Zac Efron Spotted Kissing Michelle Rodriguez - Get the Scoop!

Zac Efron Spotted Kissing Michelle Rodriguez - Get the Scoop!

Zac Efron was spotted kissing actress Michelle Rodriguez during their vacation in Sardinia on Sunday (July 6) and it seems like these two might be more than just friends!

New photos that are spreading around online show the possible new couple locking lips on a boat and show a ton of PDA. They were surrounded by friends included Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi, who they have been vacationing with for over a week and a half now.

Michelle, 35, posted a video on Instagram over the weekend of herself swimming in a pool with a glass window side and it sounds like the person laughing is Zac, 26. Watch the clip below and decided for yourself if it is him taking the video!

Make sure to check out Michelle rocking a bikini throughout the trip in the gallery below.

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Duh @ 8:53 pm on 07/06/2014

Gal Pal my A$$ they have been Fuc*Buddies from the start. Is that’s Zac’s filming her in the water , at least it sounds like him. Sad that he is going to go down with a rep as just a hot party boy who’s addiction ruined his life.

hmmmmm @ 8:55 pm on 07/06/2014

I knew it too . He’s doing Mrod Called it on the first post . Stay Sober dude , hope this vaca is over soon he needs to go to his meetings.

LOL @ 8:58 pm on 07/06/2014

She looks like a Butch Hudges , he looks like a Butch Cara Delevngne.
I bet they both do the Dude with the huge Coc* and his GF.

Cynthia @ 8:59 pm on 07/06/2014

Ah weird couple, never thought they were anything but buddies. I’m shocked.

hmmmm @ 9:04 pm on 07/06/2014

@Cynthia: they were buddies but they reconnected a couple of months ago after she broke up with Cara . They have been paling around LA on a date at the beach, “The Rogue” after party went home together and the charity thing and that is only the public pics. I guess it went from freinds to lust . I thought is was more when he flew out to meet her on her vacation.

Tina @ 9:23 pm on 07/06/2014

fake,fake ,fake….she is lesbian,lesbian,lesbian…

Lauren901 @ 10:25 pm on 07/06/2014

Lust? Where do you see lust? He looks more into it then she does? I love how you think you know what exactly is going on when in reality we actually don’t, I wouldt call it lust, it’s called hooking up?

raquel @ 3:49 am on 07/07/2014

i cant believe all those trolls were right! i mean this truly is an odd pairing…and i cant get over how CDAN was right too when he is a troll. what is WRONG with zacs team? why would they pair them of all pairs cuz it just looks suspicious.
the worst part is that zac is willing to go along with this when u KNOW by their body language they are just friends.

Tilly @ 4:46 am on 07/07/2014

We rarely ever really know what’s going on, but sometimes with pictures you are able to find something, and it does APPEAR that Zac seems more into it than Michelle. Love them both, but considering last week posts were being announced that he was still in love with Vanessa and wants her back and Michelle is still pining over Cara, we never know what’s real or not. They seem really close and if they’re having fun, so be it, they’re not hurting anyone :)

lauren901 @ 6:13 am on 07/07/2014

just friends? he’s kissing her and shes being little touchy feeling?

raquel @ 7:35 am on 07/07/2014

@lauren901: ever heard of “f**k buddies” or vacation f**king? its pretty much this. although i dont see them having intercourse ( i just cant picture it) they seem like they are doing this for fun not a long term thing. i’d give it 3-6 months

violetta @ 7:40 am on 07/07/2014

what…but i thought…she was a lesbian?
and i just said i firmly believed there was no relationship between them other than friendship YESTERDAY…
god i hope zac knows what he is doing because her history is not the best even up to now.

Lauren901 @ 7:44 am on 07/07/2014

I’ve heard of f buddies but not vacationing effing, 3 to 6 months sounds like a relationship? Also Michelle isn’t the person you call sober and zac wants to be clean an sober so this isn’t going to end well, this whole trip seems like a giant no.

