Jackie Evancho Wants to Answer YOUR Questions Before Her Big 'Awakening' Album Release!

Jackie Evancho Wants to Answer YOUR Questions Before Her Big 'Awakening' Album Release!

The talented Jackie Evancho is teaming up with JJJ to answer a ton of fan questions!

The 14-year-old classical crossover singer is gearing up for the release of her brand new album Awakening, which drops on Tuesday, September 23. We can’t wait to hear it!

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You can submit your questions for Jackie several ways – leave a comment below, tweet us or Instagram using the hashtag #JackieJJJ, or leave us a Facebook comment! You have from NOW until Friday, September 19 to get your burning questions in to us!

Keep your eye on JJJ on the day of her album release to find out Jackie‘s answers!

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  • sempre libere

    Some of the your most memorable performances include having a choir behind you – (for example, AGT – Pie Jesu; DWM – To Believe; Memorial Day – My Heart Will Go On). Do you think you will have a choir singing at any of your concerts? I would love to hear that!

  • jim wood

    Don’t know what I am doing .Don’t know if this goes to Jackie or not. I will never know because if you answer I wont know where to look .Have you ever seen the Phantom on stage. If you haven’t please do. If you haven’t then you have never seen the PHANTOM .just like Jackie they have to be seen live. Had the privilege of seeing both many times and still tear up every time. Thank you and thank you MR.De Ambroiso. Not spelled right but would have to get out look it up come back and start over. Wwouldnt be
    able to find this page again anyway.

  • http://N/A Jeannie

    You are so amazing and poised! I love you so much! My question: I have gone to 2 of your concerts and saw there are a bunch of old guys who follow you around and ogle you. As a girl you have to notice that. Doesn’t that scare and creep you out as much as it does other girls? I know you are famous and all but ick!

  • https://twitter.com/Lappo357 ivars lapins

    Have you ever tried to count in how many countries you have the fans? And if yes, then how was result of counting? Maybe let it’s more easy to answer, I’ll ask this way – from how many countries you got at least some response, greeting or other activities? :)

  • Tanner Meierle

    What was the most difficult song to learn on this album?

  • firebirdst

    @Jeannie I can understand your ick, but please don’t put every old man in that category. A lot of us old men have nothing but admiration for Jackie and her family.

    This is a reply I got from a comment on Youtube a short time ago on this subject.

    From John
    “I’m 65 years old and I have never heard of anyone who could sing as Jackie can. Other Opera singers make my ears bleed while Jackie’s music soothe them. You can wear a headphone and turn the music as loud as you can and Jackie’s sound wont hurt your ears.. Can’t do that with anyone else.. I’m a first time fan of anyone.. Now I know what it feels to be a fan..and I love it.. Jackie // Thank you for who you are and what you do.. Your music makes this old man very happy…? ”

    This was my reply.
    “John, I could have written this exact same comment word for word because that is what happened to me 1 1/2 years ago (was moving out of state in 2010) when I clicked on a suggestion that I might like this artist on Youtube. When I say word for word I mean EVERYTHING pertains to me. 65, not really fond of Classical music, first time a real fan of anyone EVER, she has the same effect on me as to what happened to the young lady at 2 minutes into David Foster 12,000 people in Vegas and I could not under stand a word she was singing.?”
    I believe that is why that about 40% on the forum are men over 60.

    I fully realize they would like her to develope a larger number of younger fans and female fans,but her voice seems to resonate and be very moving to many of us older people. Furthermore, I know many of us would protect her from any harm as if she were our own daughter.
    I have two daughters, five granddaughters, one great granddaughter and one young singer that I would protect with my life, this also includes ANY child. Plus children are having to grow up way to fast today.

  • kenneth

    Jackie….You have this wonderful and emotional connection with pets and animals in the wild and I so admire you for this. Will you be doing any future activities in support of those creatures who are threatened and hurting and lack the voice to cry out for help? As one who has seen you in concert twice, I wish you much success on the new album and always stay true to your core values.

  • Stephen

    What will be the name on your PBS Special DVD for Awakeening?I love Awakening already have 1st Copy of CD.

