'Faking It's Rita Volk Dishes On What Lies Ahead for Amy & Why Karmy Shippers Never Cease to Amaze Her! (JJJ Exclusive)

'Faking It's Rita Volk Dishes On What Lies Ahead for Amy & Why Karmy Shippers Never Cease to Amaze Her! (JJJ Exclusive)

Check out this brand new interview with Faking It‘s Rita Volk who just returned as the laid-back and hilarious Amy Raudenfeld in season two of the hit MTV show.

As we saw in the premiere last week, Amy and Liam (Gregg Sulkin) decided to keep their hook up a secret and according to Rita, “Ironically, they’re going to bond over it.”

“They don’t become besties by any means, but Amy is going to learn some things about Liam that will make her see him in a more positive light, and in one particular episode Liam is going to realize that Amy has some qualities he would like to have,” she told JJJ.

She also opened up to JJJ about her friendship with co-star Katie Stevens, what she’d like to see happen for Amy, and advice for fans who find themselves in the same situation as her character. Check it out!

JustJaredJr.com: This season on Faking It, we’re already seeing a more vulnerable side to Amy. How do you prepare yourself for such emotional scenes?

RV: For me, when I’m in that moment and I really look into who that character is, I start to empathize with that person. And that’s where the emotion comes from. I think perception and empathy are the most important things for an actor. Some of what Amy goes through I can relate to, and what I can’t I just try to understand. As the show goes on, I’m really starting to build her in my head and feel like shes becoming an extension of me. So in those particularly vulnerable moments, I feel her downs and the emotions just come out. Most of the time its not something I can even verbalize.

JJJ: What is it like to have such a passionate fan base, especially the Karmy shippers?

RV: They are the most loyal, devoted fans. They get so excited about the show and we’ve had so much positive reception. Everyone wants to root for Karma because a relationship that close is rare. A lot of these girls either see themselves in this relationship or strive to have something like it. I think that’s why people are so passionate and invested. Also, they can make anything trend on social media and they come up with the best nicknames. It’s a whole force, it’s kind of a big deal. They never cease to amaze us. Not to brag or anything, but our fans are pretty awesome.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Rita Volk

JJJ: What would you like to see happen for Amy this season and beyond?

RV: I really want Amy to explore her sexuality and these new feelings that she develops for Karma. So far, Amy’s feelings have only been directed towards Karma. She doesn’t know if she’s gay, or straight, or both. As Shane puts it, she’s a “karmasexual”. Because she’s so young and these feelings are so new, I’d like for her to have love interests and come out of her shell. I also feel like she’s so selfless sometimes and follows Karma’s every whim, so I’d like her to assert her own identity and interests more. She’s going to have her own hobbies and interests, and I think the fans will like seeing what Amy’s “thing” is. I just see her a year after graduation, sitting under a tree on some liberal arts school campus, writing a novel or working on a documentary. But maybe that’s a little too far down the line…..

JJJ: You and Bailey Buntain have such a fun step-sister chemistry onscreen. Will we see more development of their relationship this season?

RV: Absolutely! Bailey is such an amazing actress, and so much of the comedic element of the show comes from her character. But she’s also so great dramatically, she’s great to play off of. So I definitely want that relationship to grow. I want more scenes with her. Now that Lauren has revealed her secret, I hope they both realize that they have more in common than they could have ever imagined. Lauren is now in the shady area of what is sexually acceptable. Being intersex is a huge stigma, as is being gay. They’re both the black sheep of society, and I really see them bonding over that. Its going to be a slow progression. They’re not going to become best friends by the end of the season, but they are both very isolated in certain ways and are living under the same roof, so they’ll naturally find more comfort in each other.

JJJ: Who do you think is a better fit for Karma – Amy or Liam?

RV: Both, in different ways. As someone who is there unconditionally, Amy is truly Karma’s soulmate. They love each other and always will. But as of now, Karma’s feelings for Amy are platonic and Amy just wants Karma to be happy. But of course, sex and sexual attraction are what differentiates a friendship from a relationship, and I don’t see Amy being able to fill that part of Karma right now. The feelings are not reciprocated, so it just cant work. As much as I, and of course the fanbase, want to see Amy and Karma wind up together asap, it’s not realistic at this point. Maybe Karma will change her mind and develop those sexual feelings, but as of now, Liam fills that void. Ironically, as polar opposite as Amy and Liam are, they are both a very important part of Karma and fill a role the other cant.

