Oh No! ABC Family Cancels 'Twisted'!

Oh No! ABC Family Cancels 'Twisted'!

We’ve got some bad news to report – Twisted has been canceled after one season on the air.

ABC Family has decided not to renew the mystery series starring Avan Jogia, Maddie Hasson, and Kylie Bunbury, according to THR.

The show was about a teen with a troubled past, who reconnects with his two female best friends from childhood. He becomes the prime suspect when a fellow student is surprisingly found dead in her home.

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  • imsupposedtoputmynameherebutno

    WHAT???? NO!!! I though it was a great concept for a drama series!

  • Rachel

    That is terrible. I loved this show and I think it really should of been renewed. Too many people loved it and on top of that there are only a few good shows left on ABC Family

  • Marie

    Not surprised. Yes a lot of people loved it but more people were totally turned off by it being turned into the Jo show at the expense of every single other character including the star, Danny/Avan.

  • Anabelle

    Yup. It was doing good up to the point where it was only about Jo and not even about Danny or Lacey. Also they turned it into a love triangle when it wasn’t supposed to be. Danny was really into Lacey and then out of the blue he got feelings for Jo? That didn’t make any sense. The writing just got terrible

  • kayy

    that shit sucked ass. we all knew this day was coming. It could have been great. Despite being a bit predictable, it had some solid characters. Avan played the hell out of the Danny character in 1a, but was left with a bunch of bull in the later half that not even his skill set could save.

    oh well. Happy to see a few of them have moved onto bigger and hopefully better projects.

  • Amanda

    What the fuck?!?!?!? Why is abc family canceling all the shows that I like?! First Ravenwood and now Twisted. This was a really good show. Are we at least going to find out what the hell happens and what went down with Danny’s family? And what about that new kid who turned out to be his brother or cousin or whatever? This is bullshit! We should at least get another season so we can get some answers to our questions. If you can’t tell I’m not sad, I’m pissed!!!!

  • ElizabethC

    • Thankfully! The actors can now move on to other more worthwhile projects. The last 8 episodes were poorly written and that is what ruined the show. All the ambiguity, mystery, and friendships were destroyed. Turning this into the JoShow wasn’t what viewers signed up for (hence the last 2 episodes being the worst ratings that any ABCFam show have ever had). Perhaps ABCFam will learn its lesson that viewers want great writing, true diverse casts treated equally with good development of characters, and consistency in quality. Also, when you create a mystery, DON’T GET RID OF YOUR MAIN VILLIAN!!! Waste of a golden opportunity. Oh, and people are tired of the staid love-triangle…why can’t a guy have a relationship with one girl and a friendship with the other one? Must it always be a pittance of girl against girl and ending up being the example of poor self-esteem when one girl decides that boy is worth betraying a “friend”?

  • ShaylaShay

    It doesn’t surprise me at all…people are kinda over the mystery thing for example similar shows like ravenswood,the lying game have been canceled…and to be honest people are tired of pretty little liars…they need to wrap it up its annoying

  • Janet Hitts

    I am so upset that ABC Family would cancel such a great show and put the show Mystery Girls on instead. I loved 90210 and watched it all the time, however, mystery girls lacks ALOT. I think I will be done with ABC Family, I will start looking for other tv shows to watch. I believe they did a great injustice to their fans.

  • Flychick86

    Wow. It’s official. Saw it comin’, to be honest.

  • SM

    I thought I’d give this show a chance cause I usually do like the ABC Family shows (Pretty Little Liars, the Fosters). The episodes were just boring and not didn’t lure me in. I watched the whole first season with little interest and didn’t even bother to watch the next season. I honestly expected it to be canceled. I felt the same way about Ravenswood, and they both got the same fate!

  • Kara

    WWWWTTTTFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then who tf shoots who in the last episode!?!?!?!?! Who is Charlie’s dad????? So many unanswered questions after that last freaking episode!!!!!! Uggghhhh.

  • Erica Bargo

    I don’t even know why I watch series shows anymore! Every time I find one I like, they cancel it!

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