Lucy Hale Talks Performing On Stage: 'There's Something Magical About Not Being In A Studio'

Lucy Hale Talks Performing On Stage: 'There's Something Magical About Not Being In A Studio'

Lucy Hale makes a low key exit from her gym on Monday afternoon (August 4) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actress/singer recently spoke with Hollywood Today Live just ahead of her iHeartRadio concert over the weekend.

“My favorite part is performing live, there’s just something so magical about not being in a studio. I live for the moments where I mess up and have flaws, that’s what makes music awesome,” she shared.

Lucy added, “I don’t really talk about it much on the set of PLL [Pretty Little Liars], it’s just like a thing that I do when I’m not there so now they’ll understand what I do on my down time.”

Check out her segment below! 10+ pics inside…

Lucy Hale Chats Performing Live

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Credit: Osvaldo; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • psst

    I like her, but that’s not why she doesn’t talk about it on set. They may be ‘like sisters’, but with PLL’s success came happens on every show. Every one of them wants to be the most successful, the star…well maybe not Troi considering she’s very under the radar most of the time. If Ashley spent her time on set talking about all of her movie deals, and if Shay talked about all of her magazine covers or Lucy boasted about her blossoming singing career, there would be definite diva issues and fights. In an effort to avoid drama, it’s best that no one ‘brag’, even unintentionally. That’s not to say they aren’t supportive of Lucy, because some of her costars have even come to see her live, but still. I remember being a constant extra on a show I will not name and when a few of the stars started spiking in fame…it became something other actors on the show would use to talk crap about them behind their back to other cast members.

  • ashley

    LOL “My favorite part is performing live” TRY LEARNING TO SING LIVE BEFORE YOU GO ON STAGE! In every live performance Lucy sounds like a dying cat, her singing career will be over before you know it.

  • i agree

    @ashley: That’s a really harsh way to put it, but you can’t fight truth…she can’t sing. She’s a pretty girl, a decent actress…I like her show, and she seems like a sweetie, but singing is not something she should make a career out of. I’m sure she loves to sing and perform, but she sings really badly. I think her fans are blinded by their love for her and her friends/family are supportive, but I think she only got a deal because the label knew she had the fanbase to sell..and in the industry, it’s all about making money, not about talent. Lucy is in serious need of vocal training because everything I’ve heard from her…which is a lot…is bad.

  • julia

    But please! It is clear that in the interviews they speak of the coming projects! That claims made? It so happens everywhere! The same journalists ask what other projects they are working.
    Also, i think that you’re are deaf! Dying cat? Decent actress?
    SHUT UP!
    I think that theenvy is very a bad thing!

  • julia

    And, Lucy, we will always be with you!
    Keep it up :)

  • i agree

    @julia: So basically you’re saying that if someone isn’t a fan of something, they must be jealous? That’s twisted. I did not call her a dying cat, but I do not like her singing voice and I do not think it’s a big talent of hers. I think she is a decent actress, meaning, I believe her as a character but I don’t see an Oscar in her future. That’s MY opinion and I’m entilted to it. It has nothing to do with being “envious”. It’s just teenieboppers like you who can’t accept that everyone doesn’t like someone you fawn over so your cop out response is “oh you’re so jealous” or “you’re so envious”. Just accept that people view things differently and move on. Envy is a bad thing, but so is ignorance and so you should probably get that in check.