'Chasing Life' Recap: April Gets Her First Byline, Plus Greer & Brenna Kiss (See The Video!)

'Chasing Life' Recap: April Gets Her First Byline, Plus Greer & Brenna Kiss (See The Video!)

This week’s episode of Chasing Life was actually one of our favorites — and we judge that by all the cute April/Beth moments we got.

The episode opened with April and Beth chatting about April’s intimate life with Dominic and filling out that dreaded doctor patient form you have to in the fertility doctor’s office. With the doctor, April gets a bit of sticker shock after hearing that insurance won’t cover the cost of freezing her eggs and out of pocket is close to $5,000. This is when Beth suggests a kickstarter campaign, which for April, we totally would contribute to.

After the appointment, April goes home to change and runs into her mom Sara, who wants to know how it went, but April doesn’t think she means it. At her cancer support group, she confides in them about the fertility doctor and telling Dominic about her illness.

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After the meeting, Leo jokes with April that he will not be the father to her children. She asks his permission to write an article about his father’s less than stellar past with the St. Christopher’s Society. She gets it and takes it straight to her pitch meeting, where she gets approval, but only under Raquel’s supervision.

Later on, Dominic is talking to April about her pitch when the boss, Lawrence, offers him another job touring with Daft Punk around Europe for four months. Talk about a long distance relationship! but he assures April he hasn’t and won’t say yes to it until he weighs all the options.

During a lunch break, April meets with George to talk about Sara and her overbearing nature now since she knows April has AML.

Back at work, co-worker Danny jokes about the catfights between April and Raquel as she returns with April’s story with a ton of edits. Who else remembers or still gets those back from teachers? Giving her his secret inspirational soundtrack music — a very tribal song on deck — April listens and magically rewrites the entire article before her deadline in an hour. Nice!

Danny and April watch through Raquel’s office and narrate the conversation she is having with Lawrence about April’s article before he walks over to April. She has a byline. Yay – party time!

April goes straight to Beth with the news as she’s selling a few things on the curbside — for April’s egg fund, she cites — and she also tells Beth about telling Dominic about her cancer, and his own job offer.

After getting a fake text later about her story being scrapped, April heads back to The Globe only to be greeted by a surprise party for her first byline! (Um, invite please!) This is also where Beth meets Graham and we kind of love them already. Leo also shows up to the party, surprising April and in the middle of it, runs into Dominic who was discussing his job opportunity over the phone.

During the byline party, George takes Sara to a support group mixer and misreads it. The caregivers were there to get away from talking about cancer, not to talk about it. After apologizing, Sara breaks down about April’s cancer in front of him and lo and behold, immediately feels better. Always better to talk about it or get the frustration out, folks.

Back at the byline bash, their little group is playing never have I ever — April discovers Brenna’s attraction to Greer and that Leo is attracted to someone in the room as well. Later on, Leo, breaking his confidence to Dominic, and tells April about his decision for the Daft Punk job. When she goes to talk to Dominic, they’re alerted about Lawrence’s presence in the office. They try to hide, but it so does not work.

Lawrence steals April away to tell her about no more supervision and she also tells him about time off of work for a medical thing, which he just tells her to tell him when.

While the others are cleaning up the party, Brenna finds the picture of Natalie Ortiz in April’s desk and immediately goes to find her sister, who is off talking to Dominic and telling him to take the job touring with Daft Punk. April tells Brenna the absolute truth about who Natalie is.

Back in the break room, Dominic tells April he did take the job after their talk and they head to the docks to watch the sunrise and talk about their relationship and where it stands. After saying they’ll take a break, in about an hour, they head back to his place — and find Beth! Beth & Graham! EEK!

At the end of the episode, April finds out that a mysterious donor has paid in full for her egg procedure.

Meanwhile, with Brenna, after apologizing to Greer at school, Greer brushes her off — and rightly so after what happened last week with both Kieran and Ford ruining Greer’s party. After April’s byline party and finding out about a half-sister she never knew about, she heads to Greer’s insanely huge mansion of a house. How many rooms are in that thing?

Again, Brenna apologizes to Greer for the party last week, truly meaning it. She also admits her feelings and kisses her. We’re totally #Grenna shippers now.

WHAT DID YOU THINK about this week’s episode?

Brenna & Greer Kiss
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