Nathan Kress Tells Bello Mag About 'Into The Storm': 'Turns Out Anything Thrown At You at 100 MPH Hurts Really Bad'

Nathan Kress Tells Bello Mag About 'Into The Storm': 'Turns Out Anything Thrown At You at 100 MPH Hurts Really Bad'

Nathan Kress gets his smolder on in this new shot from the August 2014 issue of Bello mag, which is available now.

The 21-year-old actor dished secrets about his new flick, Into The Storm, reflected on iCarly and more. Check it:

On Into The Storm: “It’s a super intense, really fast paced action movie. It’s nice because even though it’s a found footage type deal, it’s show from multiple perspectives by these storm chasers that have been recording the whole time. We have about eight or nine different perspectives going on during the film. There’s a little bit of a calm before the storm, but once it happens there was not a single day where I didn’t go home just completely head to toe soaked and yet. Rain is also one of the things that are hard to fake digitally, and so they made it a point to try and get as many practical, real, in person effect as possible and not just rely on CGI. In addition to the water they also had these guys with giant bags of debris that they would blow into these phenomenally fast fans. It turns out, pretty much anything when thrown at you in 100-mile wind like that, hurts really bad [laughs]. What’s funny is that there’s very little acting when it comes to the dramatic moments. We were actually trying to get from point A to point B without dying. So the fear that you’ll see in our eyes is completely genuine.

On iCarly: “I think just the memories that I have of becoming friends with the cast. We started when we were 13, 14 and ended at ages 19, and 20. We were literally growing up together. We were spending our most formative years together. 10 hours a day, every day, just hanging out. They’re one of the best friends I’ll ever have. It was different on our show. On our last day we cried like nobody’s business. It wasn’t like any of the horror stories people are told.”

On using his gaming hobby as a gym: “It’s definitely one of my hobbies that I thought It’d grow out of, but it has not happened. It’s my unwinding activity of choice. When I was working on iCarly, I’d come home and just play a few rounds of something online and just decompress. That was my way of being a teenager. Eventually I really hope by the time I have kids I’ll manage to get out from under the pressure of how good games are getting. But it’s not looking good. One of the ways I’m justifying it is, when I got the Xbox 1 I discovered a fitness program that is built in. There’s a bunch of really cool fitness programs that whenever I’m too lazy to get in the car and drive the 15 minutes to the gym, I can do a 30 minute workout that would get me just as pumped up and sweaty as a three hour workout at the gym would.”

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Photos: Angelo Kritkos for Bello
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