The Fosters' Brandon & Callie Kiss on Summer Finale!

The Fosters' Brandon & Callie Kiss on Summer Finale!

We know, we know, we’re late!

But is anyone else still squealing over Brandon (David Lambert) and Callie’s (Maia Mitchell) kiss from the summer finale last night?

Here’s what led up to it: After Callie acknowledges Robert (Kerr Smith) as her father in front of everyone at the fundraiser, Sophia (Bailee Madison) reveals that she snatched the abandonment papers out of the mail and ripped them up.

But that wasn’t what Callie wanted at all — it was another chance at finally having a family is snatched away from her. Things only get worse when Robert says that he can’t sign the papers again and abandon her for the second time.

Brandon chases after Callie, where he gets her to calm down with deep breaths.

“Maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be. Maybe this is the way it was always supposed to be. I gave up so much to be adopted, she tells him.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brandon & Callie’s kiss — YAY or NAY?

Brandon & Callie Kiss
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  • Lola

    Honestly, I say YAY for Brallie! I love Callie and Brandon together and obviously it looks like they’re never going to get over each other which is fine by me. I feel like it would be right for Callie not to be adopted. It seems like Robert and Sophia need her more at this difficult time in their lives. The Fosters will always be her family and Callie knows that (she just hasn’t completely understood this concept quite yet), but I feel like she shouldn’t get adopted because in the end she’s not meant to be a foster child. She has her real dad and she has the possibility of having a great life with her father and Sophia. Plus she’ll always have Jude and the Fosters alongside her as her family.


  • Katie


  • Kya

    NO!! I like Wyatt :( and I want Callie to get adopted :(

  • Mackenzie

    YAY all the way! I love Brandon and Callie together, it seems that they know more about each other and care for each other more than anyone else does.

  • Gabriela

    YAY!! I love them so much

  • Katie

    YAY!!! I’m soo happy they were meant to be together!! I swear if the writers do something to there relationship shiz gonna get real also I really wanted callie to get adopted and be happy but obviously she’s not so she thought might as well be with brandon.