'Chasing Life' Recap: Leo & April Hookup, Jackson Has His Funeral Early, Greer & Brenna Meet Natalie

'Chasing Life' Recap: Leo & April Hookup, Jackson Has His Funeral Early, Greer & Brenna Meet Natalie


Talk about a really good episode! JJJ cried, screamed, gasped, yelled… we’re pretty sure our emotions were all over the place. Here’s what happened:

The episode opened with April playing a game of bridge with her grandma Emma and her friends where not only did they talk about missing Dominic (anyone else miss him in this episode? We so did!), but they were also talking about death as if it were nothing, when it’s clearly all April has on her mind.

Later on, April heads to yoga night with the support group and finds out that another friend, Jackson, is back in the hospital after his chemotherapy stopped working from Leo. “Sometimes, we die,” Leo tells her and that’s when JJJ gasped. (Emotion #1, check)

The next day, April meets her new doctor who will be caring for her after she starts her chemotherapy and already, we love this doctor. Making notes about April not wanting to die and how she wants to kick cancer’s butt? Totally on board with that.

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April also gets the lowdown on a bone marrow transplant and it’s risks before heading to work. Skipping over her journalistic research, April goes straight to the AML bookmarks she has and probably scares herself more and fades into the scariest nightmare ever. She’s with her cancer support group and people just start disappearing. All. Over. The Place. Scariest thing ever and we can only thank God that April woke up from her nasty dream. (Emotion #2, check)

Going to see Beth, April talks more about Dominic after Beth suggests just texting him about her cancer. But April turns the tables on her and asks her more about her “relationship” with Graham. More of that please, we want to know all the details.

Later at the hospital, April makes the mistake of bringing flowers to Jackson’s room (note: do not bring flowers to a cancer patient or anywhere in a cancer floor/hospital) while Meg and Leo are both visiting him there. Meg warns her about why flowers aren’t allowed before Leo brings in some contraband to Jackson from the outside. We don’t know what was in the box, but we want some regardless. Jackson gets reminiscent a bit about missing his own funeral and dreams up the best one to have. The three ask her to hang out with them more, but April has to go to work. Damn work, right?

But when she gets there, April knows that it’s not where she wants to be and reflects on Jackson’s motto about missing the outdoors. Smart guy, that Jackson. April heads out for the day, even using her sick card with Raquel – so that’s what it’s for! (Emotion #3, check)

Getting Beth to come along with her, April meets up with Leo and Meg at a strip club with more of their support group and finds out that Leo, isn’t just Bruce Hendrie’s son. He’s Leo, who grants wishes and she figures out that he also paid for her fertility treatment. And Meg lives her life-long, er, new dream of being a stripper for a day. Anyone else clapping their hands off when she took her blonde wig off? Woot!

Afterwards, Leo cooks up another idea for them to do and warns them all that it will be trouble. And it so is — stealing Jackson from the hospital for his own funeral. Yep, they stole Jackson from the hospital and it was a good thing. At the funeral, filled with members of the support group and his friends, they all speak about what they love most about the guy and that’s when JJJ pulled out the tissues. (Emotion #4, check) We don’t think we’ll be able to get through an episode without tissues.

During the funeral, April closes her eyes for just a second and finds herself in another nightmare. April, stop it! This time people aren’t disappearing. This time, she’s at her own funeral and freaking us out. She zones back in and Jackson says a few words about his own life and the friends before him and this is the point where we pull out another box of tissues. Leo brings in an a capella group from Jackson’s school to sing “Bad Day”. Seriously, so many tears.

With Jackson back at the hospital, April stays back to help Leo with the clean up and things turn heated and our tears disappear instantly. Leo tells her that he likes his legacy as an imitation Make-A-Wish foundation with no regrets. And he definitely has no regrets with kissing April (Emotion #5, the ‘finally!’, check). Of course, she pushes him away for just a second before kissing him again and now we’re all like, Dominic who? Wait…

Flash forward a little while later, April and Leo are getting re-dressed and talking about the fact that chemo and death are scary to her and the risks in everything. Leo lets it slip about his own option for surgery and of course that gets her attention. Leo, we’re with April. We want you and her to fight. Get the surgery. Fight!

This episode, while April avoids Sara and Brenna goes on a trip, Sara goes on her own with the cancer caregiver group on a sailing trip. There, she runs into George and they start to re-connect again. During the trip, they also run into a former girlfriend of his that he had around the time Tom died. Inside a bar during the trip, Sara and George talk it all out — the blame, the accident, and apparently, Sara was just finding out about the affair, and other daughter!

April finds Brenna packing for Miami and tells her a bit more about their 1/2 sister, Natalie. After school, Brenna and Greer are finishing up her packing for the trip and the conversation steers towards April and a bone marrow transplant. If Brenna isn’t a match, Natalie might be. But once they get down to Miami to meet Natalie, it doesn’t look like she would ever want to give. Greer forces Brenna to talk to Natalie again after she slammed the door in her face and Brenna tells her about April.

Brenna also tells Natalie that, while she didn’t think how it was for Natalie, she still wants to get to know her. They go out with her to a bar with her own friends and talk about their moms before dancing inside the bar and a bit later on, Greer gets dizzy and unwell from her drink. Brenna flat out asks if Natalie spiked her drink even more (because who wouldn’t?) and Natalie reveals even more of her true colors. She’s evil, Brenna. Stay away!

After returning home, April clears the tension between her and Sara just when Brenna is returning home from her trip. Together, April, Brenna, Sara and Emma all play a game of bridge while Brenna tells them her trip was “very informative”. Very informative, indeed.

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