Ian Somerhalder, Stephen Amell, & Jared Padalecki - Who's The Dreamiest Guy on The CW?

Ian Somerhalder, Stephen Amell, & Jared Padalecki - Who's The Dreamiest Guy on The CW?

It’s no secret that every single person on The CW is gorgeous – girls and guys!

JJJ decided to have a little fun with the good-looking men of the network and see who YOU thought was the downright dreamiest! All in good fun, of course.

We gathered names from every show from The Vampire Diaries and Jane the Virgin to Arrow and Supernatural. Now it’s your turn to vote!

And in case you missed it, check out our poll for the ABC Family guys too!

Click inside to see all the candidates and vote for your dreamiest guy…

Jay Ryan (35.0%, 19,915 Votes)
Jensen Ackles (33.0%, 18,724 Votes)
Ian Somerhalder (11.0%, 6,378 Votes)
Jared Padalecki (6.0%, 3,305 Votes)
Stephen Amell (4.0%, 2,347 Votes)
Misha Collins (2.0%, 1,322 Votes)
Toby Regbo (1.0%, 829 Votes)
Paul Wesley (1.0%, 695 Votes)
Grant Gustin (1.0%, 652 Votes)
Joseph Morgan (1.0%, 591 Votes)
Bob Morley (1.0%, 433 Votes)
Daniel Gillies (1.0%, 385 Votes)
Torrance Coombs (1.0%, 295 Votes)
Colton Haynes (0.0%, 262 Votes)
Wilson Bethel (0.0%, 110 Votes)
Thomas McDonell (0.0%, 58 Votes)
Matt Davis (0.0%, 54 Votes)
Justin Baldoni (0.0%, 49 Votes)
Steven R. McQueen (0.0%, 49 Votes)
Rick Cosnett (0.0%, 39 Votes)
Zach Roerig (0.0%, 35 Votes)
Michael Trevino (0.0%, 28 Votes)
Charles Michael Davis (0.0%, 20 Votes)
Brett Dier (0.0%, 10 Votes)
Scott Porter (0.0%, 10 Votes)
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  • Klau

    Ian :)

  • karl

    stephen Amell

  • Ina Wegerif

    Jay Ryan! Always :)

    • DeanGirlFTW


  • spnrules1

    Jared Padalecki! :)

  • mistyeyes919

    Jay Ryan no doubt about it

  • Ivonne Adriana Cabrera

    Ian somerhalder

  • smolderhalder ?

    Ian Somerhalder ;)

  • Sarah

    Ian Somerhalder by far!!

    • DeanGirlFTW

      Actually, no. He’s not hot

  • ecrc

    Jay Ryan

  • sophie


  • sophie


    • Diana Sabau

      I feel you sister…

  • Shelby Anne

    Torrance Coombs all the way.

  • NeverLetMeGo


  • Anna

    Ian Somerhalder Always!

  • joanacoel

    Jay Ryan

  • vale

    Torrance Coombs :)

  • Katherina

    Daniel Gillies

  • peer988 .

    Paul Wesley!!!

  • Tina

    Jensen Ackles!

  • Valerie

    Jay Bunyan!!! <3

  • Sara Lo Conte

    Ian and Jay ;)

  • Patrizia Trevisan

    Jay Ryan I’m Happy

  • Jojo Moi

    Jay Ryan encore et toujours c’est lui le meilleur et le plus sexy

  • Camilla

    Everybody knows Ian Somerhalder is the dreamiest man on the world, not only of the CW.

  • Wilma Gelderblom

    Jay Ryan

  • Bruna Elisa Dias

    Ian somerhalder <3

  • ecrc

    Jay Ryan is Dr. Vincent Keller aka the beast in BEATY AND THE BEAST (CW’S tv-show)
    Yes he is in United Sates Tv-show. But he is New Zealander, although his career has been made in Australia.
    What is the problem with him not be North American?
    For me Jay Ryan is one of the most talented actors I have seen on tv-shows lately…he is the whole package – steaming hot, down to earth, all round nice guy and a truly amazing actor!

    • Jojo Moi

      Tout à fait d’accord avec vous !! quand il sera bien connu aux USA et partout dans le monde il fera une très grande et longue carrière

  • x Abi x

    Grant Gustin! x ^.^

  • Mar Tim

    Ian Somerhalder!!! (Loove Jensen too)

  • Jay Ryan, always!!!

  • Sandy Avila

    JAY RYAN…. Always & Forever !!!

  • mistyeyes919

    how long is this contest going to last? When is final day of vote?

  • Crys

    This is easy. Jay Ryan all day!

  • literally

    who tf is jay ryan

    • Sasha Cortes

      Lead in series Beauty and the Beast, If you want you can check him out on YouTube. Up to you, but I think he’s pretty darn great looking. My opinion, beauty is subjective, Jensen is also good looking but Jay is my pref.

  • sare

    just Ian and only only Ian

  • Mathilde_89

    Jensen Ackles, hands down.

  • Ramona Winchester

    Jensen Ackles <3

  • @barbipallina


  • http://mxeer.tumblr.com/ Mxeer

    Jensen ackles no doubt

  • rebekah

    Jensen ackles

  • Lise

    Jensen Ackles is extremely beautiful. ????

  • sylvie grey

    jay ryan

  • Jay Zee

    Jay Ryan

  • Vaso

    Jay Ryan without thought!!!!

  • Baptized

    Lol. Look at these rigged votes for Jay Ryan. WTF (Who the …) is that?

    • Guest

      He’s from BATB. We’re voting for him because we are trying to bring attention to the show, cause we know it will be cancelled.

    • Sasha Cortes

      If you really want to know just check him out on You Tube, I think he’s quite handsome and a great guy

    • Sasha Cortes

      And the votes aren’t rigged but we do have a huge international fan base for this show and we are very United because we want this show to succeed

  • Jessica Hardwick

    Daniel Gilles

  • ruth

    Jensen Ackles

  • Melanie Paternoster

    Who is Jay Ryan?

    • Maria

      One of the hankies the guys on TV right now

    • Jojo Moi

      Jay Ryan est l’acteur qui joue dans la série Beauty and the Beast avec Kristin Kreuk si vous ne connaissez pas regardez c’est une série géniale !!!!

    • Sasha Cortes

      Lead in Beauty and the Beast new on TV in North America but well known actor in Australia and native New Zealand. check him out on You tube you’ll know what we are talking about

    • Batb Barb

      From Beauty and the Beast on the CW – the third season should be starting in spring or early summer – check it out!!

  • RonyChoup

    Jay Ryan !!!!!

  • Maria

    Don’t know. About Jensen fans but this site sucks for voting
    Jay fan

    • DeanGirlFTW

      Lol gross