Zac Efron & Robert Pattinson are Bowling Buddies!

Zac Efron & Robert Pattinson are Bowling Buddies!

Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson share a laugh together while outside of Pinz bowling alley on Tuesday night (July 22) in Studio City, Calif.

The 26-year-old Neighbors star and 28-year-old Map to the Stars hunk were surrounded by a group of friends, including actor pal Ryan Rottman.

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The weekend before, Zac was spotted carrying an overnight bag and a skateboard to his car while leaving his new girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez‘s home in Venice.

Meanwhile, this is the first time we’ve seen Rob since last month while exiting The Bowery Hotel in New York City.

10+ pics inside of Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson hanging out together…

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  • guest

    Next to Rehabilitation: Robert Pattinson

  • Annie

    drug addict + alcoholic: best couple ever!

  • Annie

    Zac and Robert Pattinson? they speak about reahbilitation?

  • Claire

    Robert Pattinson is the new Lilo

  • Rhonda

    rehab, i see you Robert Pattinson

  • A

    Rob IS going to rehab next. Mark my words

  • guest

    z-listers both boring

  • guest

    Two losers!

  • Kayla

    We all knew, wedding that they attended and play some music in NY along w Garfield, dinner with arabian dude

  • Kayla

    Did I say they all tried drugs and haven’t stopped?

  • lu

    well it didn’t take long until Kristen stewart fans commented. they were first thing.

  • Subtle

    Lol all the comments are posted by the same people

  • Meme

    Wow I see the Stewart fans, sorry morons are here. Since when does Rob have a drug problem. A group of guys go out and have fun – Shock, horror it’s a scandal! RME

  • Guest

    LOL at the same poster posting different hate comments. Get a life and try to be less obvious. Rob and Zac seems like cool dudes. Hope they had fun.

  • Me

    The Stewart fans are here I see. Rob went out with friends, one of them happens to be Efron. Shock horror. He doesn’t have a drug problem, never been anything to suggest that. Get over yourselves and go worship your queen.

  • miki

    I LOVE pissed off KStew fans! They hate on Rob SO much! They see everything between the two as competition! Sorry, it’s not Rob’s fault that Hollywood is a homophobic place and KStew’s career will plummet as soon as her relationship with Alicia Cargile becomes public!!

  • Yessss

    wow wow wow I ship them!!!pls Rob & Zac,be couple!!! so attractive,so sexy,so fab!

  • The One

    Rob looks so happy! He’s not a drunk and he doesn’t do drugs. Kristen Stewart fans are so fucking boring, they’re obsessed with Rob. Well, he’s not with your fucking queen anymore, so leave him alone and move on. He’ll always be BETTER than you.

  • Ha

    Of course he looks so happy-Zac is much prettier and sexier than KS!!!!

  • Lu

    I didn’t see any mention of KStew in this article so why people keep mentioning her is just fucking nuts… no one cares about her… #next

  • lory

    Goodbye Kristen Stewart’s fans! Please go back worshipping your queen and leave Robert alone. Show a little elegance once in your life (I know it must be hard for you, but you can try!)

  • lol

    @miki: lol sweetie Rob’s rehab will come first. Not only Zac but all his friends are cokeheads

  • guest

    Go Rob to rehab!!!!

  • guest

    as usual Rob fans love more speak about Stewart than their idol.. poor rob

  • CK

    I hope Robert Pattinson goes to rehab very soon, for his own good. I am very worried for him!

  • @guest

    lol and Rp fans seems so happy but they SOOOOOOOOO scary about Zac &Rob gay rumors,bcs they blamed ks with Alicia

  • Ok

    Love you Zac but hate the people you are hanging with. Remember bad news (Like bad friends) travels fast.
    Wake up for your fans and those that truly love you.

  • eww

    Rob should do a cover of ‘Rehab’ by Amy Winehouse

  • Sonny B

    More like… butt buddies.

  • muuuuuu

    Here are the reasons why Krisbians are so bitter and can’t leave Robert Pattinson alone:

    1. Krisbians accuse Rob of doing drugs yet they don’t have any evidence. Kristen Stewart was photographed doing drugs multiple times.
    2. Krisbians accuse Rob of being the cheater yet they don’t have any evidence. There are 50 pictures proving that Kristen Stewart had an affair with a married man.
    3. Krisbians accuse Rob of having shady friends. Kristen Stewart hung out with people who were not only accused of crimes but also convinced and sentenced for them. Giovanni Agnelli, Lane Garrison…
    4. Krisbians accuse Rob of being a terrible actor. Yet it’s Kristen Stweart who is a 2x Razzie winner.

    This is why they continue being angry and bitter lol

  • eww

    @muuuuuu: meanwhile Saint Robert’s friend circle has coke head Efron,his manly ho Michelle Rodriguez,DUI superstar Ryan Rottman,multi talented Mohammed Al Turki and his true love Lindsay Lohan. But of course Saint Robert is full of purity lol I hope Rob goes to rehab before he overdoes

  • bolo

    @muuuuuu: Gio and Lane were part of her movies you idiot

  • Mean

    Good Zac is getting out and not sitting around. Hate rob Patterson. Didn’t they where friends or they bowled.

  • robsagoodguy

    @Meme: IKR. The ONLY time you see any drug use out in public is when Kstew is out & about with her friends!

  • robsagoodguy

    @muuuuuu: Dont forget even Juliette Binoche commented that she had to push plank because her acting skills were so bad.

  • http://google Ehelen

    Children!..Behave yourself. Stop being Bullies… It’s not nice. DO you personally know these actors? If not .. it is very nasty and small minded to make such remarks.