Vanessa Hudgens Is Latest Celeb Caught in Nude Photo Leak

Vanessa Hudgens Is Latest Celeb Caught in Nude Photo Leak

Vanessa Hudgens is one of latest victim of the celebrity nude photo hacking scandal, according to TMZ.

Nude pics of the 25-year-old actress reportedly surfaced on 4chan and Reddit, which has now taken a strong stance against hacked photos after being an outlet for the alleged pictures in the past. As a result, the photos were quickly removed from Reddit.

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In case you didn’t know, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton were also recent victims of the celeb hacking scandal.

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  • Erika

    Vanessa and nudes….. is this 2007?

  • Jessica

    Don’t see why it’s such a big deal. She’s a grown ass women taking pictures for her man and some ass decided to hack and leak them. It was a different story when she was underage but now she 25 so why does it matter.

  • christopher

    Jennifer Lawrence latest nude leaked videos & other celebrities leaked videos and


  • crystal

    I knew this could happen, she likes to take nudes of her, but that hacker needs to stop now.

  • muse

    Vanessa is a beautiful young woman who shouldn’t have to put up this bullsh*t. Nor any other celebrity. They entertain us with their films, or shows and some pathetic guy throw is back in their face by exploiting them and invading their privacy. None of these women did this with the hope or intention for them to get out, maybe they were for their partners, or they wanted to feel sexy so took a picture or just did it because they can! Why is it women being targeted and then being condemned and harassed by other women who call them vicious names and bullies them on their social networks.
    As a female myself, I’m outraged that someone who obviously lives a sad life and has nothing better to do with their time, feel for these women who are going through this. Just because they took a photo of themselves doesn’t make them bad people, slut or whores, it makes them human!
    I’m a full supporter of Vanessa and always will be and people should focus on her career and what an amazing woman she is, not her personal life that has been invaded so horribly.

  • Tilly

    there are worst things in the world than taking a nude photo
    people shouldnt hate on her so much

    see her for who she is, not her nude photos, im sure after losing lori this is the last thing she needed :(

    proud lovebug

  • j

    Why do these girls do this… have some class and self-respect.

  • Lady

    Oh honey not the Austin.send you been with Austin you have not may a movie in 3yr yes you was in small may more movie went you was with Zac.Austin bring you down he not help.he not right for you he a baby.

  • kelly

    Isn’t it early for halloween? She just wanted to get sex from a guy. THat happen a long time ago. These girls want attention.

  • Andrea

    I just found all Vanessa’s leaked videos and pictures on this site. Check it out, everything is there:
    bit .ly/ NewVanessaLeaked (copy link without spaces)

  • Revenge-Is-Sweet

    The 3rd time, that nude pics of her got leaked. Some people never learn it. It doesn’t matter if she uploaded them on her accounts or if she has them on her computer. If she takes such pictures, she shouldn’t save them on the harddisk and even worse when she’s uploading them on her accounts. How stupid can one be?
    It won’t take long anymore and she can kiss the little rest of her career goodbye, and then it’s over for good.

  • Kate Jennings

    The pictures were removed from Reddit, but are still available on