  • James chapman

    My family has enjoyed and had the pleasure of seeing you twice now and we’re looking forward to seeing you a third time in Clearwater, Florida in March ’15! My question Jackie, are you keeping a list of other musicians that you would like to perform with some day? I have so enjoyed your collaborations with all of those you have performed with and looking forward to many more in the future!

  • firebirdst

    SORRY: Please disregard previous post, after thinking it over, this is not the place to vent my frustration on the generalities given to old men.

    Addmin: Please delete my posts

  • http://@HANANEGAZA Hanane

    Is there any chance to come to Africa 2015 or years later?

  • Alex Karpinski

    Hi Jackie! I know that you love “The Phantom of the Opera” and I was wondering if you were aware of the sequel musical that Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote called “Phantom: Love Never Dies” and what your thoughts on it were? I think you would love some of the music!

  • David

    In todays world, it takes more than than being popular or being very good at something to climb ladders. Most of us know that your mom pretty much manages you, but do you have more than one manager? Do you have other people you consult when blazing ahead with your projects. One example, who did you consult before you decided to do the ‘Think of me Video’? I’m thinking you must have more than one layer of managers, many professionals do–do you? Thank you in advance to your thoughtful answer. Take care.

  • george lucas

    I have been to three of your concerts and will be going to the fourth concert in Hartford ct sitting in row D on December 14th. You bring the greatest joy of no one else gould possibley do. You are simply a dream that came thru. george

  • Guy

    Of the musical instruments you have played, is their one that you like to play and study the most?

  • johnc

    Love “Awakening”. It is totally awesome. You and Nick and crew have really outdone my expectations. I could listen to you sing all day and sometimes I do. I have always believed that innovation is the key to iconic status (along with tremendous talent that you have in spades) in any genre of music. Being only 14 ( this still blows my mind when I listen to that voice on this CD) this might be a question that cannot be answered right now and perhaps saved for a revelation in the future, but are you and your team kicking around any new ideas for your music and performances?

    p.s. Thank you for all your work so far. :)

  • david

    What kind of music do you listen to on your iPod? Do you have a song you always find yourself listening to or singing?

  • george lucas

    George lucas again, any chance for a meet and greet at your Hartford ct concert. I sure hope so.

  • Katy

    Seeing as you’re part of a Catholic family, does the Catholic Faith play an important factor in what music you decide to sing and your daily life?

  • Carolyn

    Jackie, you played piano during your PBS taping (very well, I might add). Do you anticipate playing during any of your concerts. Awakening is awesome, loved “With or Without You”. Actually love all of them!

  • mary

    Life is so full for you right now. Way more than an average person your age has to consider. What little I know of your parents ,they seem to be very kind. My question is–do you think if all of a sudden you felt you have had enough for a while that you would be supported on all fronts? I hope you have this trust and assurance.

  • http://facebook david

    hi Jackie will they ever let you sing Nessun Dorma when your old enough for them to let you do it? and also will you ever do some of the tune’s like from My Fair Lady or Westside Story and Sound of Music? and any standard type song from years past i hope you will consider them i would love to hear how you would sing them with your lovely voice i think it would be something else to listen to you sing these kind of music and thank you for your reply

  • http://_Talaseda- Becky Goodwin

    Have you ever considered doing symphonic metal? I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but it’s basically a genre of metal with elements of classical music and operatic lead vocals.
    Some examples of symphonic metal bands are Epica, Nightwish and Within Temptation. I don’t know if you’ve heard of them? :)

    Also, if you had to pick just one song to sing for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

  • http://jackieevanchoenfrancais.weebly.com/ CLAUDE DE FRANCE

    One question that concerns me about your incredible voice, what is its amplitude, please? I mean how many octaves? Thank you, my best singer on Earth! :)

  • Slawek

    Jackie, I so love Awakening !! I love all songs from this album !! :-) but please, answer me what’s your favourite spng from this beautiful album ??? Please :-)

  • http://@JosephStumpf12 Joseph Stumpf

    My GF s daughter Joella wants to know if you could be any anime character which one would u choose.

