Emilia McCarthy Talks Channeling Her Inner Sass for 'Zapped'! (Exclusive Clip & Photos Inside Too!)

Emilia McCarthy Talks Channeling Her Inner Sass for 'Zapped'! (Exclusive Clip & Photos Inside Too!)

JJJ is so pumped for tonight’s premiere of Zapped that we just had to catch up with star Emilia McCarthy about what to expect!

The 16-year-old actress gave us the scoop on playing the mean girl, working with Zendaya, getting her dance on, and more!

Also starring Spencer Boldman, Zapped centers on 16 year-old Zoey Stevens (Zendaya), a skilled dancer and straight-A student who is having a hard time adjusting to a new high school, but things change when a dog training app on her smart phone begins to somehow control all the boys around her.

Oh, and did we mention we got our hands on an exclusive clip and photos of Emilia from the DCOM? Check them out with our interview below!

Zapped airs TONIGHT, June 27 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel!

JustJaredJr.com: First things first, tell us about Zapped and how you got involved with the movie!

Emilia McCarthy: I was offered a role in another DCOM, but unfortunately it conflicted with the filming of the movie I was filming during that time: Bunks, so Disney asked me to audition for Zapped! But because I was away shooting Bunks, I had to do my audition tape at one of the cast member’s, Leigh Truant’s basement – including my full out dance routine! But I couldn’t be happier that I got the privilege to work on this movie! I love that it incorporated dance on top of the super fun plot of having an app that can control boys. What more could you want!

Zapped Exclusive Clip

Click inside to read the rest of our interview with Emilia McCarthy…

JustJaredJr.com Interview – Emilia McCarthy

JJJ: You essentially play the “mean girl.” Was it fun to tap into a character completely different from yourself? What was the biggest challenge?

EM: Taylor was so fun to play because she is so opposite to who I am. The best part of acting is acting. I had fun channeling some inner sass! It was challenging to not crack up in the middle of a scene. Every scene was just too funny.

JJJ: Taylor is on the dance team and we know you’re an accomplished dancer. Did your experience help with the role? What would you say is your go-to move in real life?

EM: My experience with dance most definitely helped! Dance and acting are my two ultimate passions, so being able to do both in one finishing product was amazing. Ask anyone, my ultimate go-to move is a little salsa hip shaking step. I live by it.

JJJ: The film revolves around this app that can control boys. If you actually had that app, what would be the first thing you would want to do?

EM: Make Dylan O’Brien love me…too much?

JJJ: Not at all! We love Dylan! So what was it like working with Zendaya?

EM: Zendaya is the sweetest and super chill! I had an amazing time working with her. I love my Zapped fam!

JJJ: What’s your favorite on-set memory?

EM: The director may or may not have kissed the acting coach 1823697461 times to demonstrate exactly how he wanted it for a scene…kind of the funniest and strangest moment of my life.

JJJ: Wow! Now you also recently filmed Maps to the Stars with Rob Pattinson and Julianne Moore. Tell us about that experience.? We can’t wait to see it!

EM: I filmed night shoots for Maps to the Stars, so I was like half awake when I met everyone. This very nice blonde lady came up to me and said “Hi” and I was just like “Hey what’s up?” THEN I did a double take and was like, “OMG that’s Julianne Moore!!” Because I was half asleep, all my reactions were delayed. Thankfully she is the sweetest person, so I think I’m okay. I am so proud that the movie made it to Cannes, working with David Cronenberg was a dream come true!

JJJ: Last time we talked, you were in regular high school. Being so busy, what’s the secret to balancing school and work?

EM: My acting and studies are very important to me, but I am a teenager and live for socializing so it’s something I’ve gotten used to balancing. Weekends are my teen-time, and weekdays are to focus on school, auditions, or being on set. Finding time to do it all is challenging, and sometimes I forget I still got to find time to sleep…

JJJ: We know you’re a huge PLL fan. What do you think of Season 5 so far? Have you been able to tune in??

EM: I really love the fact that Ali is back! Sasha Pieterse is so talented; she brings the whole show together!

JJJ: We totally agree. Finally, what’s your all-time favorite Disney channel movie (aside from Zapped!, of course)?

EM: Not going to lie, I had a huge High School Musical phase back in the day – got to love some Zac Efron.

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