Demi Lovato Stands Up for Sister Maddie After Fans Call Her Hunchback

Demi Lovato Stands Up for Sister Maddie After Fans Call Her Hunchback

Demi Lovato taught her fans a very important lesson on Sunday evening (August 31) — don’t mess with her little sister Madison De La Garza.

After a Vine of Maddie cooking was posted to her Twitter, some cruel fans thought it would be funny to make fun of her and call her a hunchback.

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Once Demi realized what was going on, she took to Twitter to scold people for making fun of her little sister.

“For anyone telling me to “chill”… The impact bullies have over the internet can lead people to suicide,” she tweeted. “I can handle the bulls–t. But do NOT f–k with my baby sister. I’m all for peace and spreading love UNTIL you go after a 12 YEAR OLD who did NOTHING to you.. So disappointed that after all the conversation about cyber bullying in this world that people would continue to do this to others. @Maddielovesyou1 you are BEAUTIFUL and the most precious little angel in my life and I will always protect you. I LOVE YOU.”

Demi continued to say, tweeting: “Physical disabilities are NOTHING to joke about. SEVERE SCOLIOSIS IS NOTHING TO MAKE FUN OF.”

See the full Vine that started this below

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  • Jess

    I wish nothing but the worst for these disgusting bullies. I love that Demi never stops standing up to them. And I’m actually taken aback to see what a gorgeous young lady Maddie’s turned into.

  • IP

    who exactly decided that the title should call these assholes “fans”?

  • Jason

    Isn’t all of this just a form of reverse bullying?

  • http://twitter katie

    Why?? People have a right to live a happy life everyone does, but people that take it from us, dont have nothing better to do then to sit there and take the mic out of inoccent people and not think of the impact it has on them. They think that it will make them bigger and better then you, well it just makes them a more discusting and horrible person. And one day they will realise when its too late of the cruel and unforgiveable things they have made happen. This situation is Horrible, stay strong maddie you’re beautiful! <3

  • jET

    Uhh, no. She’s calling them out on their bs and sticking up for her litlle sister. She didn’t name name, she didn’t call any one person out directly, and even if she had it still wouldn’t be bullying. Wouldn’t you if you were in her position and they were calling your disabled sister hunchback? What planet are you ever on?

  • fan

    I don’t get it it looks like there is nothing wrong with her but you kinda can see it but why make it a big deal. Bullies suck

  • Don’t talk about 12yr children with disabilities.. not cool.