'Chasing Life' Recap: We Learn That Leo Is [Spoiler]

'Chasing Life' Recap: We Learn That Leo Is [Spoiler]

Anyone else completely hooked on Chasing Life like we are yet? Seriously, hooked.

And Leo is becoming our favorite “hate to love” and “love to hate” character. Here’s what happened on tonight’s episode:

After waking up next to Dominic, April is startled to see him just watching her sleep. Kind of creepy, kind of sweet all at the same time and he still thinks her freak out the night before was about her long lost sister instead of coming out about her cancer to her family.

April commutes back home to find her mom Sara sleeping on the couch, waiting for her. Insisting that she’s fine, April does confess that she’s scared and does not want to die to Sara. Sara also gets herself an invite to her doctor appointment with George later on in the day.

Later on, April meets up with Beth for lunch where Beth is becoming Andie Walsh, but her designs need a bit more work apparently after April’s new jacket isn’t quite what Beth imagined it to be. JJJ would still take it and wear it all the time.

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Back in the support group, April hears the stories from others about their relationships before she starts to speak, and confesses everything — how she’s scared not only of losing her hair, but losing her appetite (because she loves loves loves food) and has a big fear about her health just declining (aka becoming winded just walking up the stairs). During her story, Leo arrives but she doesn’t see him right away. But when she does, she turns her head away fast.

At her doctor’s appointment with George and Sara, Sara starts to take over again and has a bajillion questions. They are warranted, but we see April’s concern that Sara is going to take over everything (more on this later).

At work, April goes fishing for a story before Raquel announces that she’s been personally requested at Bruce Hendrie’s campaign shoot and she automatically knows that Leo was the one to request her. She talks with Dom about it on their way to a food crawl (um, invite!) and you can just see the fear in April’s eyes. Remember, she’s not hungry anymore and lo and behold, the food doesn’t seem to be agreeing with her either. Dom’s roommate Graham overhears her throwing up in the bathroom, and figures out she’s with bulimic or pregnant. No on both, Graham.

After coming back home, April finds Sara, Beth and Brenna in a “meditation circle”. After trying it out for about two seconds, she bails and tells everyone right then and there, “There is no such thing as five minutes anymore. Every minute counts.” Now, if she could practice what she preaches…

At her Hendrie campaign shoot, April runs into Leo again after interviewing his father for the Boston Globe. He starts to tell her all about who he was before the tumor in his head and lets the cat out of the bag about infertility. After egging her on, April gets on the back of Leo’s bike and decides to take what life is giving her right then and there. Of course, they end up at a Maserati retailer (excuse us, still dying from that car!) where Leo “steals” a car for a test drive.

With April driving, they pull up next to a station wagon with a young child in it and everything starts to hit April again. Leo tells her that while she may be infertile after the chemotherapy, she can still adopt, still have the husband and still have the station wagon, if she was that type of girl… and then kisses her! (Leo & April shippers unite!) This all happened about three minutes before the cops showed up.

And even though being told not to do so, Leo gets out of the car…and has a seizure.

In the hospital afterwards, April stayed with Leo. He tells her that she’ll come around to him (we sure hope she does) before the doctor comes in to update him on the diagnosis about his tumor. All of which he’s heard before — it’s gotten bigger, it’s laying on a super important part of his brain. All in all — he’s terminal (and this makes us very sad, very fast).

Running into Leo’s father a little later on, April gets that Bruce does indeed care for his son. As they, and Leo’s mother head into his room — but Leo has disappeared and April knows exactly where to find him — the rooftop.

Of course when she gets up there, he scares the crap out of her by jumping off a ledge — that ended up being a ledge to another ledge. But still… Leo! After talking with her more about living and doing everything you can while you’re still breathing, April heads home — and Sara…well…has turned their home upside down.

April is hungry (mini yay!) and there’s no waffles in the fridge. In fact, there’s almost nothing. Same with her room — there’s nothing. Sara is really taking everything in and rearranging April’s life like she’s the one who is terminal.

Meanwhile with Brenna:

After getting invited to Greer’s party, Brenna and Ford go but Ford is more interested in touring the “castle” as she calls it and trying on Greer’s clothes and starting Tumblr pages about it. And while Brenna is getting reassurance about April from Greer downstairs, Ford texts Kieran (using Brenna’s phone) that she’s at her party and he crashes it.

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