Vanessa Hudgens: We're All Unique for a Reason!

Vanessa Hudgens: We're All Unique for a Reason!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her plaid shirt wrapped around her waist at Aroma Cafe on Saturday afternoon (July 12) in Studio City, Calif.

The 25-year-old actress recently opened up about Bongo’s decision to not use Photoshop for her ads.

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“I absolutely love that Bongo wanted to do something different by not retouching my photos for their campaign,” Vanessa posted to her Tumblr. “I think it is important for girls to be true to who they are, and not compare themselves to girls who have been photoshopped to look ‘perfect.’ God made us all unique for a reason and we should embrace our true self.”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Sunday Somewhere sunglasses.

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    She doesn’t need Photoshop!! She is completely beautiful without it!! 8D

  • Gina

    Yes we are all unique says the girl who dyes her hair blond to look like all the other LA bimbos. Vanessa, you are ethnic and your hair is brown, be proud of that & stop trying to conform,

  • hehe

    Kinda ironic words from a girl who does all this crap with her natural beauty. She used to be at least beautiul, now just antoher nobody in Hollywood.

  • muse

    @Gina: @hehe: She’s hardly a nobody if paparazzi continue to follow her day in and day out and consider her outings and life news or tabloid worthy, or JJR worthy. Vanessa is a beautiful human being, if you sit there and throw hate on someone who dyes her hair, MY GOD, you need to sort out your priorities! I also hardly doubt you’ve never dyed your hair or done something else to yourself. You’re trying to find a fault and yet it’s because she dyes her hair….you’re tragic. Grow up!

  • penelope

    @Gina: What’s wrong with doing a bit of change? It’s not like she got a boob job or something permanent.

  • Ok

    Beautiful as always.

  • Gina

    @penelope: Permanent or not, she’s a hypocrite.

  • IMO

    I love her message . BTW she is not talking about dying your hair , getting extensions or having your nails done. Those things are all superficial and every woman no matter what age wants to make those kind of changes just for a change. She is talking about the fact that women have to look at magazine covers and compare themselves to women that have been retouched and or photoshopped. She is beautiful anyway but it makes it worse when they airbrush an already pretty person (since they do it with men as well) change their bodies to make them unreal and unattainable to achieve the same results by a normal person. I love that she is saying beauty comes from the inside and to embrace the differences because we are all beautiful.

  • hehe

    @muse: If she would pay me, I would go and take pics of her as well. Don’t be stupid. I’m not hating on her. As a person she’s very lovable. But when it comes down to her career – she’s a nobody. And don’t give me all that crap that she’s taking a break. When you get there, you want to be there. In good movies, not whatever she’s in. She’s in the best age you can be in Hollywood. And yet there’s plenty of girls like that and they’re much better. So Vanessa only has instagram not career. Being on these gossip sites doesn’t make you relevant. For example Emma Stone is much more successful and yet she’s not here so much. Why? Because she has better things to do. And I’m not judging her for changing her looks. But when she says words like that, she sounds like a hypocrite

  • aveneq

    thanx you forewer

  • dr murad

    forever thanx nice post

  • Gina

    @muse: I am grown up which is why I see the hypocrisy in her (& your) statement. She’s an ethnic girl trying to look white (& date white). The fact that you can’t see that makes you the one thats tragic & blind for that matter. I don’t just blame her but I mainly blame society for forcing people to conform.

  • saldiven


    Wow, some pathetic borderline racist stuff you’re throwing out there.

    BTW, in case you didn’t realize, part of her ethnicity is Irish, a people who commonly have both blond and red hair (the entirety of her ethnic mix is Irish, American Indian, and Filipina-Chinese).

    I also find it hilarious that you’re conflating her opposition to the absurd level of airbrushing used by the fashion industry in the USA to her having dyed her hair.

    And, really!? You think her dabbling in blonde hair is some sort of effort to conform? Really? It must really suck to live in your world. Obviously, her blonde hair is the result of a deep seated insecurity causing her to attempt to conform to the (mythical) blonde California girl, rather than just trying something new. I’ll tell you right here, if you think the standard woman in California is blonde, you’ve either never been there, or never been more than a block off of Rodeo Drive.

  • saldiven


    It’s funny that you post stuff like that on the internet when you could actually look up her IMDB page to see she has a more active than average career going on right now. Two movies released in 2011. Two released in 2012. Three movies and a short movie released in 2013. One movie already scheduled for release in 2015.

    I’m only a passing fan of Hudgens; I only visit the story because I think she’s cute. I can’t help, though, rolling my eyes at the silly and barely educated drivel people post in the comments.

  • Mean

    Surprise she not hiding her face. Like she always does. Looks like she got her clothes out of a trashy can. Cut your nails. That’s the only way to make money in la.

  • Gina

    @saldiven: Racist? Gimme a damn break. More like socially & racially aware. I have to be given that I am ethnic myself. So save the politically correct crap for someone else. And I don’t care that she’s part Irish, clearly that doesn’t change the fact that she was born a brunette & that her ethnic side is clearly (and beautifully) more dominant. My comments have nothing to do with photoshop as much as it has to do with the irony in her advice that girls stay true to themselves.

    BTW, I LOVE living in my world :)

  • deary

    She is so beautiful inside and out. Even though I love Zanessa back, it seem they grew so much apart that it’s impossible. The only possible thing is if they star in a movie together. I respect their decisions.