Lauren901 @ 7:56 am on 07/07/2014

She’s bi, she likes both sexes, her last relationship was with a woman,

Ok @ 8:07 am on 07/07/2014

He always was a better actor than she was. (Just my opinion.)

raquel @ 8:19 am on 07/07/2014

@Lauren901: i mean 3-6 months kind of establishes a status without too much pressure especially since he hasnt had a serious public relationhsip in a while. i always think of the mess that was lily collins. we knew that they werent really dating, but the whole are they arent they put her in the media as well as the sightings. i feel like zac wasnt actually attractd to her which is why the whole thing was so messy. whereas with michelle, ppl say he clearly has a type and maybe her looks is what attracted him? thats why he is so lovey dovey with her?

this whole thing is a mess. michelle is a party girl and thats just it. anyone see her date with cara at the basketball game? what a gross wreck. and im not talking about her personally, but her behavior there was so bad – clearly drunk/high and screaming about the place. smoking a vapor cig inside. if cara d has to calm u down, theres a problem. zac doesnt seem strong enough to resist her urge if they take the “relationhsip” all the way. she seems very dominant and in control and i dont think anyone can sway her nto even zac.

raquel @ 8:21 am on 07/07/2014

@Ok: tbh thats pretty obvious she only does action movies that require little acting ability – but i fail to see how thats even important? are u trying to boost zac up or something? not hatin but its just kind of irrelevant unless u think her lack of acting skills will bring zacs career down?

Lauren901 @ 8:28 am on 07/07/2014

In some pics ppl think he looks into her then she does? I’m glad I not the only one who see this a giant problem,I don’t know if I should be happy he’s happy and getti some or worried about his Heath and etc,no offense yo Michelle shr seemd like the type of person thst follows whoever she’s hooking up with but also ii wouldt be surprised if blind gossip comes up with how this is a cover up for Michelle or zac like they have someone else they are hiding and thry are trolling everyone

Ok @ 8:44 am on 07/07/2014

@raqual two things (first I’m not arguing with you just figuring a few things )
I1what CDAN post are you talking about. ( I have no respect for that ma. He lies and makes things up and takes things from haters as real.
He is so bad that other sites (Like will not use him (They know his reputation.)
He also changes his answers to fit different situations.
2 My second point about the acting is there was a whole lot of acting in those pics yesterday and that is why Zac looked more into it than she did.
I may sound a bit mean and nasty but sometimes the truth is mean and nasty.
I think Zac’s acting is very good (“Neighbors” critics loved him) and doesn’t need defending right now.

Rachel @ 8:46 am on 07/07/2014

I thought she was a lesbian ? She’s so manly and a lot older than Zac. Weird.

Ok @ 9:07 am on 07/07/2014

@Rachel She is bi.. I’m gay and this is my experience a person can be bi. but in reality they tend to favor their own sex.
A guy who says he is bi tends to favor the guys, a girl the ladies.
This is not scientific just my observations of people I know.

raquel @ 9:32 am on 07/07/2014

@Lauren901: he def looks more into her than she does him. maybe he is? maybe she felt awkward? i dunno her body language didnt help the situation tbh. if they were both a little more connected i dont think there would be as much of a hype about it. i mean as long as hes happy but like u said we think about his health too and its normal to worry. i mean its the same way friends worry about a bad relationship with someone (selena g and bieber is a good example) but theres not much u can do except guide them. forcing them can do the opposite especially if fans are nagging in his ear what to do with his life.
and tbh im just waiting on blind gossip to see what they come up with now. i mean im not gonna lie sometimes they are true but at the end of the day some is just fun gossip. i hope the blind wont dishearten fans cuz i feel like his team want to rid him of old fans and welcome a new cool fanbase. i mean michelle is a tough gal and not the usual girly giggly gf u see in hollywood – or zac has been with. thts already put off a lot of fans. her history is another put off and her movie background welcomes in the male fanbase – welcome to the complete transition – a much more masculine fanbase, perhaps this is what they are going for….

lauren901 @ 9:35 am on 07/07/2014

they already have
implying michelle is lesbian and has or had a long term gf she cheats on all the time,

raquel @ 9:37 am on 07/07/2014

@Ok: yeah i get ur points i know ur not arguing :)
CNAD is a joke but he can be somewhat entertaining. thts y despite his site saying its pure fiction – it shocked me that one of his blinds about zac (i think it was about him) was right because hes such a troll. it actually makes me feel dumb that i couldnt predict this but a troll like enty who lies could??
and to ur second point ooooh lol i get it now. but he is clearly better in the images regarding acting skills like shes not even trying which is again leading ppl to believe 1. maybe shes not into him + maybe shes a lesbian not bi = this whole think stinks of PR. this is gonna be an interesting month…

raquel @ 9:40 am on 07/07/2014

@lauren901: oh god its already begun. i honestly cant think what was going through zacs head thinking this was a good idea, its too fishy to be real. i mean he is so good at being private and usually does something like this to make a statement like when he was with vanessa – an outing to ensure they are still togehter and thats it. thats all u needed because what was important was hius career not his love life. has he changed? has his team changed? its so strange.

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