Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Kiss & Dance During Italian Vacation - New Photos Here!

Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Kiss & Dance During Italian Vacation - New Photos Here!

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez kiss on the dance floor and dance super close on Monday (July 7) in Sardinia, Italy.

The 26-year-old actor and 35-year-old actress went horseback riding earlier in the day. Zac looked so hot while riding through the water on his horse shirtless!

The duo looked very happy together as they looked at pictures they took on their camera.

The Internet went nuts when the first pictures were released of Zac and Michelle kissing on a boat over the weekend, sparking rumors that they are dating.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez getting up close and personal in Italy…

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Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 01
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 02
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 03
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 04
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 05
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 06
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 07
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 08
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 09
Zac-jjj zac efron michelle rodriguez make out on the dance floor 10


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Lauren901 @ 12:25 pm on 07/09/2014

Jared are you well aware thst this vacation is over? And also these horse back riding pics are staged ,also well michelle is back in la filming fast seven,,,

Wow @ 12:37 pm on 07/09/2014

They looks absolut hot together. For me Zac looks like a god on this horse! Love the pics. Staged or not. Couple or not. Zac looks happy and thats what i like these days. This is what vacations had to do! ;)

lauren901 @ 12:45 pm on 07/09/2014

its seems pretty obvious the horse pics are stagged and zac is shirtless and etc,

raquel @ 12:49 pm on 07/09/2014

the comments on dm (daliy mail) are enough evidence proving that virtually no one is buying this and dm adores zac. its so over the top for someone so calm, private and sweet. its like a dramatic change in character…or perhaps he was always like this we just never knew since we are just observers. i cant deny the fact that zac does need to let lose more since i was worried he was becoming depressed from interviews i read, but not like this!
he seems too easily swayed in this world they call hollywood.

Ok @ 1:02 pm on 07/09/2014

The date is wrong and I would rather see Zac with the horse than Micelle. Know one is buying this attempt to make Michelle look good.

Ok @ 1:04 pm on 07/09/2014

Sorry that should say no one is buying.

muse @ 1:07 pm on 07/09/2014

We can never tell what’s real or not but Zac does look a lot happier, but as someone who’s trying to recover and keep a stable life, it seems Michelle, as lovely as she comes off is a huge party goer. She is very social and open and Zac has always come off quite reserved and private, but he does seem ok and healthy and happy so who are we to judge.
They seem happy but it doesn’t seem like a relationship that will last for long, that’s just my opinion.

Truth @ 2:01 pm on 07/09/2014

Bottom line is they are both addicts. She is not clean and sober at the club she is high., him? Not sure but him letting his inhibitions go down the drain for such a private guy this leads me to think he fell off the wagon. Sure he is having sex and a great time. Who wouldn’t they are in paradise but at what cost to his sobriety? Rule number one you can’t be around that stuff that your addicted to or the people who party with it.
Good luck Efron I hope he came back and is in a AA meeting right now.

maple @ 2:26 pm on 07/09/2014

Cute, adorable couple. Not everyone is goibg to say they r perfect. N why can’t they be horseback riding? Should they never get on a horse? N photographers r going to follow them around like crazy so we will see new couple photos. Fun!

raquel @ 4:14 pm on 07/09/2014

its weird cuz some of the zac efron fansites, who’d i would assume would be against it are for it saying how happy he looks. im inclined to believe they are delusional since this looks very forced and the fact that they say michelle could be good for him makes me think they arent aware of her history.

Dah! @ 4:19 pm on 07/09/2014

So they are just Fuc* buddies. I believe they have been friends with benefits for years I hear he has quite a few of those. the problem is she is a addict is “supposed to be” a recovering addict. This does not mix. I know they had a glorious vaca but I would bet the farm he is using again and drinking again? Already saw pics of him drinking wine. Sad Zac has become just another Hollywood Tragedy

Hummmm @ 4:21 pm on 07/09/2014

What a cliche’ Lots of money, druggie, and puts his dic* in anything. Hope he wore his condom

Just a Girl @ 4:23 pm on 07/09/2014

@raquel: He’s having fun that is for sure . Happy is another thing. who knows if he’s back to drinking and using , then this is all fake happiness.

Ok @ 8:58 pm on 07/09/2014

@Raquel The New York Dl news says that Zac was sipping on a bottle of Perrier in the club. I have heard this entire trip he was drinking mostly water or fruit juices. (Hope it is true.) I do not think he should be hanging with her either and think this is just on big idiotic PR stunt .

