Madalyn Horcher Assures Us That No Secrets are Safe in 'Gracepoint' (JJJ Interview)

Madalyn Horcher Assures Us That No Secrets are Safe in 'Gracepoint' (JJJ Interview)

Check out this brand new interview with Gracepoint‘s Madalyn Horcher!

The young actress stars as Chloe, whose brother was found dead on a beach, which launches a major police investigation in their small seaside town.

In tonight’s episode, a revelation that Danny had some secrets of his own opens the door to new suspects, while Detective Carver (David Tennant) keeps things close to the vest and it could have an impact on the case.

JJJ caught up with Madalyn about what we can expect, including the scoop on Chloe’s relationship with her suspicious boyfriend Dean (Kendrick Sampson).

Be sure to watch Gracepoint TONIGHT @ 9PM on Fox! Hi Madalyn! Tell us about the day you landed the role. Where were you and how did you react?

Madalyn Horcher: When I received the news that I would be playing Chloe Solano, it was honestly the greatest day of my life. Luckily, I was at home because I started dancing around my house for a good 20 minutes before I could continue on with my day!

JJJ: Getting into this week’s episode, Carver is determined to know more about the drugs now that he thinks it may be linked to the death. Will Chloe cooperate? What can you tell us about their upcoming interactions?

MH: Chloe is willing to do anything for the benefit of her brother’s investigation. However, she still understands that she needs to pick and choose her battles for the sake of her own secrets. This creates a lot of tension in future interactions between my character and the detectives.

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JJJ: Chloe is very protective of her family and believes her father is innocent, even asking others to help with his alibi. Now that her mom has seen the affair for herself, will Chloe start to realize her dad maybe isn’t exactly who she thought?

MH: I feel that regardless of her father’s mistakes, Chloe will always see her father as a good a person. They will definitely have their tense father-daughter moments throughout the show because they are so much alike, but in the end, she truly believes in the good of her family.

JJJ: Judging by this week’s promo, Dean could be in trouble and they question him. How does this affect Chloe and her relationship with him?

MH: Chloe and Dean have a complicated relationship already, considering that thus far Chloe’s parents aren’t aware of their daughter’s relationship with him. So, when Dean becomes a suspect it certainly puts an even larger strain on they’re relationship and potentially her relationship with her family.

JJJ: One of the big secrets is Beth’s pregnancy. With this huge investigation going on, is this something that can be kept under wraps or will things start to unravel?

MH: With the investigation going on, the entire town is under a close watch. Despite everyone’s best efforts, no secret is safe in Gracepoint, including the Solanos’.

JJJ: Beth met up with that psychic guy, who told her that Danny was killed by someone close to him. At this point, is everyone in the family a suspect? Is Chloe perhaps hiding some things too?

MH: At this point, yes everyone is still a suspect even if on the outside they appear to be innocent. This doesn’t exclude Chloe because she too has many things to hide from her parents as well as the investigation.

JJJ: If you could give Chloe one piece of advice going into this next episode, what would it be?

MH: If I could give Chloe advice, it would be to be aware of your surroundings; people are always watching. As well as, trust no one, even if it seems that you should.

JJJ: Last question! What was your most memorable moment from filming?

MH: For me, the most memorable moment was hearing the words, “That’s a picture wrap for Madalyn Horcher,” because, although it was heartbreaking to know I was finished filming with this incredible cast that I came to know as my family, I knew that what we’ve created was something beautiful and we were that much closer to having the world see all of our hard work.

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