Could There Be More 'Delirium' Coming To Hulu? WIGS Producer Says...

Could There Be More 'Delirium' Coming To Hulu? WIGS Producer Says...

It’s out — the Delirium pilot, which was passed over by Fox last year and stars Emma Roberts, Daren Kagasoff and Gregg Sulkin, is now out on Hulu’s channel WIGS for 30 days and fans are already in love with it — which JJJ could’ve predicted.

WIGS producer Rodrigo Garcia, who also directed the pilot episode, chatted with Give Me My Remote on the bringing the book to television, and if the series could survive on Hulu.

On the potential of filming more: “Well, I don’t know. Obviously, like everything else in the world, it’s depending on if the audience is big, we would be tempted to do more, to find it again, to expand. We don’t rule out anything. But for now, we just want people to enjoy the pilot…it tells a lot about the characters in this world that they live in, and their predicament, and their dangers, and their passions. I think it’s enjoyable on its own. Of course, if it did very, very well, I’m sure we’d consider things. But we don’t want to get ahead of our audience here.”

On the social media excitement surrounding the show: “I’m not surprised, because even as we were shooting the pilot, the response was huge. People that follow the books, people that follow the writer, our cast, especially Emma [Roberts (Lena)] has a humongous amount – in the millions – of followers on Twitter and Instagram. So I’m not surprised that even a tweet from her made a big difference.”

On his own excitement for people being able to watch: “There’s two levels: first of all, I’m excited for all the people who knew it was being made who are fans of the book, and fans of our cast, and obviously were disappointed it didn’t go anywhere. So first of all, I’m excited for them, because this is rare. Something like this to have a second life is unusual. And then I hope people discover the world of these books and this pilot. The work of the actors is excellent. Jeanine [Mason (Hana)], Daren [Kagasoff (Alex)], Gregg [Sulkin (Julian)], and Emma, in particular, are very strong in it. And I hope it will bring new eyes to WIGS, obviously. We wanted it to play in our WIGS home. We believe in it as something that can belong here. So hopefully it will be symbiotic.”

WOULD YOU WANT to see more Delirium?

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  • camjeff

    I LOVED the pilot and I’m 46 years old. I really think that FOX made a HUGE mistake not picking this series up as it appeals to a wide range of viewers. Who wouldn’t want to see a show about love being viewed as a disease? It does break your heart at times afterall. I think that the actors in the pilot did a darn good job making us want MORE!! So, HULU, FOX, somebody…GET US MORE OF THIS SHOW!!

  • Nick

    YES! I would love to see more!

    The pilot was really enjoyable and I certainly saw the potential for more. The books were also pretty great.


  • Melissa

    @camjeff: Personally, I’m not sure Fox would do this show justice. I feel like CW would be much more fitting for a show like Delirium. But otherwise, I totally agree! This show has so much potential!

  • http://toria_18 Grace

    YES WE WANT MORE DELIRIUM! Please the books are amazing, the actors are so so so amazing and the show is very well done. Has amazing potential for more episodes. We can only hope and pray!

  • Sharlene

    We want more episodes!! We want more episodes!!

  • selina

    PILOT WAS AMAZING I LOVED IT !! . hopefully they bring out more episodes!! the show has so much potential


    I didnt get the chance to read the books before the pilot came out and as a person who knows way too little about the plot and the storyline of these series I dare say that I think it would be a big hit.
    Since, like another comment said, who wouldn’t want to watch something which claims that love is a desease.?
    In the end, I think it has much potential and would be too bad for it to just go to waste. Besides if you’re not going to finish something don’t even bother starting it, it’s a bit unfair to others who actually want to watch and enjoy it.

  • hmmm

    more please

  • Heaven

    YESSSSS!!!! I Would LOVE More episodes!!!! I’ve already watched the pilot 3 times, and fell in love with the story. Will most definitely be reading the book!

  • emmalee

    Honestly, as someone said, why start something you won’t finish?? When making something as huge as a tv show, you have to be devoted and so do the actors. They should WANT it and see how it goes. Were in the 21st century; technology and word goes around FAST! People actually enjoyed the show and the pilot, it’s wonderful. You have to remember that there’s always gonna be some negative people on the low end, and it’s COMPLETELY NORMAL! Come on! Give it another try. And this time be DEVOTED! Try your BEST! FEEL the characters. BE the characters. And WANT the show. Personally, id love if it got back up and running, there’s SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

  • Laney

    Please go on and continue the show. I want more. What happens after she goes up the fence!? Now I’m totally going to read the trilogy!

  • http://@SAMANTHA51688 samantha

    Yes. there should definitely be more episodes! As someone who read the books beforehand, I think they went through the pilot (and the first book) really quickly. That’s probably because they wanted to get the most exciting parts into the pilot so it would be picked up, but I think if they went a bit more slowly with the plot line and the character development, people would’ve gotten a lot more invested in the story.
    But even with that said the pilot was still very good and I really hope they move forward. I don’t see why that wouldn’t happen, especially when everyone was so invested in it.
    So march on and make us some more episodes!! :-)

  • Olivia

    PLEASE OH PLEASE, continue making it into a movie!! I’ve read the series about..WELL I’ve lost track! It’s such a great book and Lauren Oliver is just a fantastic author! I’m just begging here to see more of this show or movie. It really is horrible that FOX turned it down and honestly makes me angry! I mean, who in the world would want to?!? So, big mistake on FOXs part. Such a shame. :(

  • Jess

    I really hope they make more!!!!!! Really liked the pilot although it escalated a bit quickly, loved the books, please make more omg

  • Teighlor

    Yes, Yes, YES! I have never read the books, but I loved this! I want more! I found it enticing and intriguing. I personally want to go read the books now to find out what happens! Why would you start it to not finish it? It has been a huge hit already. So why not continue it?

  • Taniesha

    Yes!!!! please make more episodes!! I absolutely loved it!

  • http://_shaneese Shaneese

    Yes omg plz plz plz I beg u to plz it’s the best and I showed like every1 I know and they want to see more

  • http://_shaneese Shaneese

    Yes omg plz plz plz I beg u to plz it’s the best and I showed like every1 I know and they want to see more

  • Shaneese

    Yes omg plz plz plz I beg u to plz it’s the best and I showed like every1 I know and they want to see more