Jennette McCurdy Set to Write & Star in Her Own Web Series!

Jennette McCurdy Set to Write & Star in Her Own Web Series!

Jennette McCurdy is officially moving on from Sam & Cat.

According to THR, the 22-year-old actress will write and star in her very own web series, titled What’s Next for Sarah.

She will play “the eponymous Sarah, an actress who gained fame on a TV show for tweens and is now forced to figure out what to do with her life.”

“I wanted What’s Next for Sarah to be a light-hearted call-out to some of the more absurd experiences I’ve faced growing up in the entertainment industry,” Jennette told the mag. “My goal was to exaggerate some of the more classic Hollywood archetypes – the phony reporter, the insincere agent, the duplicitous casting director – and heighten them to a surreal extent that we can all laugh at.”

She continued, “We all have those moments where we feel like the world is entirely crazy, and we’re the only sane person.”

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  • Maria

    Congratulations Jennette! I hope she moves on to bigger & better things! She’s got a great career & future ahead of her. I loved her in “iCarly”, “Best Player”, “Swindle”, and “Sam & Cat”. Can’t wait to watch this web show and more of her stuff in the future.

  • Liz

    I found her web series (4 episodes) amusing and well cast. Unfortunately, the other actors have the funniest bits and the character of Sarah is pretty blah and uninteresting. I also don’t like her digs at other singers and actresses her age…I get that she’s making pop culture references but it just makes her seem more ordinary by comparison.

  • ej

    love this show!!! cant wait to see more OMG!!! congratz jennette!!! so excited!!

  • kimskey

    This series is a clever witty satirical humor. Being it satire in nature, I’m sure it offends some group. But I think they are being over sensitive. If their arguments are valid they should never have watched and laughed at any satire, parody, or even the mocking video clips. This includes family guy, simpsons, SNL, and … well… 80% of youtube videos. They need to calm down cause the mock wasn’t even that serious.

    The webshow is good and solid.

  • cochella2014

    This web series is a bit sad. the whole thing reeks of bitterness and jealousy. this girl got opportunities that millions dream of. So she takes the money (as much as she can) for years, and then when she gets too old and (I’m sorry but) unattractive, she lashes out. I doubt she’d be doing this “web series” if she had any real offers.

    but here is the big question: if she has such contempt for the entertainment business, why does she try so desperately to stay in it? go do something else; then you won’t have to endure all these “terrible people.”

    also how come her face looks so fat in these videos?&@%

  • http://none mikanika

    i feel bad for jeanette. ariana grande has 4 top 20 songs and is in huge demand. while jeannette is doing a web show? it makes me feel bad for jeanntte. she has some talent. why won’t someone hire jeannette in a real TV show or movie, or SOMETHING??????? why is it that only the pretty girls are in demand????

  • Blah2014


    That is sad you think pop success means more than anything.

    Jennette is not in the music business. She is an actress. You arianators (or however you spell it) are so freakin stupid. Jennette is doing what she wants. She is making her own show. THAT is success: doing what YOU want and being happy with it. Jennette writes, executive produces, and stars in a show she made. That’s what she loves to do.

    And if you think Jennette is ugly, you are a shallow person. She is obviously not ugly, you are just some Ariana fan who says anything to make Jennette look bad. Go outside and do something with you life.

    Between Ariana’s fans and Jennette’s, I can tell that Ariana has the worst fan base. You guys make death threats and ill-mannered comments that are just over the top and dumb. It’s so sad that someone as lovely and nice as Ariana has such a mean, ignorant fanbase.

    Have a great day.

    Sincerely, a person who is neither a McCurdian or Arianator who is viewing this from a non-biased point of view and has a life, unlike all those making a big deal about this.

    P.S. Jennette’s show has exaggerations of people which is not to be taken seriously.

  • karina

    “What’s Next for Sarah?” is such an amazing web series. I respect Jennette so much for writing and producing her own web show. She’s incredibly talented and has got amazing acting and writing skills. It’s so nice to see she’s moved on to things that make her happy and I can’t wait to see more of her.