Jennifer Lopez Wants Selena Gomez to Play Her in a Movie!

Jennifer Lopez Wants Selena Gomez to Play Her in a Movie!

Selena Gomez keeps her phone handy while leaving a friend’s house on Monday afternoon (June 30) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old actress/singer waved to cameras as she hopped into a waiting car.

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“I would want Selena Gomez to play me in a movie,” Jennifer Lopez recently said in an interview (via NY Daily News). “She is a cutie.”

Over the weekend, Selena wowed us with her beautiful voice with a soulful rendition of “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.” Check it out!

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  • Jason

    Selena playing J-Lo, who played Selena. My eyes just went crossed.

  • Lena

    Well, THAT’s certainly a new LOW. A new brand of celebrity narcissism. Yeah, who wants to even see a movie about JLo in the first instance? And, besides, aren’t they supposed to die in plane crashes first to make those movies the slightest bit interesting? I mean, remember that “Madonna” movie? Wasn’t that on Lifetime or something? Very stupid movie….

    I thought we were in trouble when someone wanted to make a film about Lance Armstrong. But now JLo? Oh dear. By the way, they ALREADY made a movie about Lance Armstrong. In the 70′s. It was called “Breaking Away.” Except those boys went swimming in quarries, and didn’t take steroids.

    Oh dear… By the way, I think a much more interesting story would be that of Courtney Love, cause at least we’d get to see (possibly) something about Kurt Cobain… Seriously JLo… get real….

  • In The Know

    Making a movie about Jlo’s life is sort of like giving Oprah Winfrey The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

    Everyone is asking…..WHY?

    The delusion surrounding Jlo is absurd. She is a mediocre actress, and she literally can’t sing a note.

    Do you really make a life movie about a 45 year old that is appearing at embarrassing radio jam shows with kids half her age?

    I don’t think Dusty Springfield or Aretha were doing that at 45 were they????

  • http://comcast Audra

    Who would sit through a movie about Jennifer Lopaz ????? I hate to knock American Idol (because I love the show, mainly because of Keith Urban being on it) but with all of the money she is paid, she
    didn’t do anything for A I.

  • Elena

    Why would anyone make a movie about her? She is really full of herself!

  • aterc


  • http://Comcast Patricia

    I cannot imagine any one sitting through a movie about Jennifer Lopaz. The comment about American Idol, exactly correct. Keith Urban should make as much as J Lo on AI, he makes the show !!!

  • http://Comcast Bridget

    WHAT. ???? You have to be kidding me. J Lo thinks she is movie worthy ????

  • wow

    Audra & Patricia hit the nail on the head. JLo – so full of herself & no we don’t need a movie about her – what would they call it? JLo head of the cougar club or adventures in babysitting?! & Keith Urban makes the whole AI show.

  • Dina

    yeah of course i would love that, i love both ladies, after all JLO played her namesake selena perez in the selena movie!

  • an


  • http://krissbradley1 Kriss Bradley

    Definitely yes Selena is a very beautiful and sexy lady I would love to see her play as Jennifer Lopez.

  • Sweet Orange

    Why would Selena want to play a Puerto Rican? Mexicans don’t like Puerto Ricans they were insulted when JLO got the part to play the first Selena. Mexicans and Puerto Ricans are two different races and cultures altogether.

  • xx

    tbh i honestly dont know how jlo is exactly iconic. alive or dead i dont see her era lasting long and she hasnt been a memorable singer/actress. y would u want someone to document ur life when ur not even that great? egotistical much?
    but knowing selena and the lack of options she seems to have, she’d probs do it

  • Casey

    “Jennifer Lopez recently said in an interview (via NY Daily News)” Which means that Jennifer was ASKED that question. She didn’t just come out and say that she thinks a movie should be made about her. The interviewer asked her if she could have anyone play her in a movie, who would she choose? She chose Selena Gomez. It probably wasn’t even a serious question, it was most likely one of those silly, random questions that they ask at the end of the interview, after all the serious ones get answered. Chill. There’s not going to be a Jennifer Lopez movie in works anytime soon, AND if there is.. Who cares? Don’t watch it if you don’t want to.


    # 15 Comment

    Casey, I saw that interview. And Sweet Orange educate yourself Mexican and Puerto Ricans are NOT races. They’re NATIONALITIES, get it !!

    Mexicans and Puerto Ricans don’t like each other ??? where are YOU from ?? are you from planet earth !!! LMOL

  • http://facebook kelliann

    Selena should act in the movie she is good actor and Jennifer Lopez and Selena is an excellence movie