Laura Marano Wants You To Pop Lots Of Popcorn For the 'Austin & Ally' Season Finale - Read Our Interview!

Laura Marano Wants You To Pop Lots Of Popcorn For the 'Austin & Ally' Season Finale - Read Our Interview!

So, Laura Marano may even more excited for the Austin & Ally season three finale than we are…and we’re excited!

The 18-year-old actress chatted exclusively with JJJ about how to handle all our emotions, what we should definitely look out for and how much popcorn to pop. Check it:

JJJ: When you first read the script, how many emotions did you go through?
Laura Marano
: When I read this script, I literally felt so many different emotions. At first, I was a little nervous because it seemed like it could be our last episode; however, a few things happen in the episode that are SHOCKING. I am so excited for everyone to not only go on the roller coaster of emotions that this episode evokes, but also look forward to the fourth season where we explore the choices our characters make in the finale.

JJJ: How should viewers prepare for the rollercoaster ahead?
Our audience should bring popcorn and tissues, and make sure their whole family is in the room while they watch!

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JJJ: In the episode, we see Austin & Ally forced to hide their relationship. Have you ever encountered something like this in your job? How did you deal with it?
Fortunately, even with the social media age we live in, I feel like I have been able to maintain my privacy, which is really nice; however, I could see how it’s really hard for some people. I am just glad I don’t have to deal with that sort of situation!

JJJ: A ton of readers are asking if you are (of course) an Austin/Ally shipper, but we really want to know if you’re Trez (Trish/Dez) or Darrie (Dez/Carrie)?
Ooh good question! Honestly, I really do ship both. Darrie is just adorable because both characters understand each other so well, but since Trish and Dez are so different, they balance each other out –making Trez a pretty great ship as well!

JJJ: What do you think will happen with Team Austin/Ally’s friendship in the new season?
Well, how our season finale ends, Team Austin/Ally all end up kind of in different places in their lives, but their friendship is still super strong. Even though all four characters have always been on their own journeys, I think they will find their way together.

JJJ: Do you think that Austin should have to give up Ally for his career, or vice versa?
It’s such a complicated situation because both of them care about each other so much, but they also love music. I think it all comes down to this question: how do you pick between the two loves of your life?

JJJ: When is Austin coming out with a new album, because it’s been a while since his debut one, don’t ya think?
Hahaha great question! It’s funny to think Austin has had only one album, since he’s released so many songs! Hopefully, a new one will be coming soon!

JJJ: Do you have a dream storyline or dream guest star?
Paul McCartney!!! I would die!

JJJ: If you could bring any character back from the previous seasons, who would it be
Nelson! I think Cole is the most adorable person on the Earth. Also, I loved Lucy Gluckman (the lovely Sabrina Carpenter); she was also super adorable.

JJJ: Our readers are dying for a collaboration with any or all of your co-stars. Do you think this will ever happen?
YES! Ross, Raini, and Calum are so incredibly talented; I would love to work with them again!

JJJ: Can you describe Ally’s dream date with Austin?
Ally’s dream date with Austin would be super romantic. They would have a morning picnic with a beautiful view, go see a classical music show, have a lovely, romantic dinner, and then have Austin serenade her.

JJJ: What was the best one-liner you’ve heard on set lately?
I thought Calum said a joke about goats negotiating kid hours, and I laughed so hard; however, apparently he didn’t say anything about goats. That’s the problem- I always over hear the wrong thing!


Don’t forget to watch the season finale TOMORROW, Sunday, November 23rd @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel and come back for even more of our interview with Laura!

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