Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Are 'Very Cute Together,' Says Friend Gianluca Vacchi

Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez Are 'Very Cute Together,' Says Friend Gianluca Vacchi

The Internet has been all abuzz since Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez‘s kissing photos surfaced, and now their good pal Gianluca Vacchi is speaking about their romance!

In case you didn’t know, Zac and Michelle have been vacationing with Gianluca for two weeks in Sardinia where they were seen kissing each other on a boat.

“Don’t be concerned, Z and Mich have a mutual healthy influence each other and they are very cute toghether.” Gianluca wrote on his Instagram account. They totally are very cute together!

For more from Zac, be sure to check out these pics of him riding shirtless on a horse!

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  • lauren901

    yes because michelle is anything then but a good influence? really? shut up gv

  • Jocelyn

    Shut up old man

  • aaliyah

    “…mutual healthy influence each other and they are very cute toghether” LOL she will make sure he goes to rehab again

  • Rosalie

    I am happy for Zac, but my concern is that she is known for being a party girl so how is that being a good influence especially when he is trying to stay sober. It’s not good for someone who is freshly new from stopping an addiction to hang out with someone who is doing the act him/herself. Unless she has stopped partying, highly doubt, then I don’t see Zac staying sober. But it is their life… I just hope Zac stays strong and is still committed to being sober.

  • Ok

    No Comment (Except Zac looks hot)

  • Ok

    I take that back . Zac does not look hot in this pic.
    Back to “No comment”

  • Truth

    He is a liar . She was drunk the night at the club and maybe even more . With Zac’s actions on this trip I’d say he already has gone down that path of relapsing and at lease was drinking on this vacation. This man is being honest of coarse he liked them together , he was part of the fun. He showed them a great time and they showed their gratitude. Nice people yes they are probably the greatest but he is lying when he says they are a healthy influence on each the proof was in the pics the paps they called took.

  • Again ?

    Two addicts cannot be together it spells disaster. Even if Zac was clean (not likely) she wasn’t and anyone that has been in the 12 steps knows you can’t socialize with a partner that is drinking .You taste them when you kiss and smell them ,it brings all the temptation right back. If she truly cared for Zac she would have been clean,and sober as well. She wasn’t even the paps they called said she was all over the place drinking like mad until 4 AM. Fu*k Buddies whatever or whenever they want but now making him go back to drinking and drugs . Now your a enabler and possible destroyer. They are adults and she can do what she wants , him too but it’s sad he throws out the finger to the fans who know about her ,his ninja friends and that he is back with them when he said he gave up all his bad influences. Makes all his pleas of wanting to get better and change his life to boring a lie.

  • Ok

    If he needs help again I pray he gets it. If this is a stunt to help her. The joke isn’t funny.

  • karen

    What a lie!!! She is no help for him and he either at least at the moment. I dont know how this gonna end…

  • karen


  • raquel

    im sorry but they are doing the absolute MOST. it is such a mess that its just spiralling out of control. why would GV comment? is that suppose to convince us? “oh he must be right we will just move on” when it actually makes u more skeptical that he had to speak out about it in the first place. shut up if u think its healthy, because the more u try to convince them with ur words and not ur actions, the messier this gets.

  • Catherine

    She does not deserve you Zac I am sorry but you
    you need to be with someone much more better
    than that of course I am happy for you but no way

  • http://daija daija11

    lol you have a ………..