Who is Alex from Target? Meet the Internet's New Meme!

Who is Alex from Target? Meet the Internet's New Meme!

After a picture of a young guy named Alex who works at Target went viral, we had to do a little bit of digging!

The photo spread around online on Sunday afternoon (November 2) and #AlexFromTarget became a huge viral sensation.

Followers of the meme ended up finding out that Alex‘s Twitter handle is @acl163 and the young Target employee gained hundreds of thousands of followers in just that one day.

“Am i famous now? Already fake accounts of me,” Alex tweeted. “Now i have to change my number…”

UPDATE: Alex already has fan fiction!

UPDATE: Here are 10 important facts about Alex!

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  • sev

    and he’s gonna become a celebrity, another pretty face. I wonder if he has any talent..

    • Phillyphan

      What kind of “talent” should he have?? Did he ask some idiot to post his pic?? He is a kid working in Target!

    • j k

      no. remember that smiling guy running a marathon or something? disappeared after 2 weeks

      • Jorge Foremano

        At least he got the benefit of gaining hundreds of thousands of twitter followers. That would be more than enough for me :)

  • http://saint-trill.tumblr.com/ Trilla

    So what did he get famous for?

    • Phillyphan

      Ummmm, because teenage girls think he is cute! And the media is eating it up, but again-if this was a teenage girl, feminists would be up in arms!

  • Roger Griffith
  • SL

    Here’s what happened some girls found the photo of him hot so they decided to try to find info on him as a joke and they found his twitter handle. His photo spread like wildfire to all the fandoms and then everyone just started following him. Basically we don’t love him, it’s all just for fun and we were very bored. Teen girls can make anyone famous aye we rule twitter!

    • Phillyphan

      Great for you “SL” and teen girls for for ruling Twitter. Another thing that I also know teen girls do on Twitter is complain about “women’s rights/harrassment” etc. If the shoe was on the other foot and a guy took a pic of a girl and guys were all over Twitter saying how hot she was-teen girls would be going out of their minds. So, grow up, and think about what you are doing and saying and how life is a two way street!

  • Tricia

    I don’t get it :-

  • Exotics

    Ummm…. Okay.

    I’d rather solve sustainable energy than look at some random kid working at target… smh

    the world is so down the sh**ter