Max Adler Returning to 'Glee' for Final Season!

Max Adler Returning to 'Glee' for Final Season!

JJJ did not see this one coming!

According to THR, Max Adler will be reprising his role as Dave Karofsky in a major recurring role in the upcoming final season of Glee! He will reportedly appear in at least four of the last 13 episodes.

Sources tell the mag that Dave will be romantically involved with…wait for it…Blaine (Darren Criss)! If you remember, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine seemed to be doing great in the finale, but since there will be a time jump, it’s possible they split again.

Max‘s character was first introduced as a bully to Kurt in the early seasons, while secretly struggling with his own sexuality.

ARE YOU HAPPY to see Max Adler coming back to Glee?

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  • Kurt hummel

    Can you smell that?! Smells like… freedom.

  • Sara

    I was all excited until I saw he was going to be with Blaine. Why??? Blaine is the worst character ever. So while I thought this news might get me back on the Glee bandwagon, I think I’ll continue to avoid it.

  • Joan

    I think I threw up a little in my mouth. No. Never. WTF? They’re trying to salt the earth because they mad.

  • Andrea

    NO, NO NO NO Hell to the freaking no.
    Ryan murphy really needs a reality check, Klaine is the only good thing about this show. you cannot screw that up too.
    This is crossing the line, im a bigfan, but i will literately stop watching if this happens

  • Anne

    Are you just trolling for hits or are they this dumb?

  • Alexis

    I’m really glad Karofsky is back. Hated how they left his story without telling us happened to him after the suicide atempt. Besides Max Adler acting is really great.
    But seriously why Blaine ??? Seriously WTF!? Karofsky being involved with Kurt is much more reasonable and interesting. I just can’t stand Blaine and how his character seems to be taking over Kurt because Darren Criss is Ryan Murphy’s favorite.

  • littlewitch

    I think this is great. Max Adler is an AMAZING actor and I was really hopeful that Karofsky’s journey was not over on Glee.

  • Krabbee

    I loved Max and his character and am happy to hear that he’s going to be back, but, I’m really bored with Blaine & Kurt. Oh well, it’s the last season, and I guess different viewers have different favorites. Look forward to a great final episode.

  • Mathew

    He should have come back as Kurtofsky or dating another guy, but NOT BLAINE!

  • Kyle

    Are you kidding me? Kurt and Blaine are supposed to be getting married. This cannot happen. I will not watch anymore if this actually happens. I swear Ryan Murphy is trying to completely ruin the last season. He’s introducing five new characters and maybe doing this? There’s absolutely no way he can develop five new characters in 13 episodes. This is ridiculous. The last season should be about everyone who was originally on the show and it should be a happy last season. Not a season filled with unnecessary drama. I’m happy karovskys coming back because they kinda just completely forgot about him but there’s no reason he should be with Blaine. Blaine and Kurt are one of Hollywood’s most iconic LGBT couples and there’s no good reason to break them up AGAIN. If Ryan Murphy does this he might think that it’s going to create a great plot but in reality it’s just going to make a lot of people mad.

  • Sebastian Smythe

    Finally. Thank you, Dave Karofsky! Now Kurt is single, and hopefully ready to mingle.

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