Addison Riecke Talks 'Thundermans' Season 2 (Exclusive Interview)

Addison Riecke Talks 'Thundermans' Season 2 (Exclusive Interview)

The Thundermans returned for its second season last night and we loved the new episode!

Just before the premiere, we chatted with star Addison Riecke about the new season, her character Nora, and so much more.

In case you didn’t know, the show revolves around a suburban family with superpowers. Addison plays Nora, who is the youngest of the Thunderman children and has the superpower of heat vision. Make sure to catch new episodes of The Thundermans every Saturday night at 9pm ET/PT on Nickelodeon!

Just Jared Jr.: Tell us about your character on season 2

Addison Riecke: I think each character has developed more this season and we have truly grown with our characters. In season 2, Nora shows more of a sensitive side of herself to everyone. I’m so glad to see her with this sensitive side, because it is something I can definitely relate to.

JJJ: Would you want to be friends with Nora in real life? Tell us why.

AR: Absolutely!! I think Nora would be a great friend to have. I like that she is dry, sarcastic and funny, but charming and sweet at the same time. Plus, now with the sensitive side that we will see in season 2, she would make the best friend!

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JJJ: We love your bows! Tell us about why you always have a cute bow in your hair? It’s your signature!

AR: I like to think my bow is my signature. I have literally worn a bow since I was an infant. I didn’t have much hair when I was a baby, so my Mom would put a bow in my hair so people would not mistake me for a boy. Whenever I pick out an outfit to wear, I always think “there’s a bow for that”!

JJJ: Any fun on-set stories about your cast mates?

AR: My cast mates are truly the siblings I never had. Kira, Diego and I are only children, and Jack has half-siblings that are much older. We have this instant family and we are all really close. With that being said, we love to joke and play pranks on one another, like true siblings do. During lunch we all like to hang out in the lounge and watch movies or play video games.

JJJ: Your fans are called the AddieCats, where did that come from?

AR: I wanted to find a name for my fans, so I asked for their help on Instagram. There were a few names that were in the running, but AddieCats got the most likes. It fits me perfectly, because my friends call me Addie, and I love cats!

JJJ: Tell us about your cat Hannah, we heard that you adopted her?

AR: I fostered Hannah, a Russian Blue/Tabby mix, in June 2013. Of course, once we brought her home we fell in love with her immediately because she is so cute and cuddly. She is truly part of our family and I couldn’t imagine life without her!

JJJ: What do you love most about acting?

AR: The most interesting part of acting is getting to play roles that are completely different from who you truly are. My first acting role was a guest starring role on “How To Live With Your Parents, For the Rest of Your Life”. I had to play a bully. That is totally the opposite of who I am in real life. That is what I love about acting, playing a role opposite of my real personality.

JJJ: Who are your role models?

AR: There are a few people that I admire in this industry, probably too many to name. But, the one that is closest to my age that I admire is Bailee Madison. She is not only a talented actress that has accomplished a lot professionally, but personally, she is so grounded and humble.

JJJ: What can fans look forward to in season 2?

AR: There are a lot of exciting special episodes and guest stars this season. We got to work on a cross over episode with the Haunted Hathaways. Also, the band MKTO guest starred on an episode. Every episode is amazing and we are having so much fun filming them. The fans will LOVE season 2 of The Thundermans!!

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