  • http://Facebook Frank allebach

    How are you able to do school, release your new new album, promote your album, and do a world tour all at the same time by a 14 year old. You must have a great manager. Do you have time for a normal 14 year old, hobbies, boys, etc?


    Katherine Heigl is the only other performer I follow. She also started her career as a child with all the responsibilities and traveling and found it difficult to be a normal teenager. Her website relates: “The balance between school and work was a difficult lesson for her to learn. Whilst she yearned to be a normal teenager and fit in with the high school crowd, her busy schedule made it almost impossible. In fact, the situation bothered her enough that during her sophomore year she kept her career on hold so that she could spend more time at school. During this time she formed some of the closest friendships of her life.” I hope this works out for you. Straight A’s in English, huh? I was an English major because I liked to read, and write. Maybe you’ll do one of my scripts someday. Your voice will always echo in my heart.

  • https://twitter.com/4JackieMarieEva Claude de France

    Jackie Evancho, would you have some anecdotes about achieving #Awakening or your other artistic activities in your life? I present you to my students as a “Goddess”, but also as a teenager like them.

  • https://twitter.com/4JackieMarieEva Claude de France

    Awesome Jackie, do you plan, in 2015 or later, to come in Europe, especially in France of course? Does your family or Team need some help for such a project? Perhaps you don’t know but I’m ready to help you all, just like a passionate fan who wants to “share” you for the pleasure of thousands of people, who already know you or need to know you. ;) I want to congratulate you for Awakening, this Album will be a success, assuredly. I saw and heard you at Longwood gardens, wow, you robbed the whole hearts of your audience! Thank you again! :D

  • http://www.twitter.com/iamchristinb Christin Bieber

    Jackie you have sung numbers of classical crossovers and they are all amazing but do you want to sing pop songs like what else are doing like R & B or something like that? And one more question can you follow me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/iamchristinb


    I wish you wouldn’t make deluxe versions of cd’s. I buy one version then a deluxe version is released. I am old and can’t afford it. So, why two versions?

  • Deborah Bruner

    After seeing the youtube video of your AGT performance, my very talented 9 year old daughter wants to sing opera. We( of course) believe that she has what it takes. What can you suggest to her to help her realize her dream?
    Thank you,

  • http://ronfry1 ronald fry

    You are a very pretty young lady and you always dress so perfectly (particularly that turquoise dress with upper sequins) Do you have a stylist that picks your clothes for performances and for appearances?

    Part 2. You are going to be so busy for the last half of this year and a good part of next. “WE” your fans, worry about you and your health. Do you get enough downtime to recharge -who controls that? – What about your pets? Like the always lovely Maggie?

    Lastly, please tell Zach that he really isn’t adopted – I made it up!

  • Ironmanliiii

    I’m kind of cheating here because I already received Awakening in the mail on the 10th and have played it at least 10 times!

    My question is, up until now you’ve been treading lightly on those billion dollar vocal cords of yours. Were you holding back to, as Sara Brightman suggested in her little speech to you in the AGT finale, in order to preserve your voice? And is the sky now the limit?

    In Awakening it’s as though the flood gates were opened wide! I stopped counting the number of times on the CD that you hit an F5/ Bb over F5 or higher! That’s 4+ octaves! Not too many female vocalists on the planet can do that without belting!

    IMHO Awakening is light-years ahead of anything you’ve ever done! CU@Heinz Hall!


    Jackie, it’s wonderful listening to you. I hope you can come to the Midwest some time! Would you consider recording a song written by a fan? Do you have time to do something like that?

  • https://twitter.com/episod8 Rudy rojas

    HI! Jackie, I can only speak with a grateful heart as i’m pierced by this gift of your love of singing from a tender age. Your voice and Jackie, the person revives anew and moves and satisfy this cry of what I and countless others are radiating and cannot take all we can. I can never thank you enough. My Question: Noting the lush tones Jackie sings, how do you feel about some point when you do a concert many of fans have lifted arms/hands swinging left and right in harmony like the upbeat/pop concerts out there?

  • Geraldine

    Jackie we all love you in Australia and wonder when we will ever see you in Townsville Queensland?

