Should Stefan & Caroline Hook Up on 'The Vampire Diaries' - Take Our Poll!

Should Stefan & Caroline Hook Up on 'The Vampire Diaries' - Take Our Poll!

As we get deeper into the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries, the biggest looming question revolves around Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola).

The bloodthirsty besties – appropriately dubbed “Steroline” – have some serious chemistry.

Caroline finally admitted to having feelings for him after Stefan confronted her about it (watch below), and we still can’t decide if we want to see them hook up!

“They should get together and have a nice sexy time,” Paul told JJJ in an interview over the summer.

DO YOU THINK Stefan and Caroline would make a good couple? Take our poll below!

Stefan & Caroline TVD 6×07
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  • Laura

    “Steroline” – have some serious chemistry ” WHAT?Please write the article again because i think you were drunk.

    that’s disgusting.

    • Cassie

      maybe you’re just blind ?

      • new romantics

        Or maybe you’re just stupid?

      • Laura

        wack up the show lost so many viewers,the show is now only for delena fans and yes steroline fans are the same people.

        • Cassie

          yeah, that’s why TVD is renewed for a new season XD byeeeeeeeeeee Steroline is happening deal with it :D

  • Matreyee Singh

    chemistry is in the eye of the shipper…and becoz i ship them so hard i c nothing but true love!

  • Cassie

    yes, they’re meant to be :) Stefan & Caroline belong together Steroline all the way !!!

    • @stefawe23

      yesssss steroline

  • Joycie Marie Welker

    They should make it happen. I don’t like Delena, I use to be a big Stefan and Elena fan till they kinda ruined her character by ripping his heart out so much. Caroline is something new for him too. :D I like it! :D <3 <3

  • malie75

    Stefan and Elena belong together, because the show started with them & it should end with them too. Stelena for the win!!!

  • Rihana Chamadi

    I felt both of them with perfect chemistry. so i think they should be..

  • Aninha

    noooooooooooo, their friendship is amazing, they can’t ruin it!!

  • Letti

    Stelena was the heart of the show, but Elena became awful. The writers are obviously creating Steroline to make their “epic” Delena a sure thing. Both are awful. But I loved Steroline as friends without drama.

  • millerz

    Two years ago i would have said NEVER! Now I’m saying Helllll Yea.. lots of tension there ;)

  • Irene

    Yes, they’re perfect for each other, AS FRIENDS!! Julie Plec, the season started surprisingly well, don’t start ruining the show again by ruining one of the best FRIENDSHIPS.


    I think she is his living lexie and it should stay that way

  • Dee

    Ew nooon! Shes literally been with EVERYONE at this point. Is nothing sacred anymore?? Its too incestuous at this point. Like when Joey and Rachel on Friends happened.

  • Molly_243

    I don’t want Stefan to be with Caroline!!!! :(((( Stefan and Elena all the way <3333

  • Kimxxkimmy

    I like Stefan with Elena better -.-” like they started together in the beginning, and they have to end together, I don’t like Caroline with Stefan because Caroline is better with Tyler, I don’t want the creator to twist the plot to this whole different love life.

    • Maylee1206

      Right~! I agree with u, like Stefan is better with Elena :DD not Caroline, Caroline is better with Tyler <3.

  • LilyNorthman

    No!!! Their friendship is the best!!

    Caroline & Klaus belong together. Stefan deserves someone else, someone better than Elena. A perfect mix between Lexy, Caroline and even Rebekah Mikaelson

  • Crazy Echelon

    Please, YES!!!

  • federica

    Steroline are soulmates…their love is the true, real yes yes yes

  • @stefawe23

    They would be a beautiful couple

  • Sasha24

    Noooooo, Stefan and Elena!

  • Georgia Emily Hollins

    stelena is over and done with, its not coming back and i want people to realise that.

  • Matreyee Singh

    yes they r perfect for one another

  • Klaroliner

    the most disgusting thing ,someone can ever see on