Zac Efron's Dance to 'Wiggle' is a Must Watch!

Zac Efron's Dance to 'Wiggle' is a Must Watch!

Zac Efron shows off his hot shirtless body while hanging out with pals during a trip to Italy over the weekend.

The 26-year-old actor is spending time vacationing with actress Michelle Rodriguez, stylist Domenico Zambelli, digital entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi, and dancer Youssef Giga.

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In one amazing video posted to Instagram, Zac and some of the guys are seen doing a dance to Jason Derulo‘s hit song “Wiggle” and you must watch!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac Efron’s dance moves?

Click inside to watch a video of Zac Efron going shirtless on the dock…

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  • lauren901

    doesnt jared need permission from the owners who own the pics and instagram video before posting?

  • Cleo

    No, Lauren. Stop trying.

  • lauren901

    dont reply to my comments??? so you stop trying.
    nor be rude?

  • Ok

    Have to say Zac is just so adorable. Love you zac.

  • LOL

    Look at all the liquor bottles on the table, yeah he is so clean and sober.
    Partying with Michelle the Party girl and I’ll do anything for pleasure.
    Actually I like the way the one on the left dances better . so over rated and praised for just being hot. On his gravestone it will say Hottest man alive is now dead Just hope he makes it to be old.

  • Ok

    Zac looks happy and healthy. Nothing wrong with a little vacation with friends before he starts work again.

  • lauren901

    you dont see anything? its dark and they are eating dinner? you do realize they are friends and friends go on vacation with other rich friends and etc? also you can dance on a table and not drink??

  • hmmmm

    @Ok: ah Ok please don’t spam this post like you do all the Zac posts. It’s like it’s your goal to get him popular on JJ.
    BTW he looks high again hanging with these people.

  • Ok

    @LOL So who is drinking what? Zac could be drinking non-alcoholic drinks. Always assume the worst like most haters?

  • Ok

    @hmmmm Zac is already popular on JJ, he doesn’t need my help.
    If you don’t like me don’t read me. Hope you have a Blessed day.

  • lauren901

    I bet u had no ideq who any of these ppl are except michelle, so before u comment dont assume the ppl zacs with r on drugs and etc

  • Italiangirl

    Hello, im Italian and I can tell you without any kind of doubt that Domenico Zambelli and Gianluca Vacchi are two professional men, one is a pyjamas designer and the other a talent scout. Don’t make assumption when you don’t know anything, okay? And if Zac wants to drink alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, its up to him. However, just cause hes hanging our woth Michelle it doesn’t mean he’s drinking again or doing drugs. Luckily for us, Italy doesn’t have a big drug problem, and in Emilia, where Zac is right now, drugs don’t almost exist. I have tons of friends I hang out with who drinks and get drunk every time we go out, since when we were 13, but guess what! I’m not a drinker! I never even took a drink all my life and im 19.
    You can’t judge people or make assumption basing yourself on who they hang out with or what their friends like to do. If you all do that, you’re so delusional. Zac is a mature human being, he can choose who to hang out with and keep himself from drinking. Grow up, people!

  • lauren901

    @itialin girl
    Im gonma be honest i had no idea who these ppl were besides michelle and i just didnt think the worst omg zac is using again and etc, theres so many ppl on herw who comment and think oh zac isnt with his true friends he must have lost it, also most r hanging on michelle becauae of her past history with drugs, and think zac must be sleeeping with her cus this anf that, its like they forgot zac is on vacation with friends who r wealthy

  • Marie

    @lauren901: exactly.. there’s something called “copyright” what Jared never respect.. those are personal pictures not matter if these people who were with him are famous or not. Jared always do that even with the fan pics. Jared is hungry. THAT’S ALL.

  • lauren901

    I know but at least he explain who these ppl are and not say strangers

  • Ok

    Wish I were there.

  • Let’s b Real

    @Italiangirl: I can c that U R defending these guys here and your country but the truth is drugs and alcohol are everywhere . If you have the money they are available. Not saying Zac is anything because as sure as haters are saying he is using again and his defenders are saying he is clean and sober, the truth is no one knows. They can say I hope he is staying clean or he looks good but only he knows what he is doing. The problem is when a person is hanging with a others that do use drugs or drink then U r marked to be like them, if you do it or not. It’s great your country is not known for drugs but let’s b real if the rich want it they can get it anywhere so let’s just hope Zac is being strong.

  • Italiangirl

    @Let’s B real: fact is, i AM being real. They’re not known to be druggies, if they are, their problem. But honestly? Don’t talk about things you dont know is my real point here. Its okay to gossip and stuff but really, sniffing around in other people’s life and making comments and statement avout their choices is so low and pathetic.

  • Let’s b Real

    @Italiangirl: that is my point unless you know these people personally you have no idea what they do behind closed doors. that is most famous people you never know until they are busted or arrested. Not saying your Italian celebrities are anything but the american actress is know for being in trouble and with zac being just out of rehab for such a short time it doesn’t look good for him to be with her or his ex friends. Also not saying he is using again , it’s just not smart to hang with people who do party and are know for it. Its his choice though and he can hang out with who he wants I just wish him luck.

  • Ok

    no one not even me can say one way or another if zac has used drugs or alcohol. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt because he looks good and healthy. If he was hiding away I would worry.

  • Mean

    Haven”t heard of those people names before. Seems like every pitchures like they are getting it on with each other. They are almost on top of each other. AAC could have sex with those girls.

  • Ok

    Lucky girls.

  • Ok

    That was so ridiculous , I couldn’t resist saying that. They look like they are taking funny pics..

  • xx

    i dunno they seems pretty fine to me, but then again im not one for telling if someone is “high” or not. michelle seems so cool irl.

  • nomad

    kinda weird…

  • an


  • Lolo

    If this guy Zac is not GAY then Michelle Rodriquez is str8 too. lol

  • Lauren901

    Zac isn’t gay but Michelle is bi? So what’s your point? Two people can’t hangout who are rich go on vacation together????? Huh