April Flat Out Tells Leo She Can't See Him Again on 'Chasing Life' - NO, NO, NO!

Before we even get started on the scene above, can we first send a mountain of tissues to Beth and purchase stock in Kleenex?

This episode was a rollercoaster of emotions — starting with April, and Brenna, and Sara, and even Grandma Emma! Here’s what happened on tonight’s Chasing Life:

At the family table, April comes down to Brenna, Sara and Emma talking about Brenna’s recent Florida trip, but everything gets sidetracked about that and they start talking about April getting her eggs harvested instead…and yes, the jokes are so there. While at April’s appointment, Sara suggests a party to see her off for her chemotherapy which starts a day after.

Later with Beth, April and her are going off to her second to last day of work and Beth volunteers as her assistant for the day because of the anesthesia she’s still feeling from her procedure. The job assignment: the governor’s debate with Bruce Hendrie and Leo, too. Apparently, Leo has been avoiding her — so not nice, Leo.

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As Leo gets interviewed by press for his father’s debate, he starts to flub his words and not only does it scare April, and Beth, and JJJ, but it confuses everyone else. Keep up with the news people. Running out of the press room and towards Leo to see if he’s ok, Beth also runs and makes a mid stop in the bathroom where she cries her eyes out. Can we jump through the TV screen now? Beth needs a massive hug and we are not even close to letting go yet. She let’s out all her fears to a random girl in the bathroom, turns out, it’s Raquel. Eek!

At Leo’s side, there’s a bit of a silent debate between Leo, Bruce and his mom on whether Bruce would stay and continue the debate or go to the hospital with his son. He stays only on Leo’s silent insistence. But during the debate, Bruce tells the audience that there is only one child that mattered to him at that moment — his own son, who’s in the hospital now.

Later on, April goes to see Leo there and still wants him to get the surgery. After telling her that she doesn’t have a vote in his prognosis, she tells him that this is it: “I can’t see you again…I’m about to go fight for my life, and I can’t be around someone who has a chance to do that and won’t even try.” THE FEELS PEOPLE!

The next day at her last day of work, she notices people starting to treat her differently and it all clicks. They all know about her AML. After Beth drags her away for lunch, she confesses it was her who blabbed, but only by accident. She really didn’t know who Raquel was. As the day ends, the two end up in an elevator ride together and April thanks Raquel. She’s the only one who didn’t treat her any differently.

At the party later on, April’s family went all out. She’s not only packed for the hospital, she’s got custom clothes, artificial flowers, a photo album, and some “enhanced” brownies courtesy of Grandma Emma. Best grandma ever! April also apologizes to Beth about her freak out after Beth confessed it was her fault about work finding out. Beth also shows April just what she would look like bald, with a handy dandy prop and assures her that her family and her will get April through all of it.

Just before she goes to bed, April calls Dominic one more time about the insanely good article she wrote for The Globe about Bruce Hendrie’s speech and her own cancer. We get a glimpse of Dominic on the road like his heart has been torn out and dehydrated of all blood. Yep, that’s accurate.

Meanwhile, with Brenna and Sara:

Brenna meets up with Kieran after her Florida trip and confesses to him about her relationship with Greer. He says he’s okay with it, but we all know he isn’t. More on this later.

She also invites Greer over to dinner with her family and Greer really hits it off with Sara. Yay! But things get a bit wonky when Ford shows up. Brenna clearly warns her that Greer is there, but Ford still sticks around, and we can see her resent it all. She’s really not happy at all during dinner. Later on, Sara walks in on Greer and Brenna making out in her room. Surprise!

The next day, Ford runs into Greer at school and tries to make nice with her. Greer mentions a set up but you can tell that Ford still doesn’t like it. Like she’s being pushed out of her friendship with Brenna.

At April’s party, Kieran stops by and definitely surprises Brenna. He stays to hang out a bit, but Ford has other ideas. She takes him up to Brenna’s room and makes out with him. Brenna does walk in on them and starts putting labels on them all, even though she did say she doesn’t like labels in the past. Ford walks out, and Kiernan, after the arrival of Greer, makes her choose. Greer tells her that she doesn’t want to do anything with Brenna unless it’s real. Brenna still chooses Greer. #Grenna!

Downstairs, George stuck around to help Sara clean up from the party and as they start reminiscing, you can see their old friendship come out. We love this friendship…or is it something more because George just kissed Sara! Hello!

The episode ends with the family taking April to the hospital and JJJ now needs to restock our tissues.

In the meantime, enjoy next week’s preview:

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