  • Laura Clark redin

    Jackie. is there something else you like to achieve in your life.?my daughter and I really love your music.will you put out top 10 best hits.?God bless

  • http://@hally_s Hally (prounced Holly)

    First, do you still love opera? Your voice is solo suited for it. Second, do you believe this will be your career or do you have other plans?

  • http://aniTAcOZ ANita

    Yo quisiera preguntar si va regresar al classical crossover?, pues ahora ha ido por otros caminos , como el pop y la música Think of me , que he notado que tiene críticas , pues es una canción extraordinaria; comentan que la música recien extrenada Think of Me no es tan buena, pues yo me negué a creerla , no soy música pero me puse analizarla y creo que tiene un problemilla con la respiración comentan que su voz es muy oscura , pero para esta bien así su voz , y también comentan que su voz se está convirtiendo a Mezzosoprano? y eso me aterra . entonces quisiera que me responda por favor las preguntas planteadas si fuera de su amabilidad.
    Pero para mi está bien, excepto por la respiración es grandiosa su voz y tendría miedo que la musica que hace se terminára pues usted impreionó a los 10 años , y ahora su voz está madurando , pero gracias por cantar”!!!!!!!!!.

  • Ironmanliiii

    @Jeannie: You stole my thunder! My wife and I went to one of Jackie’s concerts for the first time in August in Lancaster PA. We were invited to a fan gathering and out of 35 people, were only one of seven married couples at the gathering. The rest were older single or divorced men, some of whom have attended more than 20 concerts! One fellow living on the west coast has attended 46! That’s a little OTT if you ask me!

  • Jim Pickett

    I have several questions. Will we ever hear from the Evancho Quartet again? Will we ever hear you play the piano or violin in a DVD? Have you ever had an I.Q. test? I don’t think a girl of just normal I.Q. could possibly do what you do. I have so many more. Remember that your voice is a gift from God and you will deserve it only if you stay as sweet, respectful, polite and loving as you have always been. Never follow in the path of some girls for whom super stardom came at a young age and who found it too much to handle. You are one of most widely beloved young girls in the world. Just knowing you exist has changed my life forever. Thanks for sharing your gift with the world and for just being our Jackie.

  • http://awedbje CLAY

    It seems the likelihood that Pope Francis will be visiting Philadelphia next September during the Meeting of Families. You have indicated in the past that you would like to, some day, perform for the Pope. If the opportunity arises now, would you welcome it. I believe that a far-reaching, inspirational effect would result from your performing in such a venue. That is not to say that one does not always arise when you perform- it does.

  • Jeremy

    I was wondering when you will bring your tour to Portland,Oregon. I really enjoy seeing you live.


    Hello Jackie!.. :D What’s behind the song (if im not mistaken) The Sun and The Moon… What made you write such song?. Does it have to do with you?.. or Did someone ever BROKE YOUR HEART BEFORE? :)

  • chaterrant

    I see that you have chosen to redo a couple of the songs from “Prelude To A Dream”. The song “Teaching Angels How To Fly” was so moving it still brings me to tears every time I hear it. I believe that song has hit potential, and it isn’t really a cover, so it would be something most people have never heard before. Would you consider doing a remake of it in the future now that your voice has matured?? I would be very interested to see what a wider audience would think of such an inspirational song.

  • simonejf

    Hi Jackie. I recently had a chance to listen to the samples of Awakening, and I wanted to tell you that Made to Dream is a fantastic song!! Can’t wait to have the full version:) Now the question is, will you focus more and more on songwriting in your present/future? I love what you have done so far and MTD just sealed the deal! Also I wanted to congratulate you for your Piano skills they are costantly improving, Is singing and playing piano at same time one of your goals for some future songs, during concerts? That would be absolutely grand!

  • http://Facebook Frank otto

    When will you perform at the palladium again in Carmel Indiana so I can see you perform again

  • Zoe Liesener

    Jackie, I love your song Think of Me I have to admit that I have practiced singing with your voice. Is there any chance that you could email me and we could be pen pals? I would really love to come to one of your concerts but I’m currently in China going to Kunming International Academy. My email is Zoe.chloe.5670@gmail.com if you could reply that would be nice. I’m really looking forward to your new album Awakening!