there was an upside to it — April met Leo (Scott Michael Foster) — and boy, was that a way to meet!

Leo zoomed into a parking structure, taking a side mirror off a parked car and almost wiping April out too. After digging into Leo’s past for the piece, April’s boss shot it down, because Leo is “off the table”. There’s gotta be a way around that right? If there is, we know April will find it.

Later on, April and Dominic (Richard Brancatisano) shared a romantic date on the rooftop of his building.

While all this was going on, Brenna (Haley Ramm) got busted by Sara (Mary Page Keller) and told her to get a job. Eek! But the job Brenna ended up getting wasn’t the one Sara wanted her to get. Let’s hope the “art gallery” works out for the best.

At the end of the episode, Beth and April meet back up for some coffee and all looks to be right in the world. Except, where was our invite?

Want a preview of what’s coming next week? Check out the clip below!

Chasing Life: Episode 1×03 Preview
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