Maksim Chmerkovskiy Surprises Us on 'Chasing Life' - Where Do We Sign Up For Tango Class?

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Surprises Us on 'Chasing Life' - Where Do We Sign Up For Tango Class?

Chasing Life made us get truthful this week — not only with April’s illness, but with lying and disappointments in general.

Here’s what happened on tonight’s episode:

Leo corners April in support group after explaining his brain tumor – Leo Jr, on his brain stem and chases April out of the room before she can share her own story or even talk to anyone else.

The next morning, April has overslept so much that she missed her biopsy appointment. She finds Beth is in kitchen talking to Sara about career options. Beth, being the amazing Beth offers to go with April but she tells her it’s okay — and her appointment has come and gone anyway she overslept. Tracking down her uncle George at the Boston Peds Hospital, she asks about her appointment and he’s not all that pleased with her. After asking about her symptoms, she hides all of them from him, declaring she “feels fine”.

After arriving at work, April goes to see Raquel, who continues to be a bit witchy with her — bragging about her ticket to the Hendrie Campaign Party and giving her all her dirty work to do — source and fact checking. (Trust us, that’s dirty work). While on her way home, April falls asleep on the train — and rides it all the way to the end.

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Going back to see George, April confides in him about her symptoms – yay April! – about the bleeding and the fatigue. While she has an optimistic outlook on treatment, you can see the worry in George and her eyes. He sets her up with prescriptions and a blood transfusion to go for now. Running over to the support group, April approaches Leo once again, confessing her diagnosis to the group even after he humiliates her in front of everyone.

Dubbing them “cancer friends”, Leo gets her an invite to the campaign party, causing her to get little sister Brenna to take her place at tango class with Sara. Teasing Raquel at work about her invite by Leo, April leaves and recruits Beth to be her stylist (and an amazing one at that) to help her dress for the party — especially after her dress that her mother brought out of the closet for her to wear to tango is way too big. Sara also tries to snoop around April’s room during this, as she spied April hiding something — the pills — into her dresser. April also makes another excuse about her bruise on her back.

Meanwhile, with Brenna, she runs into Greer while on a date with Kieran who only reminds her about their project due.

At the party, Dominic surprises his “co-worker” after he was forced to cover the party by his own boss. April makes introductions between Dominic and Leo as they run into each other inside. We smelled a trap right then and there, but we are glad Leo saw her “do not tell him anything about the cancer” eyes. But even though he was kind there, he wasn’t kind afterward — where he outed his cancer during the party to everyone and blowing April’s exclusive story.

While working on their project, Brenna challenges Greer to a tennis match where the winner has to do the whole project by themselves. Of course, she ups the ante during the match, and throws in history homework for the year. Of course, this only makes Brenna work harder at the match.

After another argument with Leo outside, April heads back to drink and blow off steam with Dominic. He tells her he’s not sure how he would handle knowing anyone with cancer or how to deal with it. We hear you Dominic. It’s different for everyone. After leaving the party, April gets a text from Sara telling her that Brenna never showed up to the tango class — where Maksim Chmerkovskiy was the teacher! She so missed out.

A very angry April lashes out at Brenna after arriving home. She quickly changes clothes and lectures Brenna about how her life is harder than her sisters and just lets it out — she has cancer. She leaves Brenna stunning and teary, going to join their mother at the class. But Maks has that all taken care of. (Woohoo Sara!)

The next morning, April talks with Beth who is off to an interview. Is there anything better than best friend therapy? We think not. At the biopsy appointment, April is surprised by Brenna who shows up just in time to be with her sister.

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