Adele's Manager Shares Opinion on Taylor Swift's Stance on Streaming

Adele's Manager Shares Opinion on Taylor Swift's Stance on Streaming

Taylor Swift‘s refusal to stream her albums on Spotify has been a huge topic of discussion this week and now Adele‘s manager Jonathan Dickins is speaking out to discuss the situation with streaming, which he calls “the future, whether people like it or not.”

“I don’t believe one size necessarily fits all with streaming,” he added (via Billboard). “To get around the situation with someone like Taylor Swift — and Spotify won’t do it — is that maybe there is a window between making something available on the premium service earlier than its made available on the free service.”

“What’s interesting is that people take things down off Spotify, yet if I search now for Taylor Swift on YouTube, within the space of 30 seconds I can have the whole Taylor Swift [album] streamed. Some of it is ad-supported, so there is revenue, and some of it’s not,” Jonathan continued.

Adele famously wouldn’t let her album 21 be streamed on Spotify until long after it was released.

“On the one hand, the labels are trumping YouTube as a marketing tool and 10 million views is [hailed] as a marketing stroke of genius,” he continued. “On the other hand, they’re looking at 10 million streams on Spotify and going: ‘That’s X amount of lost sales.’ So I think there is a lopsided effect. For an artist that needs discovering, anyone who has got a real good album, but is very niche, I think streaming is great for them. Taylor Swift probably looks at it and thinks, ‘There is an element of cannibalisation. I am a brand. People know who I am and I want to protect the record sales.’ And that’s fair enough.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Adele’s manager’s view on the streaming situation?

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  • Hill95

    Taylor never said she was against streaming. She said she didn’t want to use her music on a service that didnt fairly pay artists, writers, producers etc. which would be Spotify’s free. I think she said in the past, it was up to an artist and label to figure their set point, when they were ok with free, when premium. I think -she’s standing up for the people who make the music, against Spotify, which makes everyone sell their music for free. Free can be great for some artists, but not all.

    So Adele’s manager and Taylor are pretty much in agreement. Spotify has to offer some artists the premium streaming only, so they make better royalties. And let others do the free service if it suits their needs. Just don’t bully all the musicmakers to fit your business plan! They try to build brand loyalty by giving everyone’s music for free. Well, have a nice tier of good music for free. Then for a small subscription rate, offer wider access to your Swifts, Adele’s and other top tier stars.