Jackie Evancho Answers Your Questions in Exclusive JJJ Q&A!

Jackie Evancho Answers Your Questions in Exclusive JJJ Q&A!

Jackie Evancho teamed up with JJJ to answer questions you submitted on both Twitter and Facebook to celebrate the release of her brand new album Awakening, which dropped on Tuesday (September 23).

The 14-year-old singer and former America’s Got Talent competitor says that this album is about “the awakening” of herself “as an artist and a person.”

“I’m now 14 and growing into my artistry,” she tells JJJ.

She also opened up about how she prepares her voice for performing, most memorable fan moment and who her dream singer for a duet is.

JustJaredJr.com: Which song on the album was the most challenging vocally and why?

JA: “Vocalise” was the most challenging – it has enormous range and has to be very fluid with long phrases – I wanted to do it as a challenge!

JJJ: How do you prepare your voice for a performance?

JA: On the day of a show I try not to speak too much and I avoid foods like dairy, cofee etc. I tend not to eat before a performance. I did a little warm up before I walk on stage – I’m then ready to go!

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JustJaredJr.com Q&A Jackie Evancho

JJJ: What is your go-to karaoke or shower song?

JA: Frozen‘s “Let It Go” – who can resist that song!

JJJ: Any plans to tour Europe or other parts of the world?

JA: Yes – I don’t know when yet but I do plan to go back to Asia and also Europe. I love Japan so that’s at the top of my list!

JJJ: Can you tell us about your most memorable fan moment?

JA: I loved the moment at the Toronto Film Festival when I attended the premier of my movie, The Company You Keep, the crowds were yelling my name and wanting my picture and autograph – it was really fun!

JJJ: Who would be your dream duet?

JA: Lady Gaga – I think we would be great together!

JJJ: What song from Awakening was your favorite to record?

JA: “Think of Me” from Phantom of the Opera – it has true meaning to me as Phantom played a bit part in getting me started. I also love “With or Without” you by U2 because it’s different.

JJJ: What is your favorite movie?

JA: Phantom of the Opera! Need i say more?

JJJ: Where did your love of nature come from?

JA: How can you not love nature? The earth is a very delicate and precious place. I campaign for baby seals and I also love the ocean.

JJJ: If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring any three albums, what would they be?

JA: I don’t listen to albums – only tracks. My three tracks would be the Black Keys‘ “Lonely Boy,” Pachelbel‘s “Canon,” and Maroon 5‘s latest hit.

JJJ: What advice would you give about balancing school and work?

JA: It’s a challenge but it can be done – it’s about balance in both your professional and school life. It’s also called hard work.

JJJ: How would describe your sense of style?

JA: Classic and simple.

JJJ: What is one dream you have that has yet to be fulfilled?

JA: Save the oceans.

JJJ: What is your favorite food to eat during a night in with your favorite tv show?

JA: Steak!

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  • slawek664

    Who is Your the biggest Idol ??

  • slawek664

    What song do You like to perform on the stage the best ??

  • slawek664

    What song was the hardest for You to learn from Awakening ??

  • slawek664

    What’s Your Vocal Range in Octaves ??

  • http://@BalsamMery balsam mery

    Jackie any color you like or a favorite?

  • http://www.wix.com/officialevarosesinger Official Eva rose singer

    Jackie Evancho, You follow me on twitter, you inspire me to sing classical crossover opera. I wanted to thank you so much! If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be singing. Good Luck With Your Future Plans! And Remember to keep dreaming ” Dream With Me” L.O.L :)

  • http://123world george lucas

    I have been to three of your concerts and will be going to your Hartford,ct. concert sitting 4 rolls from stage. how do I get a meet and greet with you and do you have any concerts coming up in new England for 2015

  • http://@BalsamMery balsam mery

    Are you planning to visit to Arab countries or you want to visit the Arab countries?

  • robert janke

    I am wondering where you recorded the vocal part of Awakening, I know the orchestra was in Budapest but possibly you were in a studio in NYC.