JJJ: You and Katie seem to get along really well off set. Was there an instant connection with her when you met? How did you guys form that friendship?

RV: There was an instant connection there, absolutely. When we met in the audition room, I think we were both tired of the really hostile or just distant attitudes some girls have in the audition room. Being mean to other people isn’t going to help you get the part. So we just decided we were going to be friendly. By the time the final audition came up, we wished each other the best of luck and acknowledged that we were two different types, so getting the role came down to not just talent but looks and personality and probably a hundred other factors. We both went out for Karma, so when i got the part of Amy (which I cant imagine not playing….it was fate) we congratulated each other and went out to celebrate. We really wanted to genuinely get to know each other because we were going to be spending a lot of time together, and from the very beginning we just clicked. People ask us all the time how we got to getting a long so well, and honestly the only thing we can say is that we got lucky. We just clicked. Of course that’s rare, we totally realize that, so now we are always mushy on set and talk about how lucky we are. Its kind of pathetic sometimes, actually, how sappy we get. We’re always like ‘what if you were a b—h, I wouldn’t know what I’d do.’ We got very, very lucky.

JJJ: Let’s be real, who hasn’t fallen for a best friend or a friend who doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings! What advice would you give someone who found themselves in a similar situation as Amy?

RV: If its one thing I learned from Amy, is that hiding those feelings is a very, very hard thing to do. Eventually the truth slips out. But if you’re able to hold it in, it might also just start to slowly eat away at you. I think the best thing, in the end, is to communicate those feelings. Yes, there is the risk of losing that person, but I also think if you are prepared for those feelings to not be reciprocated, it will be easier to salvage the relationship. Because then you are prepared for the worst and you can start figuring out how to maintain the friendship after the feelings are out in the open. I think people have the notion sometimes that if they confess their love, maybe that other person will feel the same way. But sadly, that’s not always the case. I think honestly is the best policy in this situation, and also being ready to get your feelings hurt. If you are prepared for that, the only way left after that is up.

JJJ: What drew you to the Faking It script and the character of Amy in particular?

RV: Faking It has such a novel concept. I haven’t ever seen anything on tv like it, especially for a younger demographic. It tackles serious issues but never fails to be lighthearted and funny. In terms of writing, it’s a hard balance to achieve, but the writers somehow manage to make awkward, sad, painful and scary experiences digestible and enjoyable to watch. The show has such a great mix of genres…we could be shooting a funny scene, and then cry in the next one. There’s something for everybody, and as actors, we never get bored. In terms of Amy, I loved how funny and quick and strong she was when I read the script. She’s an independent and smart girl, but she has a huge heart and is innocent in ways that make her incredibly endearing. I loved her sarcasm and her wit. I think she’s a great role model for young girls.

JJJ: When the show was first announced it got a lot of backlash, now that it’s had a whole season to progress, do you find yourself having to defend the plotline less?

RV: Absolutely. In fact, other than in the very beginning, we haven’t had the need to defend anything about the show. Once it aired, people saw that it was heartfelt and genuine. It wasn’t exploitative, it was quirky and honest. As the plotlines become heavier, particularly Lauren’s intersex storyline, everyone is welcoming the show more so than ever before. It’s really growing, and its growing because it is tackling issues people are afraid to talk about. People are afraid to offend, and that’s why there is a shortage of shows that deal with sexuality and all the variations that stem from it. But if you’re presenting something for what it is, and your intentions are good, no one can accuse you of being offensive. You’re simply being honest and true to what exists in the world, and we hope we continue to do that.

JJJ: The show won the Teen Choice Award for Breakout Show (belated congratulations to you guys!). How did it feel in that moment to win a fan-voted award?

RV: It felt amazing! Most of us grew up watching the show, so actually being there was a milestone. Its such a huge part of pop culture. And because its a fan-voted show only made it more special. We knew we had a great little cult following going, but to actually win meant there were a lot of people voting for us and the show was breaking through. It was very surreal. We were all very proud of each other. We definitely felt like we were doing something right and something that’s being supported by all these fans.

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