Ok @ 9:00 pm on 07/09/2014

Sorry that should say New York Daily News.

raquel @ 2:50 am on 07/10/2014

@Ok: im sorry but i still cant believe the water and fruit juices claim yet since it seems theres not enough evidence to say. i know u mean well and i adore u for that but at the moment i want to see where this all ends up without the help of allegations, rumors, sources etc but firm evidence in his body language, actions and his team. once that is established i hope i am happy with the results not disappointed :)

Ok @ 5:08 am on 07/10/2014

@Raquel your prerogative to deal with this however you like. I will say this and believe me I know what I’m talking about here but his team is mad as H… with him.
My guess we will see very soon.
BTW I didn’t say I was buying the not drinking story, I just said I heard and believe me with all my heart I hope that part is true.
Just to add I worked in studios (Even interned at Disney) long enough to know a PR stunt when I see it. This is helping her and not him. bonehead move. The man has a soft heart and a hard head when it comes to friends. (almost a shame it is not the other way around.)

raquel @ 6:18 am on 07/10/2014

@Ok: yeah i guess i know i am too optimistic so if im a little pessimistic it will be easier to deal with the reality in the end. i guess everyone works differently. but for sure u can tell his team is mad at him as this is a stunt he has never pulled his entire career. its interesting that u work in pr but im guessing no one saw this coming? it seems like off the bat and some crazy idea that zac seemed to go along with. and although some ppl say “why blame michelle” when tbh u can tell that 1. zac is easily lead 2. he is a ppl pleaser. even by the body language in the pics where they are kissing u can see who is in control. michelle. her arm is on the bar over his head leaning in – as though she is asserting her dominance and he is okay with that. and the thing is if he is ok with it theres not much anyone else can do. its a stupid move but if he cant see it for himself – we just have to wait and see. he might come to his senses, maybe even right now hes realized what a mess this is, but either way it has brought him a step back .
we all make stupid mistakes – but this one seemed avoidable, therefore perhaps intentional.

raquel @ 6:35 am on 07/10/2014

if u think about it, the scheme they have come up with is pretty brilliant. they are aware that no one would put them together as friends more or less a couple, so why not see where this gets them? everyone is utterly confused and coming up with the most ridiculous, funny, crazy ideas as to why they could possibly be together. some say that michelle is a full blown lesbian which tbh i always thought until now. however even if she is, she will continue to protest she is bi. Why? its hollywood. its much more acceptable to be a bi women than a lesbian because it still puts you out there as still liking men rather than being locked off only to women. it also gives her an edge – an appeal that full heterosexual women would not have which is the “girl on girl” hype some guys seem to like. i mean amber heard had a giant waft of buzz when she came out as bi as it not only branched out her female interests for those who have crushes on her, it solidified and intensified the male love for her since apparently thats “cool” or “hot”. the problem people are having with michelles bi status is her appearance. she looks too butch for the typical hetero guy and i mean that in the nicest of ways. i mean some guys love it, but according to the media she is too masculine for mens tastes. this in hand limits her audience to strictly male action fans who would consider her a buddy not some hot fantasy. that is why this hookup i guess is suppose to prove her feminine aspects are still in tact. however zac still has not solidifed her, how do i put this…”macho-status”? i mean neighbors def increased his audience, but hes still working on it and it usually kicks in during ur thirties. i suppose maybe zac thought it will look manly if he “turned a lesbian straight” but it done the opposite since he looked a bit needy in the first kissing photos as michelle didnt even try to look interested in him. he ended up looking like the girl and she remained looking masculine.
nobody won this one.

raquel @ 6:37 am on 07/10/2014

i meant *his macho status not hers

Ok @ 11:53 am on 07/10/2014

@Raquel Let me make one thing clear I work for a studio (Not in PR) however I do deal with it at times. On this post I’m not going to go into the I have sources thing but I will say this. From everything I’m being told you are pretty much on the right tract.
Don’t be surprised if later we find out that others we haven’t seen were on this trip. Others that would “reinforce” that Michelle is really a lesbian. Not going to say anything else on that matter right now.
As for Zac he is really a sweet guy to friends and sometimes tries to help without thinking thins out first. I will add this they are both celebrities and love the attention.

karen @ 12:17 pm on 07/10/2014

@Ok omg! You know so much about this stuff!! I’m a fan of Zac since Summerland an I love him but this thing with Michell is the worst step in his life. I hope this end well really soon. And I know that Vanessa isn’t part of his life anymore but I wonder what she’ll think of this.

Ok @ 2:04 pm on 07/10/2014

@Karen thank you so very much. Happy to hear you are such a fan of Zac. I don’t like this stunt either. Don’t know when or how but I’m betting it ends soon. I love Vanessa to (just not as much) and I have no idea what she thinks about it. However she knows how these things work.

karen @ 7:02 pm on 07/10/2014

@Ok You’re talking about more people in this trip that we never saw, who are they?

Ok @ 8:58 pm on 07/10/2014

@Karen This is what I heard Michelle had a couple of friends with her from the very beginning of the trip. One a female celebrity that did not want anyone to know she was on this trip.
Zac may of had an assistant/friend along . He did on the first week in Europe. Nondrinker (Not calling him a sober coach.) I also heard this is who Zac’s team called when the pics. started coming out.
Not saying this is 100% sure but what I heard.

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