Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy Visit Kids at St. Mary's Hospital in New York & It's The Cutest Thing Ever

Zendaya & Val Chmerkovskiy Visit Kids at St. Mary's Hospital in New York & It's The Cutest Thing Ever

JJJ knows Zendaya and Val Chmerkovskiy aren’t a couple, but if they were, they’d make the cutest little family ever!

The 17-year-old actress and her former Dancing With The Stars pro partner/friend headed to St. Mary’s Hospital in New York where they visited with the children during a break from Sway practices.

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“Nothing better than this,” Val captioned with one of the cute photos he shared on Instagram.

Zendaya added, “This little nugget just crawled into my lap…#heartmelted thanks for having us @stmaryskidsNY @iamvalc”.

Be sure to check out a short vid from their practice for Sway, below!

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  • What a laugh

    Here are two great people with those who are truly heroes.may God bless those little ones.

  • Ryan

    way to be a friggin creep. Mentioning if they were a couple it would be cute…nasty ass. he’s like almost 30

  • Nikki

    They do look good together!

  • Sable Senegal

    Love the valdaya publicity photos of them holding kids at the hospital.big fan of their dancing.love them together hopefully as a future couple.

  • Jamieruiz

    I love them and I think there be great in the future.if there ever where together there bring out the best out of each other . And he takes good care of her.

  • captain_America

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  • http://sassybaby1950 Doris

    In the future they would be a wonderful couple together friendship first age will not matter then

  • Rina

    Val and Zendaya ( based on what we see obv.) are each others missing half . I really hope they will be a couple cuz they’re perfect !

  • Anonymous Guy08

    It may seem creepy to a lot of you, but she is of legal age, and if they want to date each other, they can now.

    It might be creepier if she dated me. But then again, none of you people know how old I am, and I like to keep it that way. I am an AnonymousGuy after all.

  • nameNotimportant

    White guy basically beign a rapist out in the open and all everyone does is laugh about it. I guess some rape is acceptable in the U.S.

  • nameNotimportant

    @Rina: Kill yourself

  • Sara

    What a cute couple :)

  • Comment

    What a perv and creep this guy is, been following this girl around since she was 16. Dude is almost 30. Disgusting.

  • freddy

    Wow “nameNotimportant”, so what you’re saying is if this guy was black it would be ok? What a racist you are…

  • ifeelsorryforyourignorance


    you are such a joke he did not go after her and he did not even know who she was before they met before Dancing with the Stars parents agree to it before she got on the show and they was there everyday with them til they got to know him I am sure they know how far to go because she is 17 but after 30 days that will no long be a issue.

  • Shirleydee

    I don’t know what everyone is getting all worked up about?
    They had an awesome charisma,right off of the bat, at Hi & Hello.
    This is a win-win relationship,they both really enjoy dancing together.
    He is involved in what is it 3 dance studios,she joins them when she can..
    They support each other,when they are performing.
    You can call it what You may, the age difference doesn’t bother me in the least.
    I see a caring young man,that would watch out for and take care of her.
    I see the same in her,taking care of him.
    I would LOVE to see it become more than a dance partnership.
    Guess it only is acceptable,when You are a rich old goat,that owns a play-jerk mansion & magazine,that exploits young ladies.
    Leave them alone, to enjoy their talents,they are an awesome dance team.
    No one can be they’re judge,jury & executioner. Leave that up to God.