Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Teases Tonight's Finale!

Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Teases Tonight's Finale!

Check out this brand new interview with Teen Wolf hottie Ryan Kelley!

The 28-year-old actor caught up with JJJ to chat about tonight’s season four finale, especially the big mystery surrounding his character Deputy Parrish.

We saw his eyes turn color, which can only mean one thing – he’s transforming!

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Just Jared Jr: How excited were you to find out that your eyes would be changing color and that Parrish was turning into something?

Ryan Kelley: I’ve been a longtime fan of Teen Wolf even before joining the cast. I’ve always loved how the various characters’ eyes would change different colors and the different meanings for each. After joining the show, I was secretly hoping that I wouldn’t be left out! So, when I read that my eyes were going to glow a fiery red I was thrilled but seeing it on TV was even cooler! But what does it all mean?…Hmmmmm.

JJJ: If you could pick any of the creatures – wolf, kanima, kitsune, etc – which would you most want to be?

RK: Definitely a wolf. All of your senses become enhanced and you gain super strength and healing powers. I know those could be useful in my life at times. Plus, you get to be a part of a pack. Growing up in a home with 14 siblings, I come from a pack already and family is a huge part of my life.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Ryan Kelley

JJJ: We thought you died in the car fire, but then you came back with a vengeance. How did Parrish survive?

RK: Well, over the last few episodes we’ve learned that Parrish possesses supernatural traits, so that must have had something to do with it. Also, Parrish has a military background and seems to be a bit of a Boy Scout. Have you noticed he always comes prepared for every situation? I wouldn’t be surprised if he wakes up and puts fire retardant all over himself every morning just in case. Maybe that’s also his secret to looking so young!!

JJJ: Good point! So is Parrish still pretty confused about what he is? Is he starting to figure any of it out?

RK: Parrish’s world recently got turned upside down. Everything he’s known or believed up to this point in his life is now out the window. He thought real life physics and everyday problems were all he had to worry about, but now it’s a whole new world for him. Dealing with these new realizations in addition to his responsibilities as a Deputy Sheriff, I’d say his plate is pretty full. I think he’s just now trying to figure it all out and how he fits into this crazy Beacon Hills group of supernaturals.

JJJ: Will we get to find out more about his past and why he’s transforming? Or do we have to wait til next season?

RK: As much as I would love to help, I’m pretty much in the dark on what’s to come too. Looks like we will all have to wait until next season to get some much needed answers to a lot of interesting questions about Parrish. But hey, at least we’re all in this together!

JJJ: Fair enough! So after helping Chris Argent with the stake through his stomach, he’s proving to be quite the hero. Will his heroics continue through in helping to find Scott and Kira?

RK: Parrish prides himself on being a reliable guy and one with a sense of duty. He would never pass up an opportunity to help others, especially not after all he’s just learned. His intimate conversation with Argent about Allison and his help in saving his life has created a strong bond between the two of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Argent teamed up to try and help Scott and Kira!

JJJ: Clearly he’s got more strength. Are you able to tell us what, if any, other abilities he’s started to develop?

RK: Like I said before I’m kept in the dark almost as much as you guys! Our show’s creator Jeff Davis, the real alpha of our pack, takes pleasure in keeping us all in the dark as long as possible. I’m constantly on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what’s in store for Parrish. I’ve been told to get ready though, because season 5 will be a pretty big deal for him. So it looks like there will be much more to discover about the Deputy!

JJJ: We can’t wait! Any last teasers for tonight’s big finale?

RK: Always exciting, the Teen Wolf finale will be an action packed, thrill ride. Many questions will be answered but, of course, many new questions will be raised. Longtime viewers know that Teen Wolf loves a cliffhanger! Besides the ongoing question of just what kind of supernatural Parrish is, I’m very intrigued by what seems to be a possible growing relationship between Parrish and Lydia. She stated pretty clearly that she’s over teenage boys and now that she is 18, who knows what could happen? I mean Deputy Parrish would never actually break the law, right? LOL! Up to now his interactions with Lydia have been professional for the most part, but it seems like there might be something special going on just below the surface. Whether it’s nothing more than a growing friendship I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to finding out more. Then again he could end up with Stiles for all I know! Anything is possible on Teen Wolf!

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  • Brizu

    Oh, Ryan, you beautiful man. There’s no way Parrish will end up with Stiles. That would require them to actually confirm he’s bi (and to stop shoving him at every available female).

    Bitterness aside, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed Parrish this season. I didn’t really care about him in 3b, but I’m getting attached. I am cautiously intrigued by Lydia/Parrish.