Bethany Mota Talks 'DWTS,' Her First Single, & Humble Beginnings (JJJ Interview)

Bethany Mota Talks 'DWTS,' Her First Single, & Humble Beginnings (JJJ Interview)

JJJ catches up with the multi-talented Bethany Mota in this brand new interview!

The 18-year-old singer, fashion designer, and YouTube phenomenon can currently be seen on Dancing with the Stars, killin’ it on the dance floor every week with Derek Hough.

We caught up with Bethany to talk about the show, as well as her catchy first single “Need You Right Now,” her love for fashion, fans, and more!

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JustJaredJr: Let’s talk about last week’s dance first. You guys didn’t have much rehearsal time at all yet you did amazing! Were you nervous going in?

Bethany Mota: I was probably the least confident going into this previous week than I have ever been, just because we didn’t have a lot of time to rehearse. I didn’t have a lot of time to learn the dance or even perfect it. At camera blocking, I couldn’t even get through the routine. And also – this is the first time this has ever happened – right before we performed, because I was so nervous and unsure, for a second I forgot the entire routine. Once the music started, I got into it. We had a little slip, but you can barely see it. But once I heard the comments, I was so relieved. I had been worrying about it all week, so to get that amazing feedback was such a relief for me.

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JJJ: How are rehearsals going this week so far?

BM: This week, rehearsals are a bit more intense because we have two dances now. We have the team dance and then we also have our own dance. We are doing the Paso Doble, which is very aggressive and really fast. So I’m sweating a lot (laughs). And our team dance is pretty fast too, so it’s just a lot of cardio, running around. I’m a little stressed because this is my first week having to do two dances.

JJJ: And you got to help pick the teams! Did you have any strategy there?

BM: I actually had just found out that we were doing team dances that day, and I had no idea that two castmembers would be picking the teams. Apparently Alfonso and Witney had been planning this and theyhad 15 different scenarios of who to pick and what happens. I was just thrown into it, like “I don’t know what to do!” (laughs). I was trying to find Derek, but they took all of our dancers away from us. We had to choose and I had no strategy. I just went with my gut feeling. It was hard because I love everyone in the cast. I was really nervous and afterward, we had our first team rehearsal and everyone got along really well. I think it’s a good team. I’m excited.

JJJ: We love you and Derek as partners. What have you learned from him?

MB: Probably to try new things. That’s why I wanted to do the competition. Because it scared me so much – performing live and everything – having him as a teacher, he really pushes me to do all of these things that don’t really come naturally to me. Comparing now to my first rehearsal, I wasn’t as in control of my body as I am now. I wasn’t aware of things like my posture and having a strong core. And now they are things I do naturally thanks to him. He trained me to present myself that way.

JJJ: We’re loving your first single! Any chance we’ll see an EP or album soon?

BM: I would love to start working on that. I really want to dive into music now. I’ve been wanting to get into music for three or four years now – to do covers or write songs. And now with the single out there, I feel like that was the perfect way to introduce my musical side to my audience and everyone else. I’m very relieved because I’ve been anticipating it so much. Now that it’s on iTunes, I feel like I can work on writing my own songs. Obviously, that’s going to take time, but it’s definitely something I’m working on.

JJJ: Who are you listening to these days?

BM: I listen to a lot of different people actually. I have a Spotify account, so it’s really easy for me to find smaller artists and people who may not be at the top of the charts, but have really cool music. I love Banks. She’s one of my favorite artists by far. Tove Lo is one I’ve been listening to recently. I’ve listened to Lorde for the past couple years now. She’s awesome. That’s the vibe that I listen to – somewhat dark, a lot of indie stuff, acoutic, and very raw – is my favorite kind of music.

JJJ: You also have your very own line at Aeropostale, which is awesome. How would you describe your personal sense of style?

BM: It changed a little bit recently. It changes all the time. You can see from the first videos I uploaded on YouTube, it’s definitely evolved over five years. I used to get things from one store and that’s it, but now I’ve ventured off and tried thrift stores and a lot of different kinds of style. For the most part, I would say it’s very Bohemian, laid-back, and then sometimes it can be a little more on the elegant side. It depends. I also like to incorpoarte a little bit of edginess, but suble things. It could be spikes on a jacket or maybe a really cool edgy statement necklace or combat boots. I like to incorporate the edginess in with the more Bohemian, girly things.

JJJ: What are some must-have closet staples?

BM: I would say for me because I’m a girly-girl, I would a skater skirt, something like that. They have denim ones, which are perfect because you can wear them with so many different things. Also, I really love crop tops and now that it’s fall, you can get crop sweaters and wear them with high-waisted jeans, which is another one of my must-haves. I wear high-waisted jeans more than regular jeans.

JJJ: And lastly, how do you stay so grounded when you’re so successful?

BM: I would say having good friends and damily around. But also my audience, a lot of them have been with me since the very beginning. That’s very humbling to know that people have watched me grow on YouTube. Sometimes that what it is too – just looking back on my old videos and seeing how much I’ve grown. That always brings me back to where it all started.

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    Didn’t think derek’s routine deserved 10′s from the judges.too many props not enough dancing.