Chasing Life's Italia Ricci on Tonight's Summer Finale: April Gets Closure with Leo, Holds Heated Convo with Dominic

Chasing Life's Italia Ricci on Tonight's Summer Finale: April Gets Closure with Leo, Holds Heated Convo with Dominic

Italia Ricci has been tugging at our heartstrings all season long in our favorite new show Chasing Life, and tonight that comes to an end with the summer finale.

In case you haven’t caught up (in which case, GET ON THAT!), the 27-year-old actress stars as April, an aspiring journalist at a Boston newspaper who is diagnosed with cancer.

We caught up with Italia to get the scoop on what we can expect tonight, including what she thinks about the brewing love triangle with Leo (Scott Michael Foster) and Dominic (Richard Brancatisano). Check it:

The Chasing Life finale airs TONIGHT @ 9PM on ABC Family.

JustJaredJr: We have to start with Leo and April! They didn’t end on the best terms last week. What can we expect with their relationship going into the finale?

Italia Ricci: For the finale, it becomes life and death. They do…I don’t know how to say this without giving too much away. There’s a little bit of closure. They do see each other again and speak, and a decision is made, and then something happens with Leo.

JJJ: Where does Dominic fit into all this, now that he knows April’s secret?

IR: Dominic, as you saw in the preview, he comes back. They figure some things out that put him and April in a very heated conversation.

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JJJ: If you could give April some love advice right now, what would you say?

IR: I would say to tell her to do what makes her happy, but she’s been doing that. But it’s not been working out that great for her. So I would say maybe just cool it, and focus on you.

JJJ: April loves her job so much. Does being cooped up in a hospital room, away from all the hustle of the newsroom, start to get to her?

IR: It definitely breaks her down and she starts to realize how much she’s giving up because she has to be in the hospital without leaving or so long. She’s always been “go, go, go” and had so many responsibilities. And all of a sudden, not having anything sort of drives her nuts. You’ll see her finally lose it.

JJJ: We saw April and Raquel share a moment in the elevator where they kind of came to an understanding. Is it possible these two could be friends in the future?

IR: Probably not. I feel like Raquel, she doesn’t let anyone in. And April respects that about her, and appreciates that she’s very real and doesn’t pretend. I think April admires Raquel for what she is and how she is. And if she were to change that, it would be a totally different dynamic.

JJJ: April has such a great support system at home, but there are still several secrets being kept. Will they start to surface tonight?

IR: Nobody wants to stress her out while she’s in the hospital, but sometimes things just can’t wait. And secrets rarely stay secret forever on television, so eventually everything does get addressed. She does what she thinks is right in every situation. But she makes mistakes and the audience will get to see how she deals with them. The family dynamic changes episode to episode, just like regular families do. You never know what’s going to happen. I feel like the writers do an excellent job of showing how the family isn’t always just one way. But at the end of the day, they’re still family and they’re there for one another.

JJJ: ABC Family loves to leave us with cliffhangers. Should we expect one tonight?

IR: Oh yeah.

JJJ: If you had to predict, how will fans react on Twitter right after the episode ends?

IR: They’re going to be really pissed off.

JJJ: In a good way, like, “Wow that way crazy,” or in a bad way?

IR: In a very scared way…In probably a bad way because it’s something that nobody wants to happen.

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