Emily Osment on 'Young & Hungry,' Writing Music, & Her New Role as the Voice of Rainbow Brite! (JJJ Interview)

Emily Osment on 'Young & Hungry,' Writing Music, & Her New Role as the Voice of Rainbow Brite! (JJJ Interview)

Check out this brand new interview with the lovely Emily Osment!

The 22-year-old Young & Hungry star is also the new voice of Rainbow Brite, a magical girl who embarks on adventures to protect and save Rainbowland from destruction and dark powers.

“Working on Rainbow Brite is like taking coffee through an IV for two hours,” Emily told JJJ. “This character is so high energy and adorable and I always walk out of our sessions in bright spirits. I feel very lucky to be playing such a beloved and iconic heroine.”

Also starring the voice of Molly Ringwald, Rainbow Brite comes out on Feeln staring November 6 on your Roku, Apple TV, computer or mobile device!

JJJ also caught up with Emily about her show getting picked up, the possibility of new music, and more! Check it:

JustJaredJr.com: Did you get to meet Molly Ringwald? Are you a fan of her movies?

Emily Osment: I met Molly in the studio one day when our sessions overlapped, she’s very sweet. It’s hard to call yourself a studied actor if you haven’t watched at least one John Hughes movie, so yes you could say I’m a fan.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Emily Osment

JJJ: Even though you weren’t born in the 80s, what were some of your favorite toys as a kid?

EO: Super Mario Brothers for the N64 is still very beloved.

JJJ: As for Young & Hungry, where were you when you found out the show was picked up and how did you react?

EO: When I found out about the pilot I was taking a shower and I kept seeing my phone lighting up on the counter across the bathroom and I was too lazy to get out and check to see what was going on. Part of me just assumed I got put in one of those awful group chats and so I took my time checking my messages and when I did I had about 12 voicemails and sixty text messages and two angry emails asking me why I hadn’t tweeted about the announcement yet considering it was announced twenty minutes ago. Showers. Priorities. I was thrilled, it took me forever to get dressed I think I was pacing around on the phone in the bathroom for about an hour. Second season was still a surprise, but we had heard rumors for months and at some point all of us were sort of sitting around the phone waiting like “Come on already, let’s get back to work!”

JJJ: What’s your most memorable moment from filming so far?

EO: Young & Hungry is shot in front of a live audience every Friday night, and there is a certain kind of magic in the air around 5pm on those nights. Performing the show live feels a lot like theatre and feeding off the energy of the audience gives everyone’s performance an extra bang.

JJJ: Have you read any season two scripts yet? What do you think fans can expect?

EO: I haven’t read any scripts from season two yet, but I have met with our writers and have heard directly from our creator David Holden about my character’s trajectory this season and it’s fantastic. Gabi is introduced to her first enemy and Elliot (Rex Lee) has quite the hilarious story line as well.

JJJ: We can’t wait! Do you and Gabi have anything in common?

EO: It’s beneficial for me as an actor to find any and all similarities between myself and Gabi because it helps me make her more authentic. The thing I have found that we match on the most is our drive for success and our willingness to make a complete fool of ourselves if it helps the bigger picture. Gabi brings out a fearless side in me.

JJJ: Fans want to know: Any chance we’ll see more music from you in the future?

EO: I get this question a lot on Twitter and it reminds me to make haste when writing, but I have to admit I prefer the slow and steady approach to my music. I am tormented by friends who receive voice notes almost daily of new song ideas and my friend Nathan claims it is “selfish to not share at this point.” I’m getting there. I just want it to be perfect.

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