Could There Be More 'Delirium' Coming To Hulu? WIGS Producer Says...

Could There Be More 'Delirium' Coming To Hulu? WIGS Producer Says...

It’s out — the Delirium pilot, which was passed over by Fox last year and stars Emma Roberts, Daren Kagasoff and Gregg Sulkin, is now out on Hulu’s channel WIGS for 30 days and fans are already in love with it — which JJJ could’ve predicted.

WIGS producer Rodrigo Garcia, who also directed the pilot episode, chatted with Give Me My Remote on the bringing the book to television, and if the series could survive on Hulu.

On the potential of filming more: “Well, I don’t know. Obviously, like everything else in the world, it’s depending on if the audience is big, we would be tempted to do more, to find it again, to expand. We don’t rule out anything. But for now, we just want people to enjoy the pilot…it tells a lot about the characters in this world that they live in, and their predicament, and their dangers, and their passions. I think it’s enjoyable on its own. Of course, if it did very, very well, I’m sure we’d consider things. But we don’t want to get ahead of our audience here.”

On the social media excitement surrounding the show: “I’m not surprised, because even as we were shooting the pilot, the response was huge. People that follow the books, people that follow the writer, our cast, especially Emma [Roberts (Lena)] has a humongous amount — in the millions — of followers on Twitter and Instagram. So I’m not surprised that even a tweet from her made a big difference.”

On his own excitement for people being able to watch: “There’s two levels: first of all, I’m excited for all the people who knew it was being made who are fans of the book, and fans of our cast, and obviously were disappointed it didn’t go anywhere. So first of all, I’m excited for them, because this is rare. Something like this to have a second life is unusual. And then I hope people discover the world of these books and this pilot. The work of the actors is excellent. Jeanine [Mason (Hana)], Daren [Kagasoff (Alex)], Gregg [Sulkin (Julian)], and Emma, in particular, are very strong in it. And I hope it will bring new eyes to WIGS, obviously. We wanted it to play in our WIGS home. We believe in it as something that can belong here. So hopefully it will be symbiotic.”

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