The Vamps' James McVey Explains Why He Hates Dieting, Shares Before & After Pic of Himself

The Vamps' James McVey Explains Why He Hates Dieting, Shares Before & After Pic of Himself

James McVey is not a fan of diets.

The 20-year-old guitarist and singer took to Instagram to express his frustrations with the concept, and shared an impressive before and after photo of himself.

“I have a problem with the word ‘diet’. To me, ‘diet’ means a period of time where you either eat less, or just avoid eating those fattening and sugary snacks,” James wrote. “The problem I have with this is two things. Firstly, what happens after this time is up? You can’t just ‘not eat’ forever. Most people finish a 6 week diet and then put back on any weight they lost in this time. The diets just don’t fill you up, and for more people just aren’t suitable for a busy person.”

He continued, “Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I don’t think it’s ‘psychologically healthy’ to live your life day to day thinking ‘oh I shouldn’t eat that’. For me, I realised that I needed to not ‘diet’, but to simply ‘adjust’; I never tell people I am ‘on a diet’, but that I am enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I intrinsically argue that I prefer the taste of home made, nutritious meals over fast food- there’s nothing more satisfying for me than making my own food, knowing that it’s good for me. I choose whole grain bread/ pasta, sweet potatoes or quinoa over white bread, chips or white rice. I drink water over squash, eat an apple instead of chocolate… I have honey instead of adding sugar. The truth is for me it’s all about ‘living’ healthy, not just sampling it with a ridiculous diet for 6 weeks.”

DO YOU AGREE with James McVey’s stance on dieting?

Bigger photo inside…

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  • eternalozzie

    All that is pretty spot on as far as health goes … the problem is that here in The States a not small number of the population can’t afford to buy healthy food … a bag of rice or pasta can feed an entire family for what it costs one person to eat healthy. People in my neighborhood are feeding families of 5 on like $70 a week budget … that eliminates most healthy foods.

    and as a side note whole grain pasta is gross and honey IS sugar.

    James is right about the use of the word diet and maybe doesn’t go far enough … advertisers and marketers have twisted it into a selling tool … and James, you were still sexy even in the “before” picture.