Leah Pipes Dishes on Cami's Sense of Duty to Fight the Good Fight on 'The Originals'

Leah Pipes Dishes on Cami's Sense of Duty to Fight the Good Fight on 'The Originals'

As the Mikaelson family drama continues to unfold, Cami (Leah Pipes) not only finds herself in the middle of it, but she’s now volunteering her help!

JJJ caught up with Leah, who of course plays New Orleans’ resident badass human, to get the scoop on what we can expect in the next few episodes.

Is Cami in serious danger? And with everything going on, is romance in the French Quarter a lost cause? Check it:

JustJaredJr: We heard Cami mention it last week briefly, but what are her main motivations behind wanting to help take down Finn? Is it guilt about Klaus’ baby or is it something else?

Leah Pipes: It’s kind of a family legacy that she feels is her duty to take up. She realizes she has the power to make sure justice is served in New Orleans, and if she walks away from that power, she may regret it and look back and go, “I could have helped my friends and I was a coward not to.” So it’s her honor and sense of duty that’s keeping her around, and wanting to take care of Finn.

Cami’s guilt for Klaus’ baby not being alive is one example of why she needs to do this, but who knows how many people will die if she doesn’t fight the good fight. She has an arsenal of weapons and so much information, and if she leaves it, it can end up in the wrong hands. And that’s on her.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Leah Pipes

JJJ: In an upcoming episode description, it says that Cami finds herself in the middle of Esther’s plans. Any chance Ester will use her to draw out Klaus, as Mikael did?

LP: I think that is a really interesting plot twist. You should be in the writers’ room! (laughs) I think Klaus sees that Cami is..she’s really impresses him with how strong she is. We originally saw her as this delicate flower, but we’re really starting to see what Cami is made of. Even I am. I think people thought they needed to coddle Cami a little bit, but they’re realizing now that she’s strong enough to fight for herself.

JJJ: Cami is strong! She’s still human and we’re getting pretty far into season two now. When you get scripts, do you comb through them right away to make sure she’s still alive?

LP: I mean, I definitely want to stay alive (laughs). But I’m also just really interested in the storylines the writers have. Every time I get a script, I always tear it open and read through it, and I’m always left so unsatisfied because every episode ends and you want so badly to read the next episode! You’re never like, “OK, they all live happily ever after.”

JJJ: That’s exactly how we feel as viewers!

LP: I know exactly how you guys feel.

JJJ: Who do you think is the bigger threat at this point – Esther or Mikael?

LP: They’re both huge threats. I think because Esther truly believes – she has her heart in this – and her argument is kind of convincing, so in a way, she’s a little more dangerous because she’s doing it out of the goodness of her heart and out of love for her children. And why wouldn’t they take that bargain? She’s saying, “I just want you to be happy again.” So maybe she ends up winning that argument.

JJJ: We also know from an upcoming episode description that Klaus tries to get Finn and Kol on his side against Esther. Finn has always been so loyal to his mother, and Kol has always done his own thing. How hard will this task be?

LP: Well, Klaus is a very convincing debater. He can get people on his side, and that’s what makes him a leader as a character. But he’s learned to be a leader from his parents. So you have these super strong personalities and they all think they know what’s best for their family. And I actually wouldn’t know! If I were Finn and Kol right now, I wouldn’t know. They both pose very good arguments.

JJJ: Romance has been on the backburner, and rightfully so. There’s just so much family drama going on right now. Any chance we’ll see some romantic Cami/Klaus or Cami/Marcel scenes once the dust settles?

LP: Oh, man. Does the dust ever settle in New Orleans, really? I think this was GIlmore Girls, it would be a lot less complicated. But it’s not. It’s The Originals and romance is always going to be complicated and a little dark. It’s going to be hard to have a normal relationship.

JJJ: Very true. And we know Klaus was trying to keep his distance to protect Cami, but with everything going on, is there a chance he may turn to her?

LP: I just read a scene with the two of them that’s really lovely. They have a lovely interaction with each other and they just trust each other. They are on each other’s side in a great way. I’m waiting for the day that that’s all sacrificed because no alliance stays for very long on this show (laughs).

JJJ: And we have to ask about Cami and Davina – we miss their friendship! Please tell us there is a scene with those two soon!

LP: I think so, yes. And I’m so happy they have scenes together because I love working with Danielle Campbell. She’s so great and it’s so great to see a young actress blossom and turn into something really special, talent-wise. It’s awesome to work with her.

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  • Elle

    Thank you for this amazing interview! Leah seems so lovely and funny, I just love her so much and she’s an amazing actress. I’m so looking forward to Cami’s upcoming storyline. And also to that upcoming lovely Klamille scene she has hinted at. I’m very excited.

  • Krys

    Great interview! Cami is such a strong character and I love her connection with Klaus. Cannot wait to see what the twist is with what Esther wants with her and of course more Cami and Klaus!