Ariana Grande Debuts 'Break Free' With Zedd During 'Total Ariana Live' - Listen Now (Plus Lyrics!)

Ariana Grande Debuts 'Break Free' With Zedd During 'Total Ariana Live' - Listen Now (Plus Lyrics!)

It’s out — it’s out!

Ariana Grande‘s new song, with Zedd, “Break Free” just debuted during her MTV special, Total Ariana Live and we already can’t get enough of it!

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“It is a mix of her because she has a really special voice, and obviously you kinda of clearly hear me in the song, so I think it’s more unusual for her than it is for me ’cause I do this all the time,” Zedd shared of the track with MTV. “For her, I think it’s the first time she has made a song like that so she is really stoked about it.”

“Break Free” is out on iTunes at Midnight!

Click inside to read the lyrics to Ariana Grande’s song “Break Free”…

Lucy Hale – “Break Free

[Verse 1]
If you want it, take it
I should have said it before
Tried to hide it, fake it
I can’t pretend anymore

I only want to die alive
Never by the hands of a broken heart
I don’t wanna hear you lie tonight
Now that I’ve become who I really am

[Chorus] (x2)
This is the part when I say I don’t want it
I’m stronger than I’ve been before
This is the part when I break free
‘Cause I can’t resist it no more

[Verse 2]
You were better, deeper, I was in there instead
Like a [?]
Feel I am babe, on the highway to hell

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

With that on your body
I came alive
It was lethal
It was fatal
And the dream it felt so right
But I woke up every day…
Oh baby


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  • http://@Antokiely Anthony

    Yous wrote Lucy hale- break free cmon now guys it’s Ariana’s song
    But I love both ari and Lucy ????

  • Aliza lovato

    The lyric where the question mark is:

    ‘Like a deadly fever’