'Chasing Life' Recap: 'No Damn Way I'm Letting You Die Before I Do'

'Chasing Life' Recap: 'No Damn Way I'm Letting You Die Before I Do'

Anyone else wiping back tears from tonight’s Chasing Life?

Here’s what happened in the new episode:

Dominic took April to a psychic who told her that she needed to talk to her sisters, meaning she was going to be digging up information on the mysterious Natalie Ortiz. After a flashback with her father Tom, April awoke to her mother Sara helping her up. She fainted!

Sara talked to her own mother, Emma, about April’s fainting spell and Emma advised her to go snooping through her room — like every good mother does — to find out what April is actually hiding. And she does just that. After finding a copy of “Fifty Shades of Grey”, Sara finds the pills she thinks are more than cancer medication.

Meanwhile, April meets up with Beth to chat about her prognosis and her secret sister that no one else knows about but her and Beth…and now Dominic. After meeting him on the boardwalk outside of work, Dominic confesses his own secrets to her — his mom is in jail for embezzlement. And since they’re unleashing secrets on each other, April takes Dominic with her to the rental car company to try and get a copy of the receipt from when Natalie was in Boston. They came up with a good story to get it too!

(Click inside to find out what else happened on the show…)

Later on, April and Dominic are fishing through Tom’s storage unit for clues about his secret life and while Dominic enjoys old photos of a young April (so cute!), she picks up his old notebook and they also find a picture of Tom, Natalie and…George!

After talking with Sara after she shows up at her work, April heads to see George at the hospital wanting answers about the photo. George confesses that her father had had an affair long ago that resulted in Natalie. April doesn’t know just who her dad was anymore.

Next thing he knows, George is being yelled at by Sara who surprises him at work about April’s pills. As her doctor, George can’t tell Sara anything without April’s permission. But that doesn’t stop Sara — she arranges a family intervention about April’s pills and George tells April she has to fess up now. April finally tells her mom about her leukemia. When Sara freaks out and can’t stop crying or hugging her daughter, Grandma Emma peels April away for some tea.

And inside the kitchen, JJJ melted and cried our eyes out when Emma told April that “there’s no damn way I’m letting you die before I do.” Tissues, now!

While they’re making tea, George gets a call from the lab about April’s condition which turns out is Acute Myeloid Leukemia. While Sara tries to intervene again for treatment and hospitals, April freaks out and storms out along with Brenna who escapes before she cries along with us.

Sara argues with George about getting April into treatment and things from the past are re-hashed. Another family secret popped up — Sara was the one who didn’t allow George to be at Tom’s funeral. What?! April runs to Dominic and stays the night with him, letting him think her tears were about her sister and not her still secret cancer that he doesn’t know about.

During the show, Brenna not only flirted with Kieran more, she also did with Greer as well after ignoring her at school. Later on, Brenna runs into Greer while out at the 80s Movie Marathon with Kieran and Beth. (P.s. We need this festival like now please and Beth’s cupcake dress, love!). Because they’re outside the classroom, Brenna invites her to sit with them, even with her bright pink dress.

After the family intervention and her escape from the Carver’s home, Brenna calls Greer and Greer meets her in the park. Um, great friend. Really great friend.

WHAT DO YOU THINK is going to happen next week?

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  • Jane

    I really love this show. It has everyone rooting for April. I like her with Dominic. He seems really into her. Also, I was surprised by the fact that George might not have been the “bad” one after all, it could have been the mom.

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